Protein Powder Q&A

Protein Powder Q&A
Todd: Hi I’m Todd from and I’m here with Dale from Optimum Nutrition.
Dale, I’ve just got a generalized protein powder question for you.
Dale: Sure. Todd: What exactly is whey protein and why
is it the dominant protein in the market? Dale: Whey protein’s a protein that’s derived
from cow’s milk. It’s got a very very similar amino acid profile to our own muscle amino
acids, so our body, humans will actually assimilate whey protein very very easily. So it’s well
digested, we seem to have less digestive issues with those sorts of things. The good thing
about whey protein is that it’s a, what we call a complete protein. It contains all twenty
two amino acids, particularly eight essential amino acids.
Other forms of protein, soy and things like that, can lack one if not a couple of those
essential amino acids. So whey protein is the most highly sought after, highly used
I believe, and purely from an assimilation point of view the uptake is quite high. Our
body has less digestive issues with that over some other ones
Todd: Great, thank you very much.

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