[REVIEW] Mass Tech Extreme 2000 MUA TỪ IFITNESS.VN – MASS tăng cân bá đạo của muscletech

As you can see, I have just unpacked it. Now I’m going to review for you guys The box is quite big look at this Mass Tech extreme 2000 this mass gainer have an extremely huge ammount of calories the product is one of the highest calories mass gainer series if mixing this with milk, the calories can reach to 2270 and contains 80g protein, besides its also contains 10g creatine and 20 type of vitamins & minerals 8g Leucine this product is 10 kilograms you can see they wrote 10 kilograms here 22 lbs very nice packaging A product of MuscleTech very nice it just look like this in video but it is actually very big it’s bigger than my head i bought this on ifitness.vn with the price of 2,300,000 VND (about 99.0USD) ,bonus a shaker as you can see here, it is distributed by TCsportfood company TCSPORTFOOD the casual prices of this packet is about 2,000,000 VND to 2,300,000 VND you guys can look for a cheaper shop to buy it but i want to make sure the quality and also the certificate so i choose ifitness.vn there is a anti-counterfeit stamps here, and i’ve already checked the genuine this is a genuine product which is distributed by TCSPORTFOOD company Ok this box, let’s look around it guys it said keep out of children keep out of children.. because it will die if falling into this children will drown if falling into it dont know why but they will die if falling into this packet okay, here is the nutrition facts, quite long it’s nearly 2/3 of my hand size the product only gives 1030 calories if you use 1/2 serving well, 1 serving is 6 scoops (569g) it can be use in 18 days, if you use 6 scoops everyday I think you gys are able to use this box in 2 months it’s quite heavy, 10 kilos, there is a handle here here you can see, i bought it on ifitness.vn with the prices of 2,300,000 VND Masstech look at here guys, there is some text here, this is how to open the box well the way to open the box is, it’s have a latch here, let i find it for you where is it here, this is place to open it, you see that, just pull down the patch then then you just pull it, i will show you then and taste it now i will turn this box upside down show you guys under the box, here is what under it i’m afraid of falling the box so i have to put the camera like this, turn it upside down is difficult guys, expiry date is not under the box you can see the expiry date here this is the product expiry date 29 june years 2021 okay now i will proceed to open this box, and taste it for you guys now i’m gonna to have a taste review on it i already prepare a shaker with 500ml of water let’s taste this thing and review the product’s taste for you guys i will get the scoop here is the scoop i have drank it before and now i will show you how to make a cup of mass gainer, using shaker for best tasting, you should have 500ml of water with 2 scoop

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