Queen’s CDS: Nutrition and the Human Body

[Music] I’m Jeffrey Lalonde. I’m a Registered Dietician,
and I teach Basic Human Nutrition, Health 230 at Queen’s University. It’s a course meant
to cover the basics of human nutrition. So, it’s really an introductory course to help
you understand some of those scientific concepts that can help you sift through all the nutrition
information out there. There’s a plethora of magazine articles, newspaper articles,
blogs. So many things are written about nutrition. And everyone thinks they’re an expert. You
really do need the basics to help you understand what information you should be looking at
and what information really is not scientifically valid. What we eat now can affect our lives
now as well as 30, 40 years down the road as we age. So, it’s really important that
we think about the nutrients we put into our body and what their relationship is to things
like heart disease, cancer, all those sort of diseases that can come on throughout life.
Not only are many of the students taking the course because of a potential career in health
where they’re going to be talking to other people about nutrition, it’s also something
that can benefit the student themselves. It’s a very applicable course. It’s always nice
when you can study something and then apply it to your own life.

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