Rest In Peace

yeah today if you can’t tell by my crazy
hair right now I just woke up I actually slept in my bedroom at my parents house
last night mom didn’t know that I was here so she’s talking about how I guess
I didn’t realize like that the could see 10 minutes before wait the dad in the
walk and it yeah it was me yeah you want to come in
hi Jo I slept over last night look at you thinking you look small why
would you do cot in the grass shaving your grass trimming his bush hasn’t done
that a while he just came in you don’t make no sense work me psyche I’m going
back in I forgot I’m still tired do you want to come in again what are
you doing how are you doing today Graham Maggie I’m back there because I’m
leaving tonight that’s gone I believe me hanging you
ain’t even yeah I mean she’s happy I’m they don’t good and I leave in like 10
days something like that yeah we got it we do grandmum’s classic Walgreens run
should be sponsored by that by now one reason were you add you know what I
haven’t done in a while daily vlogs let’s get on it now right
after I go to the gym now you now you don’t too much girl gram
you got it you’re a nice strong beautiful woman so we got a rearranger
you said you almost said something but Hello Kitty what was that about
Hello Kitty the car now we’re gonna blow out with fireworks in your backyard
that’s a good idea we do that I have a lot of fireworks that sounds like
content to me you don’t hear that sounds like contact ground you hmm well I’m so
strong he’s a whole 12 count why he can’t even talk he’s gonna fly stuck in
your mouth oh there we do out I just exerted all my energy I can’t go to the
gym now oh girl I’m out what you help her you’re sitting there smoking a signal nothing you just smacked me get it gee
where’s it going magic say hi Gio say we’re back to daily vlogging GL what I
thought you were going down the shore yeah you’re gonna go down there and say
I messed your whole place I actually did it but I just know you’re gonna be like
nitpicky about every little thing but you say girl don’t lie to them see I
didn’t say that I was daily vlogging I said I want to okay got me doing it now ok back to the topic
yeah I do want to start daily vlogging 8 what you get over here
yeah words to say to you guys long story short I’m gonna try my best daily vlogs
it’s like I’ve been missing you guys and I gotta stop getting caught up in my
head everybody leave a comment down below if you want me to daily vlog again
maybe if this wall gets like 50,000 comments I’ll do it you want to go to
the gym that’s bull woke me up yeah see now you try to put the blame on me bag
alert I know go to the gym come on grand we’re going back to the gym yeah I get
it you gotta take your pre-workout right you said five minutes that is some extra
in my house you know I got I got my first for every worked out we also got
the cinnamon toast crunch flavor protein you know you can have that after the
workout rebuild your muscles you can get all that on first slash Lancie
tank you get free shipping I don’t think it’s good Mexican well you get free
shipping but that’s cool it is cool pre-workout it might not be amazing for
your ticker but the protein you need that you got recovered no I’m saying I
think if you get them dang right I’ll meet you there what happen dad fell in
the pool really soaked on the bright side at least that merch the looking
fire shown the merch this is crucial plugging moments get the merch
unless you turn that commerce like a bio as always you show them you falling in
there how do I work this thing there it is there it is there it is all to get to slut that’s what I guess
we’re not going to the gentleman I can literally watch this on repeat there he
is so we’ve never been able to grab the
footage off of this device like and be able to save it to our phone or computer
so I had an idea I see a QR code right here and I’m assuming like there’s
probably an app for this device so I typed in Swan and look at this the first
thing that pops up has 210 reviews which obviously is a sign so I’m downloading
this one you guys know I literally see 210 everywhere and it usually is like a
positive sign like I’m going in the right direction of something I don’t
know why the world works this way for me at least so that’s super interesting I’m
gonna try and grab the footage over here because I think that’s so funny I want
to pose it to my Twitter if you guys don’t follow me on Twitter already at
last to 10 follow me over there I post some stuff on there usually that I don’t
end up posting in the vlog or on any of my other social medias go check it out
look at that this whole time because just been grabbing the footage off of
here log Infeld now what’s the password for this thing make my bed we made it
this far and nobody remembers the password so and there’s not even like a
reset option I’ll get it oh I’m all whipped up right now yeah I wonder why I
told you guys probably like nine months ago that I bought this thing it was like
a huge surprise for the vlog I still haven’t revealed it up to this point I
spent a lot of money on this thing to be exact over ten thousand dollars and I
was so excited for it we reveal what it is right now but unfortunately let me
just tell you after all right you guys ready to say it okay in three two one
bio about a paramotor now if you guys don’t know what this thing
is it’s pretty much a seat with a giant fan on the back of it and this thing can
fly you can literally fly on your own one person sits in it and you’re off
you’re you’re in the air is it’s really cool there’s a giant parachute that
attaches to it so you’re like hovering from the parachute such a really really
cool device for some reason there’s been many times where I wanted to fly this
thing where we just didn’t end up doing so because something happened for
example we were charging the battery one day the battery ended up charging for
too long and like it doesn’t work anymore and we have to get a new one
long story short there was a bunch of times where we were just trying to get
this thing to work and we couldn’t right because of some stupid reason and I
think there was like an ultimate overall reason as to why we couldn’t get this
thing to work if you guys haven’t heard Matt Thompson he’s a youtuber with over
11 million subscribers would always do like super cool experiments he
unfortunately just recently passed away I’ve made some videos with grin the past
really cool dude my prayers go out to his friends and his family members
unfortunately grant was actually on a paramotor and had an accident these
things are pretty dangerous of course it can be very unpredictable sometimes it’s
probably best if I don’t take that chance
and ride this thing I know like I spent a lot of money on it it’s it’s
unfortunate but my life is worth more than ten thousand dollars so I’m gonna
stay away from this thing talks because this thing is like really really cool
and I have not tried it yet but I’m not gonna take my chances so just sit there
somebody wants it like but obviously you got paid for its a lot of my dams on
Instagram at Atlantic ten or it might be easier just like tweet me tweet me at
last to ten and if you want it we can negotiate a price if you’re willing to
take that risk feel free mmm-hmm these are so important to my
health every single day I love these things they’re little nutrient packets
so there’s a bunch of vitamins and here’s fish oils areas probiotics there
is EFA in here fruits and veggies pill you can see the green pill right there
this is another product by first forearm once again first one iconoclast lance210
get free shipping on all of your orders I take this every morning along with
octi greens 50 which is a greens shake so I take two scoops of this I mix this
with a scoop of branched-chain amino acids this is lemonade flavor make sure
my diets on point on amazing every single day I will say days that I do not
take my greens I do not feel nearly as energetic and good overall throughout
the day like I feel good right but it just makes me feel so much better and I
know that’s not a mental thing because I’ve had my friends test at multiple
times as well different people they all say the same thing the Greens help them
tremendously not only that but it helps like flush out your system I know
personally I don’t eat enough greens throughout the day oh that’s essential
to me couple hours later I’m over at my parents house again but the layout grab
some Sun we got copyrighted music playing in the background about the get
striked we’re gonna this mat come from oh you hungry your song can put that
there look the second I come over the friggin
sun’s going away I posted a tweet saying that at the end of the month when I came
home I was originally supposed to come with home at the end of the month but
I’ve decided to come home earlier I was gonna make my parents a youtube channel
and they were gonna start vlogging while I wasn’t here so you guys get to see
life back at home in Jersey everybody in the family grandmom of course you guys
still want to do that it’s nervous to bring the camera out in public and and
vlog leave a comment down below if you want them to make a youtube channel I’m
curious to know how many people would actually end up watching it’s gonna be a
little awkward at first like he’s just not used to it but I think you’ll get
the hang of it after a little bit get used to it after time I think that would
be pretty cool you guys get to see my life when I’m in LA and then you know my
family’s life in Jersey when I’m not here what’s gonna be cool still we’re
family you can do it we can title it that I’m gonna try and work on that for
them not gonna put a little bit extra work on my plate I’m gonna have to edit
for them but it’s okay I think you guys will enjoy it’ll be worth it Oh Geo
land on my balls bro oh I already know what’s gonna happen if I make them this
channel there’s gonna be prank wars now they’re not good at pranks only May I’m
the genius that was like okay yeah but it wasn’t like creative or like original
oh yeah yeah you guys can mess with grandmom long gone okay so my family is
about to record their very first vlog so here’s their vlogging camera my dad
you’re gonna start it all right they’re so nervous they don’t know what
to expect they don’t know what’s going on
I don’t know when their first vlog is gonna go up edge phone keeps going off
well you got to mute that thing this is gonna be a good thing I’ll let you guys
know one that when their first vlog is up but this is this is so funny my
family just recorded their very first intro to their new vlogging channel if
you guys can do me a huge favor go over to their channel it’s the top link down
below at the very top of description slash c / nina stewart that
is my family’s youtube channel we couldn’t get the URL change 2 to 10
family which is what we want it to be maybe in the future we can get it
changed I’m not really sure but that’s what the channel is called right now
over there subscribe let’s see how many subscribers that can gain I know you
guys can go ahead let’s try to get them a couple hundred thousand subscribers
that would be awesome and I will let you know as soon as they post their very
first vlog it’ll probably be in a couple of days they’re gonna be recording over
the next couple of days if you subscribe now you will not miss when that video
comes out so go check it out and there he goes he’s trying why is this random
cat in our backyard oh he’s chasing a rabbit you steal my
footage grams you subscribe to their channel yet you did what’s it called
there you go look girl I’m those will see grandmum on there all the time my
dad’s gonna start pranking her my dad’s trying to force me into getting ice
cream right now just let it go let it go clearly when we met he had a safe twenty
nine weeks I think that’s what I got he was thinner than you know Lance’s
house for Grandma what the diapers but she has a stench just keep going to
the bathroom every 15 minutes so you got diapers now big day innit
she’s going to the bathroom again right now she’s gonna use three more rolls God
rev it taking them that out yeah go food shopping for the house bro put the sign
on the back of your car says honk if I’m a douche it’s there again my dad bags his bananas I don’t do that
you take the peel off anyway Oh are we gonna tell them this story no
you were that you’re at the beach the other day my dad was telling me this
story where the lifeguard recognized him because of his walk he’s like I can
recognize that that walk anywhere cuz we have my dad walk like Doug’s like our we
walk up like our feet out instead of like like normal people
I guess walk like this right it’s even hard from that dude I feel like think
about it I just walked naturally like my feet out like this it’s really weird
this my family’s channel has five thousand subscribers already and all I
did was post the link to their video for people to check it out that dad get up
there you making it got all the goodies exactly we just got back from food
shopping and now I have to go food shopping why are you going back out I
gotta go to my spot to get food cuz they don’t have the stuff that I need so it’s
so stupid but whatever what are you doing
you’re making a Pepsi float mint ice cream with wild cherry pet what she’s
still gonna make it work all right you guys have fun
no I’m out I literally I’m so drained right now I have no energy and that’s
because supposed to eat five meals in a day
I’ve only had two meals so far and it’s 9:30
yeah I’m slacking really bad I don’t have any meat at my house I gotta go
food shopping for that so right now I’m gonna have some oatmeal and I’m gonna do
a scoop of protein powder my favorite Cinnamon Toast Crunch
this stuff is so good mix that together oh you know what I saw Mike doing this
the other day I’ve never seen somebody do this or cook oatmeal this way but I’m
gonna try putting the old meal on a pen see how that tastes I’m not sure
honestly I’m not that picky when it comes to oatmeal I will literally eat
this stuff straight off the packet and just like dump it in my mouth I actually
prefer when it’s not like that soggy tasting like when you throw in the
microwave and it gets all soggy it’s just like that grosses me out for some
reason but I’m interested to see if I actually like this or not we’re gonna
have to see that’s peanut butter other whey proteins a little bit of water
oh that consistency actually looks nice this looks so interesting there we go oh wow that’s really good I think I found
like my new favorite with eating oatmeal I really like that consistency I would
like to point out that when Mike made it it wasn’t nearly as dried out as mine is
it was definitely a bit a little bit more watery but I don’t like it like
that so that’s why I like it like this I just saved the full thing I can say that
after eating it and both texture kind of gets annoying after a little bit it’s
like really good at first but then I’m just like kind of sick of it already
okay we’ll get fooled all right here we go round two ooh some strawberries I’m
down how they look great so they have these pre seasoned chicken breasts right
here I’m pretty much just trying like one of everything so like this is
teriyaki rosemary balsamic and a honey mustard feels good switching things up
I’ve just been eating turkey for like couple months now so we switch it back
over to chicken breast stop egg whites and we are good to go and of course
before bed I have pretty much breakfast all over again got my eggs and toast all
right I really got to change that sound it just keeps going off the next morning you sir your phone yeah where is it oh
my god it shattered look how broke it is no I do I got to tell them to get the
merch at lance210 commerce like a bio as always you know you raid in the candy
store right now as you guys can see I showed you this in the last video that
we no longer have a dining room set right now there’s a reason for that
we’re gonna explain currently an empty spot but not for long I have furniture
coming her right now as you guys saw in my apartment in LA this company called
Best Buy furniture actually hooked up a bunch of stuff for me they hooked up the
dining room table the two bedroom sets a couple other things as well before I
went to LA they told me that they were gonna hook up some stuff in my house
which is pretty dope so we’re getting a bunch of new furniture today I’m super
excited gonna change up the vibe of the house a little bit so we’re getting a
new dining room set we are also replacing this couch with a brand new
couch the new couch is gonna be so dope this couch is going to go down the
basement and then in the guest rooms we’re getting a new bedroom set in here
and a new bedroom set in here as well so now the mattress doesn’t have to be on
the floor anymore now I’m sure there’s would be a bunch of people wondering why
I’m getting new furniture when I’m like barely here and there’s also like nobody
else that lives in this house at the moment be completely honest my boy over
best buy furniture Jordan he’s hooking it up greatly appreciative for that I
mean of course like we definitely need furniture news two bedrooms because
there’s literally nothing in there so when people do come to stay of course
it’s nice to have actual furniture instead of them putting a mattress on
the floor you don’t have a couch down the basement currently so it’s gonna be
nice to put this down there get a new couch up here the dining room set that I
once had before is now over in my mom’s house so she took ownership of that yeah
it’s gonna be nice to switch it up – no I keep saying this but that alarm is
driving me crazy and I literally don’t do anything about it you know cuz I say
do something about it and I just don’t so like maybe I’ll just do that right
now but I’ve tried resetting this thing more full of times it’s honestly just
annoying because I’ll do it and it’ll be fine for like a day and then it just
goes back to beeping again and it’s not the battery because I’ve replaced the
battery multiple times know what your deal is buddy so I reset
this before the one that constantly goes off plug it from there the better group
present hold the test phone for 20 seconds all right for like three months
now I think we’re good I hope furniture company just got here we got
some rugs that I forgot to mention that came in as well so all this stuff is
coming in now my mom actually picked everything out for me we purposely tried
to keep this a surprise for myself I don’t I don’t want to know what it looks
like until it’s all like finished the furnace you guys know my mom’s really
good refurnishing places you’re really good
at designing so I left it all in her and let her do her thing she wanted to take
that position so we’re gonna see how it turns out I’m literally I’m gonna keep
it like I’m gonna leave the house right now keep it a surprise for myself once
it’s all done and everything’s installed I’m gonna come back and check it out be
excited okay cool let’s see what we have to do it alright so it is now two hours
later and my furniture is apparently all ready to go so let’s go inside and check
it out should I first okay well first off shut the door
oh that’s okay oh that’s nice look at this this is this is sick Oh what else
we got oh the couch Kevin I’m not too sure I like the white but I’m praying
that you don’t destroy it we’re gonna get to spray it’s called Scotchgard wait
we got more furniture coming okay oh this is sweet that’s just sick look at
this guy’s I like this a lot this is cool here she sees this we’re doing a
white couch here I’m gonna have to get used to that the only time we’ve ever
had a white couch is that my mom’s house account that she’s had like for like 30
years and nobody sits on it at all this will looking a lot nicer obviously like
once it fluffs out and there’s no more wrinkles in it what do you guys think
leave a comment down below do you like the new furniture do you miss the old
furniture let me know as you guys saw all of the furnitures now in my place it
looks amazing a big shout out wants to get a Jordan over at Best Buy furniture
thank you so much bro I really appreciate it
guys please if you need any furniture this is your guy to go to it doesn’t
matter where you live they can you know set seven send the furniture anywhere go
check them out link down below best buy furniture combi she ate a momma I know
this vlog has been a little bit like all over the place in this same video I told
you guys that we were like potentially making my parents a channel and then we
ended up making the channel and we actually
recorded the first video for the channel and now I’m actually editing at the
video for the channel and now I am going to announce that my parents a very first
vlog is actually now live you want to check it out the link is down below at
the very top description check it out over there please go subscribe see how
many subscribers we can gain my parents the first day like I know you guys are
such a strong fan base guys so we can literally grow them they’re like 300 K a
day I will push sounds like that’s that’s insane well we’ve done in the
past I knew you guys have that power I know a lot of you guys want to be able
to see the family when I’m in LA and be able to see grandmom and my dad and mom
messing with her this would be a great time on that channel we’re not gonna
want to miss out go subscribe I have one more announcement this is this is very
very random actually I made my Grandmamma channel as well yeah this is
this is pretty funny channel is called grandma react know if there’s not a lot
of things that grandma can do you guys know grandmom has a lot of trouble
walking around she’s gone better I mean I think this is the best that
she’s been in a while but like creatively grandmom just can’t do it on
her own especially when I’m in LA loves watching youtube videos she literally
watches TV and YouTube videos all day long so I thought it would be
interesting to make her a reaction channel where she watches other people’s
content it seeks it gives her thoughts and opinions on it I personally think
it’s going to be hilarious so if you guys want to see grandma react to crazy
video that channel link is also in the description down below as well let’s get
on both over to 300,000 subscribers what that being said I hope you guys enjoyed
today’s video if you did make sure to smash that thumbs up bun do not forget
to turn on my pro stratifications as I’d like to give notification shots every
single time to people that haven’t turned on here so they shadow to the day
and other than a so you guys next time peace

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