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hey guys welcome to Protein Treats by
Nutracelle I’m Melanie Wildman and I’ve managed to maintain my weight loss since my sleeve for almost ten years ago and I want to show you all of the tips and tricks
on how I do that and how I live a sugar free lifestyle one of my hacks that I
think you guys are gonna love that I’ve done for years and I’ve never really
showed you before is how to make your own protein coffee creamer so if you
want to make your coffee in the morning super decadent and super healthy this is
the easiest way to do it all you’re going to need is vanillaNutralean and
some cream now I like to have lots of fat in my diet that’s what helps me
maintain my blood sugars and keep things low so I have lots of protein lots of
healthy fats and lots of prebiotic fiber which helps to keep my gut flora nice
and healthy now to make this all you do is take half a cup of cream and I’m
using a full fat whipping cream made right here in Prince Edward Island and
I’m just gonna go ahead and pour that in there and then all I’m going to do is
add two scoops of vanilla Nutralean one scoop here just add our second scoop just like that just a little more just to make sure we have lots of the yummy vanilla
Nutrealean I’m gonna put my lid on our shaker cup and if you’re wondering where
to get this awesome shaker cup we have these on our site at what I love about them is they fit into your cup holder and if you can see this here
the bottom is actually rounded so that it always comes out clean from the
dishwasher there’s no corners for anything to get stuck in it snaps on
super easy and of course I’m a mom so I’m always running around with a million
bags and computer bags and stuff for the kids so I can hook my finger and my keys
on it and run as I go out the door so I thought I would just share
our shaker cups are to make your yummy coffee creamer all you do is shake this
up a little bit let it sit for about 10-15 minutes and just like that for a
good week you can keep this in the fridge and you’re ready to go with
coffee creamer I’ll show you in a second just how smooth and delicious and
perfect this is so the great thing about vanilla new chili that’s how easy it
mixes up and I’m gonna show you here I’m just gonna pour it right into my little
creamer pot here and one thing to note is if you want your creamer to be a
little bit thicker go ahead and add some water when you leave this in the fridge
it will continue to thicken up so when you go to use it the next day just add a
little bit more water to it and just like this we’ve got a perfect coffee
creamer ready to go in the morning you don’t have to buy any of that expensive
stuff pour it right into your coffee and look at that you’re good to go
easy hack so you don’t have to spend any money on expensive coffee creamers with
all the chemicals and icky stuff in it this way you get all natural yummy
vanilla neutral lean ready to go in your coffee first thing in the morning if you
want more great tips on how to live a sugar-free lifestyle whether you’re keto
paleo low-carb high-fat whatever it is that you’re following make sure you
subscribe hit the little bells you get the reminders every single week and I
will keep sending you lots of yummy treats that you can have and I will see
you back here next week thanks guys

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7 thoughts on “Protein Coffee Creamer – Protein Treats By Nutracelle

  1. What kind of sweetener is inside the new trolling because I am allergic to Splenda sucralose so I am always looking at the labels because I don't want to die so wanted to know what kind of sweetener is used in there is it Stevia which is my best favorite actually the only one thank you have a good night

  2. This is a nice idea. My only problem is that I'm trying to avoid dairy products. Any dairy free suggestions?

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