Risk Factors for Heart Disease: Nutrition

Vegan. Vegetarian. Gluten free. High-carb. Low-carb. No-carb. Trying to eat healthier? Overwhelmed with all
the options out there? There are so many benefits to
keeping healthy eating habits. You can reduce your
chance of developing diabetes, heart disease,
obesity, cancer. Have more energy, and feel better! With all of the information
swirling around out there it’s hard to know where to start. Eating well doesn’t
have to be hard. In fact, it’s
easy as 1, 2, 3. Lets bring it back
to the basics. Step 1! Make healthy food choices. Instead of eating processed junk
focus on home cooked meals. It doesn’t have to be fancy.
It has to be balanced! Replace your burger and fries
with something like this: Choose mostly poultry,
fish, legumes and red meat once or twice a week about
the size of your palm. 1/2 your plate should be
brightly coloured vegetables, with a similar portion –
about the size of your fist – of whole grains like
brown rice or quinoa. Aim to eat 7 servings of
fruits of veggies a day. A serving is about 1 cup. Choose a variety! Fish is full of healthy
fats. BBQ, pack, broil, or bake
it with a slice of lemon! Legumes like beans,
lentils, nuts and seeds can replace meat on your plate. Eating them 4 to 5
times a week may help to prevent heart disease,
and lower blood pressure. Add a handful to
your soup or salad. Which brings me to Step 2! Keep in mind HOW we eat
is just as important as WHAT we eat. Eat regular meals – about
every 4 to 6 hours to avoid getting too hungry. The hungrier you are, the longer
it takes for your brain to send a message to your stomach
letting you know you’re full. If you let yourself
get OVER-hungry, chances are you’ll
end up OVER-eating! Don’t multitask while you eat. Can you guess why? Same reason. The more distractions you
have, the less chance your brain has to focus on
when you become full. Step 3! Plan ahead! If you plan your meals ahead
of time and make a grocery list to stick to you’re less
likely to fall in to the trap of unhealthy eating. Here’s a little tip that’s
always worked for me… Plan to grocery shopping
on a full stomach. The less hungry you are, the
less tempted you will be by processed or refined foods. So – you see, it doesn’t
have to be fancy. By making small changes,
listening to your body and planning ahead, you
can be eating AND living better in no time at all! Now, lets get cooking! Visit www.francoforme.ca

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