Rice Vs Roti : What’s Best For Weight Loss || Which Is Healthier And Why?

Well, the age old war between rice and roti is still on! No Indian meal is complete without having rice or roti or both and we have been party to numerous arguments in favor of each. We have heard pretty much everything. From “eating rice will give you diabetes” to “going off wheat will help you lose weight”… but do we really know our staples and understand the whole controversy around it? Hi, I’m Akansha Sinha, nutritionist and founder of Beyond the Weighing Scale and i’m here to help you understand the nutrient profile of Rice and Roti and which one is healthier and why? Rice is a cereal grain and is the most widely consumed staple food for a large part of the world’s population. There are different varieties of rice like white, brown, red and black and the nutrient profile also changes according to the variety
that you eat. In India, we largely consume polished white rice that has been stripped off the husk and the bran. During this process, the grain is free of
all impurities making the rice more digestible and easy on your gut. One bowl of rice gives you 100 Kcals, 23 gms of carbohydrate, 2 gms of protein and 0.1 gms of fat. Rotis are made from wholemeal flour also
known as atta. Variations of rotis are found in diverse cultures across the globe and is normally eaten along with cooked vegetables or curries. Rotis made from whole wheat flour are a great source of fiber, protein, iron and calcium. One medium sized roti gives your 100 Kcals, 22 gms carbohydrate, 3 gms of protein and
0.5 gms of fat. Now you might think, that one bowl of rice and 1 medium roti give you almost same macronutrients so what would be the distinguishing
factor? It is they way these carbs are processed in
our bodies. Polished rice lacks fiber and is primarily
composed of simple carbs, your body quickly converts them into glucose and releases it in your bloodstream. This glucose is stored as an energy reserve, is used for immediate functioning of your body and the excess is stored in your body as fat! Yes, you heard that right! Any excess amounts of carbohydrates are converted into fats and are stored in the body. And it is because of this reason why you feel sleepy or lethargic after consuming a huge portion of biryani! On the other hand, rotis are made from whole wheat aata that has fiber and is made up of complex carbs. This makes your body do all the extra work to convert it into glucose and release it in your bloodstream. The work that your body puts slows down the release of glucose in the blood stream. Rice and Roti both provide us with essential carbohydrates that are needed for our daily functioning so, the question here is what should you pick? If you are someone trying to lose weight, you need to pick your staples carefully. When consuming rice, ensure that you combine it with salad or a vegetable that has fiber and protein from any of the dals or chicken. The one thing that is crucial to your diet is controlling your portion size to ensure you do not eat extra carbohydrates and as a result avoid storing them as fat. Rotis are high in sodium and potassium. Avoid adding extra salt while kneading the
dough and for those whose diet is restricted it would be best to avoid having rotis. If you are a diabetic, avoid consuming both rice and rotis together. Choose complex carbs over simple carbs like oats, quinoa, rajgira to avoid instant release of sugar in your bloodstream. When consuming rice, keep your portions in check and pair your carbohydrates well with good fats, protein and fiber. Rice is an appropriate choice when you suffer from indigestion, diarrhoea or any gut infections as it is easy to digest, low in fiber and it is not harsh on your tummy. So ladies, when we consider the complete nutrient profile of roti and rice, rotis are definitely a better option. But don’t you shy away from rice. Carbohydrates are not your enemy! It is the type i.e simple or complex, the
quantity i.e how much you eat and the quality i.e whole grains over processed or refined
is what matters! Until next time stay tuned and stay GLAMRS

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100 thoughts on “Rice Vs Roti : What’s Best For Weight Loss || Which Is Healthier And Why?

  1. Rice is the best thing to eat when combined with Protein (Pulses), Fat (Ghee) and Fibre (Salad & Veggies).

  2. One more things dont cheat people ie subscriber. Ur channel name is glamars the exact spell is glamour.
    2nd more thing listen to me glamour, grooming, and beauti is mandate for boyz & girls both.

  3. I'm getting asleep with in 9.00pm .but I should study for a long time.please say how can I remain awake still 2 am?

  4. Hi thanks for information and I love Roti now I'm weight loss so my doctor suggest to me roti have in dinner it's write

  5. What if we have 2rotis both times of the day and a small portion of rice at one time….OR skip the rotis for 1 time of the day instead have rice????

  6. What diet would you suggest for gluten sensitivity? I am completely on rice diet due to gluten issues. As such, I haven't encountered any weight gain issues as we have been consuming rice for generatings.

  7. I eat without ghee roti and rarely eat rice but I getting weight and my body shape is apple shape want to loss weight what have I to do?

  8. hi! I don't agree I have lost 12 kgs of weight in last 4 months along with a knee surgery so i was basically pretty much immobile having rice dal and sabzi with a teaspoon of ghee. rice is light on your stomacj it's the first meal that Is given to babies. Wheat has glutten which primarily spikes your insulin and makes it difficult for weight loss. I was 130 kgs in the past currently 73 but I feel it's not about the carbs or rice it's about portion control :)..Roti is definitely high in fibre but it also has glutten which is very bad if you are targeting weight loss…

  9. We don't give shit. We eat rice thrice a day and we have not become like women in North. JUST DON'T EAT JUNK FOOD

  10. Eat every thing rice or wheat but moderation is the key. If u compare the glycolic index rotis will b much higher than rice so May b little prferance over roti.regarding the
    oats it's a very well marketed thing
    Be aware about every thing before changing to oats diet

  11. i ate rice like 2weeks ago 😂 I am a totally roti person. I do like rice but i dunno how and why I am become totally roti person , I like them both , Maybe because I am North Indian. My mom likes making roti more 😂😂😂

  12. bakwas… bla bla bla… n make video n take view n earn money…. no body is care about … us… nobody

  13. Let’s eat what nature’s provided us but in moderation. We need to move our bodies more and seek professional advice from either a nutritionist and or a dietitian. A “DEXA” body scan is what we all should be having from time to time along with blood, urine, thyroid, Pap smears and prostate tests 🙏🏻

  14. The sounds at 3:48 were so not necessary and literally spoilt a really good video… Wtf…. Get a better editor…

  15. Why are all the bloody diet vids and stuff directed towards women.?? Don't you think men watch these or what? So stop fucking saying ladies over and over again ….

  16. Do you too find it inappropriate when some weird guys always make comments to women going off the subject and Getting personal like your so cute your voice so sweet and other stuff.

  17. Rice makes me lazy and extremely faty. Wht is quinoa called in hindi and Bangla? I want to buy quinoa from local shops but 99% peoples don't know abut it even naam nahi suna quinoa ka. So main samjha he nahi parahihu

  18. Plz upload a video on how to weight loss for teens with healthy diet. I hope you people will surly upload..

  19. Tq 4 the video…. It's very useful and I request you to upload a video on full diet from breakfast to dinner in both veg and non veg…. Bcz n my home we have non veg weekly twice that's y…..hope you upload soon… Waiting for your valuable reply…

  20. In olden days.. people used to eat rice 3 times a day… They work hard all the day… And had good sleep. Now a days we have fridge, TV , washing machine and especially phones as spoilers… Even for drinking water also they used to get from common well in the villages…. Now everybody has their own bores in their homes…

  21. i make roti out of rice flour so battle solved… keep switching flour though like add bajra besan, kuttu to you flour and you will be fine

  22. a lot to know from this video, thanks. 1 question i.e. are indians follow wrong food routine where we should eat roti in the lunch for extra energy and eat rice in the dinner for good sleep?

  23. same old self control , portion control theory ( u know moderation doesnt work .)
    if white rice was fattening what about the 1.7 billion slim asians ?

    I have put my views in my video with title – The Truth About Carbohydrates & Low Carb Diets

    just in case u or anyone wants to see.

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