Retiree Health Insurance – What You’ll Need For Online Enrollment (Rev. Oct 2017)

I’m so glad I don’t have to fill this out
anymore! The ASRS now has an Online Health Insurance
Enrollment Application. Online enrollment is convenient, fast, easy
and virtually error free. It’s better for the environment too! The Online Health Insurance Enrollment Application
allows you to: Enroll in an ASRS medical and/or dental insurance
plan Make changes to your coverage Add or remove a dependent from your coverage Or cancel your current coverage. To enroll in health insurance and submit the
application You need to experience a qualifying life event. A Qualifying Event allows you to enroll, Add or change coverage for yourself or additional
family members Throughout the year. Qualifying events are: Retirement, Change in Marital Status, Change in Dependent Status, Change in Primary Residence, Medicare Eligibility, Loss of Other Coverage, or going on Long Term Disability. The annual Open Enrollment season Is when you are free to sign up for, Or change your plans and is a Qualifying Event
too. Open Enrollment occurs annually in the fall. You must elect coverage within 31 days of
your qualifying event. For more information on any of these qualifying
events, see the Qualifying Events page on the ASRS
website or in the ASRS Health Insurance Guide. Before you start the Online Health Insurance
Enrollment Application First you will want to: Research and Choose a Plan Depending on your situation, You may have the option to choose from more
than one medical and/or dental plan. Choose your medical and/or dental plan before
you start. For detailed information to help you choose
which is best for you, visit the Healthcare page of our website. There you will also find links to the Health
Insurance Guide and eLearning. Locate Provider IDs If your plan requires a primary provider, Have the provider ID for you and your dependents
available For entry during the enrollment process. If you don’t provide a primary provider, one
may be assigned to you. For assistance choosing a primary provider,
go to UnitedHealthcare’s website. Locate your Medicare ID Card or Cards If you and/or your dependents are Medicare
eligible Have the Medicare ID cards with you for reference. Update Beneficiaries If you want to cover a current ASRS pension
beneficiary, Ensure all information is complete and current
before starting this process. This can be done in the Beneficiaries page
of your myASRS secure account. Gather Dependent Information If you want to cover a dependent that is not
one of your pension beneficiaries Listed on the myASRS website, Make sure you have all of that person’s information
available Before starting the enrollment process. Gather Supporting Documents, if needed If you have reviewed the website And determined that your Qualifying Life Event
will require supporting documentation Such as a marriage certificate You should make sure to have a paper or an
electronic copy available. Now that you have all the necessary items, Filling out the Online Health Insurance Enrollment
Application Should only take you ten to fifteen minutes. The application is located in your secure
myASRS account under “Apply Now.” Select “Medical / Dental Insurance.” The application will walk you through the
process Of signing up for your medical and dental
insurance with the ASRS step-by-step. Remember to read the instructions carefully
on each page Before making your elections and be sure to
complete ALL the steps in the process. Use the blue bar at the top of each page to
see your progress. The application will show you the plans you
are eligible for, Based on the information you provide. Please note, if you stop before completing
the final step, Your application will NOT be saved or submitted. After you’re done, you can track your enrollment
in the Pending Requests section. Thank you for taking the time to learn what
you’ll need To complete the Online Health Insurance Enrollment
Application. I hope you’ll find this as convenient, quick
and easy a process as I did!

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