Qual Melhor Banana Para Emagrecer Calorias da Banana Prata Banana Da Terra Banana Nanica Banana Maçã

If you include bananas in the weight loss diet,
be careful not to end up sabotaging the regime. This can happen if you do not consume the fruit.
the right way since it can be very caloric To escape the problem, it is essential to know
the different types of banana and know how to identify which is the most suitable for losing weight. Banana is considered a superfood by
be rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients for good
functioning of the body. It has a high concentration of potassium, magnesium,
iron, vitamins A, C and B complex, as well as of dietary fiber and phenolic compounds. Among the benefits of bananas, regardless
such as fruit prevents aging provides energy to practice
physical activity, prevents muscle fatigue during training and gives pleasure feeling
and well-being. It also improves insomnia, aids in
reduction of stress and irritability and relieves premenstrual tension, regulates
the gut and the circulatory system, balances the brain functions and protects the bones. In today’s video we will bring to you
the main types of bananas and their calories, so you can choose which one to add
in your diet. Before you start, subscribe to our channel
and enable notifications. Among the main types of bananas are
dwarfism, silver, apple, gold and plantain. The plantain has 128 calories and 1.5
g of fibers. Another type of banana, the gold banana has 112
calories and 2 g of fiber. Already the silver banana has 98 calories and 2 g of
fibers. The banana banana or water banana, has
92 calories and 1.9 grams of fiber. And the apple banana has 87 calories and 2.6 grams
of fibers. But what is the best banana to lose weight? Taking Calories and Amount
of dietary fiber present in each type of banana, you can identify the banana
apple as the best for the diet. Because you have fewer calories and an amount
fiber, the apple banana can promote more satiety and help further decrease the
hunger. You can invest in fruit sparingly
between meal times to promote feeling full and avoid hunger. It is possible to consume in vitamins or mashed
with oatmeal. Now that you know the calories in bananas,
and yet what better banana to lose weight, share our video on your social networks. See you in the next video.

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10 thoughts on “Qual Melhor Banana Para Emagrecer Calorias da Banana Prata Banana Da Terra Banana Nanica Banana Maçã

  1. Está de dieta e quer saber qual melhor banana para emagrecer, quantidade de calorias e fibras das bananas prata, nanica, da terra, ouro e banana maçã? Assista ao vídeo e deix um comentário!

  2. Eu sempre como uma banana antes de treinar, e oitra depois do treino junto com whey, leite molic em pó e aveia pra ganhar massa muscular. Tenho tido bons resultados.
    Fica a dica pra quem não quer emagrecer, mas quer ganhar músculos.

  3. Oi tudo bem? No meu caso eu axo quea banana engorda. Pq eu nao consigo parar de comer, eu como umas 5 ou 6 por dia

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