Right Wing Fear Mongering: Telling the IRS Your Health Insurance Info

the of affordable care act also known as
a part of care of course includes an individual health
care mandate which has been the subject of a lot of controversy now how will the government oversee that you have healthcare well the way it happens here
nasa chooses because we’ve had a mandate for a long time is that when he hears that is at the end
of the year there’s actually a form you fill out where you put in what health
insurance do you have you put in here is the health insurance company i have here is my uh… health member i_d_ so
on and so forth a couple pieces of data like that right wing groups including americans
for tax reform are now starting the in the same scare tactics saying the newell bomb a care tax form is going
to mandate that americans report personal health i_d_ information to the are are s
and they go on this obviously very uh… apocalyptic conspiracy theory
about how the new form requires disclosure of personally identifying health information in order to determine
compliance now let’s be very honest about this this is absolutely ridiculous here’s the deal you put your information on the form we’ve been doing it in massachusetts for
really long time and the funny thing is the right wingers are against thirty
million more people having health care because they’d have to fill out of form
saying what health insurance do you have is that really the the argument that
you’re down to now now that the supreme court has said obama care is
constitutional is upheld now you’re down to you’ll have to write down on your
taxes something really personal which by the way your taxes already contain your
social security number where you live how much money you made and every asset
that you have but you’re worried that putting down
what health insurance company you have and what your member ideas is too personal but not somehow your compromised if that
happens somehow that’s going to compromise you guys really going over
the line of the privacy but i’ll give you everything else about me including
every dollar i have to my name but my health insurance provider no no no that’s crossing the line rediculous arguably the most but it
works it works to scare scaring people works in that said that is that’s the republican michael don’t
think about it they say you know why does the i_r_s_ need to
know what health insurance company i have and whether i had insurance from
them the whole year what my member ideas that’s an invasion of privacy but of course they need to know every
every stock i on every dollar i have in every property i have that that’s okay uh… actually a lot of those
libertarian tats would probably say the government is even title to that
information sharing that government side that government should
be doing anything that the government has no role in our lives we should build
roads they shouldn’t uh… enforce laws they
shouldn’t do anything or use some of the nation online on taxable spin on taxable
propositional rates according to david win miller’s theories
i think you have to promoting a new team first-time i’m david hyphen pacman semi
colon that’s my new name actually and i don’t know i don’t want to pay taxes on
a longer need health care i can no longer get sick even right because
popular provisional phrased it sir having punctuation get sick it doesn’t
make any sense

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19 thoughts on “Right Wing Fear Mongering: Telling the IRS Your Health Insurance Info

  1. oh ffs for the last time people I'm not that ecwxtreme guy
    I'm friction the troll and he's some entirely different troll
    not related, don't know him

  2. I fucking love this. I never thought I'd see the day when republicans would absolutely lose their shit. I'm savoring all of this

  3. rightwingers are worried that people will find out about the strange objects doctors have had to remove from their rectums.

  4. When I had testicular cancer I was operated within 7 days and had radiotherapy. When I burst an appendix I had emergency op, I have visited doc on many occasions fro minor ailments & never paid a penny. I am taxed at about 20% of my salary which I'd say is a bargin.

  5. Fear mongering? It's one more intrusion on our privacy, and you're saying "Nothing to see here. Move along"?! That's bullshit! No true American should acquiesce to tyranny! So fuck Obama!

  6. In UK we have a national health scheme which is free to all at the point of use – its takes a serious chunk of our national resources but its worth it to know at a time of need care will be provided without question to rich and poor alike – medical priority is based on need not wealth – The NHS provides the pathway for universal care nationwide – its effective and value for money – whats not to like

  7. You better ask God to open your eyes Mr. Pakman, the IRS is the least of obama care. The people will also have to recieve a mark, to be able to recieve all their Govt benefits or to buy and sell via, RFID chip. Quit lying to the people, please and do your research. Here is a tip: look up RFID and Revelation 13 and put 2 and 2 together. Repent and turn back to the Father. He has a much better plan than Obama, and its change you CAN Believe in.

  8. you can fill out the form as your sitting in a fema concentration camp, with no gun to fight your way to freedom…coz obama went house to house and collected all the guns. this is what muslim atheist marxist socialist presidents do… that, and hand out "free stuff"

  9. Republican states take the most government handouts! The crazy bastards. Read a great article on alernet today about PRIVATE banks
    'It’s the Interest, Stupid! Why Bankers Rule the World' google it
    Nationalize the banks and get EVERYTHING 1/3 cheaper – the equivalent to a 50% payrise.
    Its the same with healthcare – the UK is the MOST socialized in the industrialized world – has better outcomes than the US, spends 1/2 the money, has THE most efficient system and EVERYONE gets covered!

  10. In the UK, polls show that over 90% of people who've received treatment are satisfied with the National Health System. In a general poll of everyone, 40% of people want a different system. So actually being sick and getting treatment makes a huge difference in how people think about the issue.

  11. "Your taxes already contain your Social Security number, where you live, how much money you made, and every asset that you have. But you're worried that putting down what health insurance company you have and what your member i.d. is, is too personal."

    You can get used to anything when it's introduced gradually as a series of mere legal technicalities in the service of a master plan promoting a worthy cause.

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