Protein Base Indigo :: Baza proteinowa :: Naturalne przedłużenie paznokci :: Step by step

Hi! I’m Kasia Kaczmarek and I’m Indigo instructor from Poznań. Protein Base is an innovative gel polish product, completely removable. Its first advantage is consitence. Just take a look. Just a little bit thicker product from the one that you already know. It gives us an absolute control under the way of application on the natural nail plate. First example, we apply it like always we do with a base and it has perfect adhesion to the natural nail plate. Second way, a little bit more tricky, for the work in a salon, we can use it to make gentle infills for our clients. Third idea, for what we can make by using this product it’s a delicate nail reconstruction by rebuilding the C-curve and shaping nail in a perfect way. Consistency of this product gives us perfect possibility to control the C-curve and to do it without any problems. A perfect hit we could combine with our base is extension of the natural nail with a form. Of course, today we’ll show you how to do it. In my salon, ‘Protein Base’ is called ‘tape’. Why ‘tape’? Because the biggest issue for every stylist when she’s preparing a gel polish manicure is a perfect application of a colour in the proximal nail fold. ‘Protein Base’ after curing time, gives a massive effect so then the application is just a pleasure. When you paint your nail near to cuticles you can be sure that after curing them under the lamp colour product won’t move back from cuticles even for 1mm! It’s perfect! Additionaly, as the name leads, ‘Protein Base’ gives you loads of proteins. That’s why it’s perfect regenerating product for our nails. And the most important thing – it’s completely removable! So we can remove the base without any problems. Let’s start the application of our stunning, spring product. Of course we start with the desinfection. First thing, that we really have to pay attention is to see how flat our model’s nails are. Moreover, you have to see that in this case, nails are really in a quite good condition. Those are really hard nails. I really don’t want to think what happens with our client’s natural nails when they dream about having longer nails but nail plate is a bad condition. Don’t you worry! I’ll help you today. We have protein base. Like always let’s start with removing cuticles and then we matt the nail plate. Don’t you also forget to apply cleaner on the base. It will remove all contamination. Now, apply non-acid primer and first layer of ‘Protein Base’. So we won’t have huge problems with application. My way of applying ‘Protein Base’ begins with applying first layer on the whole nail. Of course I cover the proximal nail fold. I overbuild it with a quite big drop of ‘Protein Base’. Of course I put the drop in the middle of nail so it will fall freely from the brush. It levels itself perfectly. I extend it gently from one side to another. We cure ‘Protein Base’, if you have Indigo’s LED lamp – 5 seconds. After curing time, I think that I can put more of our curve so I repeat this this treatment. On the next nail, we’ll show you a gorgeous rebuilding process of natural nail from the beginning. It also happens that in our salons we have clients who had many accidents with their nails and they’ve just broke their nail. All others are long and beautiful. In this kind of situation we can use ‘Protein Base’ to solve the problem. We apply primer. Like always, we put the template. In case of nail reconstruction I start with gentle overbuild of the skeleton. So I put one drop of base on the free edge. Of course, I use base to draw the shape of a natural nail. I cure this layer for 5 seconds. I take it out from the lamp and apply base once again on the whole nail plate. This way, I built a skeleton. Automatically I repeat the same procedure like in the C-curve reconstruction. I apply thin layer on the whole nail It allows us get equal dispersion layer on the whole nail. Also, product that we drop very steady will be applied on nail plate. Unfortunately, we have to use file a bit. Girls! We end our ‘Protein Base’ presentation. I hope that you will buy this product. Trust me, it’s definitely a must-have of this season! You must have it!

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12 thoughts on “Protein Base Indigo :: Baza proteinowa :: Naturalne przedłużenie paznokci :: Step by step

  1. Trochę się juz pogubiłam… W filmiku z błędami jest informacja by nie nakładać tej bazy zbyt grubo, a tutaj jest mowa o rekonstrukcji, nadbudowaniu pazura o krzywą C, a to juz grubsza warstwa.

  2. Można nałożyć na spiłowaną, zrekonstruowaną płytkę paznokcia lakier hybrydowy? czy trzeba przemyć go przed tym wcześniej cleanerem?

  3. Czy baze proteinowa sie uzupelnia? Czy zaklada sie hybryde przy nastepnej wizycie w salonie na odrost?

  4. Wszystko fajnie , ale co zrobić w przypadku, gdy przedłużona cześć zacznie się wyginać jak guma ?? Jak tego uniknąć ? Miałam taka sytuacje gdy przedłożyłam sobie paznokcie hardem z Semilaca. Na początku ok , ale podczas kąpieli w cieplej wodzie ta przedłużona cześc się wyginała jak guma… i czy z baza proteinowa byłoby to samo ??

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