Quick easy test | Are Your Vitamins Good? (or not)

hey you!
it’s Evie 🙂 i thought this would be kind of a fun video something a little
different we spend a lot of time talking about vitamins and all these different
things that we take to treat the pain or all these symptoms that go along with
fiber right well I have a fun little experiment to show you if you can tell
if your vitamins helping at all you always get the cheaper stuff just
because you pay in our men like for a vitamin it doesn’t mean it’s gonna do
you any good this is kind of a nice way to find out if yours are any good if
it’s doing what it’s supposed to be doing all my vitamins I have are in the
cheaper side okay Oh before I show you guys really quick I
wanted to show you for my spoonie’s that know the whole situation with my mom and
everything and you know one of the things she had asked me to do before she
passed away was to go through her closet she really had her mind set get her
clothes mom didn’t own a lot of stuff like anything that she had she always
gave away wasn’t to her kids it was to somebody else it was just how mom was
and for some reason she would buy some really cute stuff and just never wear it
but I wanted to tell you guys I finally grew big enough balls to go through
there a little bit and I don’t think you can tell it’s sparkly a little bit what got me to
do is because I know that Gracie would have loved one of my shirts to sleep
with you know to wear I don’t know if you find that we’re but
sometimes the kids like to wear mom or dad’s shirt to go to bed use it as a
huge HS I found one that she’d like for her Grammys so it still smells a little
bit like Grammy so she was she was very happy with that
I just wanted to tell you for those wondering I’m gonna see it’s really hard
for me to go over there and I want to visit my stepdad and say hi and stuff
you know but it’s really hard to do over there
okay enough of that you know I will go show you guys what
you can do to see if your vitamins are any good
it’s please I know it’s an Eric ibuprofen I have a prescription
I haven’t taken this for a while I think meclizine I think is how you pronounce
it super strength probiotic you can just get like at Walmart now I have my warm
water here it’s supposed to be about body average temperature you know I gotta set these in there and
now they say vinegar because the acid acts a lot like it does with our stomach
acid so I’ll put that you filthy they claim that prescriptions the best I
don’t know that’s always true sure water and I’m supposed to give it about 30
minutes that’s how long it’s supposed to take for it to disintegrate in her
stomach I’m 34 I had totally forgotten what time I get it ended it I thought I
was running late it’s been here look you remember these two on the left here
these are vinegar and this was warm water so here’s the ibuprofen you know
that’s what it looks like in your tummy I think that one did pretty good now
this is the prescription they claim that’s always fast but this one seemed
to do pretty good a little more chunkier and extra strength they said extra
strength probiotic now it’s been over time and they look not all that
completely dissolves now keep in mind expiration date and that kind of thing
also plays a role too and this isn’t no lab so I’m sure there’s better equipment
out there but I found it really interesting so I thought I’d share with
you guys a good way to find out if you’re cheap vitamins your expensive
vitamins are worth it so if you guys want to see me do a video doing a bunch
of different kinds just let me know your own if you ever ever tried it before let
me know in the comment section down below okay and if you guys something
want to do a little more talk about vitamins like a specific kind
one for your hair or your skin whatever it may be let me know okay thanks so
much for watching and I will talk to you next video
love yes okay you

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15 thoughts on “Quick easy test | Are Your Vitamins Good? (or not)

  1. Hi fam! If you want to skip the chat and just get to the test jump to 2:22 Woke up early with a rotten ear infection and after a doctor visit the inside of my ear was bleeding out of my ear so I have a ruptured ear drum.. Always something huh? So how have you been? Let me know 💗💗

  2. I took my picture down but I hope you remember me,I think this is very helpful! Thank you as always! I took my Da’s shirts 2. The 1 here wore like every day bc he loved it and the other is the last one he wore into the hospital. My sister had a friend that made teddy bears out of shirts for free and my sister had them made for her forks and my brothers 2 Little’s . I have to say the bears are so adorable! I will be making a pillow out of my Da’s favorite shirt. And the other I keep as a blanky. It’s black and still smells like him. My Dad’s passed away 2015 Christmas Eve 10:11pm I was by his side all of us were.
    I feel horrible I have miss a few or more than a few videos 🤦🏼‍♀️ but it’s just that I am now bed ridden very sick lately and one might think well I’d have more time to watch but I get suck a lot. I can’t afford the medical marijuana and there’s no discounts for me in Pennsylvania with being a disability and Social Security and they took all of my medicines the way that gave me everything I’ve gained 80 pounds in a year and they put me into medications that increases your appetite and didn’t even check that I found out later but it helps to increase my weight I don’t know who I am anymore I feel lost in my face sometimes I don’t understand I know went to audio text because I just don’t feel like typing anymore it hurts everything hurts I’m sick all the time and the government doesn’t care. I don’t know what to do anymore. I will catch up on your videos I miss watching them and it sounds weird but I miss you too. It’s like someone understands me. I hope thing will get better. I think it’s great you are going through your mom’s things it’s important !

  3. So interesting, I would love for you to test more! So glad you went through your Mom's closet a bit, I use to sleep with my Mom's shirts too when I was younger. There was one I particularly liked, it was a velour cream colored top. I wish I had a shirt that was my Dad's to sleep with…really don't have much other than an old fashion juke box style radio that he refinished before he passed. Happy I at least have that tho. Tfs Sweetie💕

  4. I also went through my moms clothes after she passed. It's been 12 years and still I feel such comfort when I'm wearing something of hers. It's like I can feel her with me. I finally got my fibro diagnosis Wednesday.

  5. I never tried this but i might, i got a buttload of vitamins
    Just startes D3 geritol (dont laugh) lol.

    I did.
    And maca root ,primrose, ..
    I dont have them in front of me

  6. I think probiotics needs to be in the intestine that why it's not dissolving so quick, "i think". Don't come for me YouTube commenters!


  8. I have one of my granny's night gowns I slept in as a child.I asked for it before she passed her Alzheimer's was so bad I knew to ask my grandpa for it before he passed in 97 no I've never worn it bit I hold onto it.I have a night shirt my aunt gave me before she passed. when I'm really missing her bad I'll wear it.I have my brothers clothes I wear on really bad days.. they feel like they comfort me.

  9. Hi this is very interesting. I may try it. I wanted to share that I have started taking oregano oil pills. These are supposed to have antibacterial properties and also antiviral and antifungal properties. I get a lot of yeast infections and I wanted to try it and see. I have been taking them now for like 4 or 5 days. I will try to come back and let you know how I am doing.

  10. Do you mind sharing where you found this test? It is definitely a good idea to make sure that our vitamins can be digested, but another big problem right now is that some vitamin companies use a lot of nasty fillers or maybe don't even put the active ingredient in the product. I think it's a great idea to always double check which products you buy and do your best to discern whether or not they are good, but I'm a little concerned that this experiment only tests for digestibility and not necessarily authenticity or quality. I would need to read more details about the test to be sure, but my initial speculation is that most fillers (even the nasty ones) would dissolve in vinegar or hot water in the absence of the glaze/wax/shellac most companies use to coat their tablets.

  11. I usually buy generic everything. They say to buy your vitamins organic or in purest form because other namebrands and generic have these "poisonous" additives that keep tablets from sticking to one another on the equipment during the manufacturing process. Who knows?

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