Pumpkin and its Many Benefits, Vitamins, and How to Eat it All

Good morning! I’m Zane from Atlantis Skincare and today we are going to talk about – guess… Pumpkins! So this is the time of year when we really shopping and curving and thinking about pumpkins.
But unfortunately this big berry, which is berry, not vegetable, actually is a
little bit forgotten. One fact about it – we can still eat it! And actually, to be
honest, this is amazing, amazing plant amazing berry to use in your menu.
Because it contains vitamin A which is retinol, which is anti-aging vitamin.
Vitamin E is moisturizing vitamin vitamin C which is making collagen
in our body. Vitamins B, whole group of vitamins B, which is part of our
nervous system. Also it contains magnesium which is together, together
with vitamin B it’s working on our nervous system. So it’s calming down as it’s making us more, like fluent in life, so basically more of us, we do
needs these two vitamins. Also this amazing berry is unique because it
contains a plant flavonoids and different particles which are making cartridges
collagen in our body, our nails all the ligaments and on
our bones. So this is kind of replacement for animal world collagen. So this is amazing for people who are vegetarians or vegans. Actually for all
of us because all the benefits in here it’s just amazing! So and today I’m going to start a new pumpkin and I will go through… let’s see how it will open… and I will go through in a details how and what can you use
from pumpkin. First of all… Actually pumpkin is unique, because you can use
everything! Starting from outside When you remove outside you
can put it in an oven, and dry, and then make it is a powder and add to soups, to
sauces. It’s tasteless, but it’s very good again for your nails, for your hair, for ligaments, for many many parts of body, but mainly… it’s in my situation mainly… It’s
really good for weight loss. My mom did experiment. She was eating the same as
she was eating, but she started to use a powder of pumpkin, and she lost some
weight quite rapidly within couple of weeks. And she is in her 80s. So basically it’s helping to lose weight because of as it is as a plant. So
everything together. Another part is seeds. Seeds are amazing actually.
They contains pumpkin oil. If you shop for oils you know it is
possible to buy pumpkin oil. But unfortunately pumpkin oil is really
quickly oxygenating, so basically you can’t use it or keep it for
years. So best way how to use, how to get pumpkin oil is from seeds. Again, put them in an oven in a 30 degree slow cooking, no, slow drying. And when they are dry – just remove this white, white outside and inside it’s going to be pumpkin seed as you know it. So, also you can use this part as a face

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