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Hey it’s Logan Christopher from Lost Empire
Herbs. And one question that I’m often asked is what
sort of Protein Powder do I recommend. What do I personally take. Well I have a few options here. Stuff that I am actually taking. These are in a different states of use. And just talk a little bit about these. This one here is Bone Broth Protein. So this is newer on the scene, relatively
new kind of invention – putting bone broth into a powdered form like this. Ancient nutrition, couple other brands. I believe its all made in the same place right
now. So bone broth is really good stuff. Now, in this case, I’d say definitely having
the liquid bone broth, if you’re make it yourself with good quality bone, whether that’s beef,
chicken, fish stalk, that sort of thing, that’s gonna be the best way to get it. And its really gonna kinda amplify its effect. That’s really the basics of the effects coz
that’s how its normally been done. So as far as like digestive health and supporting
with that, I’m not sure how much is that is gonna transfer over to a powder form like
this but its still good stuff and if you’re not in a habit of making bone broth yourself,
this can be a good, great way to go. You’ll notice with what I have here, this
is just Collagen which is somewhat similar and then I have Hemp Protein here. I stay away from dairy-base protein powders
because they don’t work for my body so I’ve definitely use Whey over the years but while it work great for some people, you can get good quality stuff from grass with cows, just does not work for
my body so I avoid it. So yeah, here we have, this is specifically
collagen so you’re gonna find some of these inside the bone broth but this is done somewhat
differently and this can be good stuff. Really tasteless so this is good. I often add it to my coffee. And then over here, I have Hemp Protein Powder. What I like about this is, in addition to
the protein, its higher in fiber which a lot of people aren’t getting enough of so that
could be good thing to add in there. Now of course you can just go with Hemp Seeds
or whatnot but Hemp Protein of the, these things get a little more expensive. This is quite cheap as far as Protein Powders
goes. So that can a good one and I like to, when
I do use this, this is not something that I engage in everyday but once in a while when
I am making shake or if I’m making some other thing, I’ll throw a Hemp Protein or whatnot
in. So couple of different ways I’d use this but
even though I do all this strength training and working out and everything, we largely
been oversold on the importance of protein powders. Yes, if you are a body builder, if you’re
really trying to break gain muscle and everything, they certainly have their time and a place. And also for people that aren’t getting enough
protein in their diet, this can be an easy way to add into that. But overall, really, protein sources should
be coming, largely, from your food. But if you’re not getting things like bone
broth or collagen in your regular diet, supplementing with these can be useful. So hope you found this video useful. This isn’t the only protein powders I’ve ever
used or would recommend. There are some other beacon ones that I’ve
used here and there like (product name) protein which is I think Pea Protein Isolate. That seems to work okay for my body but right
now, this is what I have here. So this is what I’m talking about.

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