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I was diagnosed with bone cancer it’s also known as Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma we found out through the lymph node swellings around my body. To me, cancer has been like a life changing journey, it helped kill a lot of my insecurities that I previously couldn’t. I am Roshini Kumar and I am here to ‘Pill the Beans on being a proud cancer survivor. Chemo for me was like the worst part of my cancer. I had to almost spend, two-three weeks with the side effects of just the chemo. Basically what chemo does is it kills all the cells. Good and the bad. And… for me, they gave me the highest dose of chemo then. Cause that’s how advanced my cancer was. Before this I was trying to be skinny, and be pretty, and all of these stupid things, that were told to me that I was not. I had starved myself just to do all of these things. I wanted to colour my hair red, which I didn’t do cause I was so afraid that someone will say something. I wanted to wear, like, dresses and like, just clothes that I didn’t have to always cover my body with. I wanted to wear something that actually fits me, but I didn’t. Since I literally was in bed losing everything that I once cared about, or like, gave so much thought to – my body, my hair, and ironically I was the body type I wanted to be. Because I was so skinny, I had lost all my fat in every way possible. But I couldn’t do anything at that point. I couldn’t even sit up without nurses helping me… and I was just like this is the stupidest thing I could have ever done. I should have, a) valued my body more, b) done whatever I wanted to. I came from being this person who hated herself and her body and was so insecure to being the opposite, and it’s not easy to get there. My cancer journey has definitely affected my professional life as well, because it’s given me the courage and just the strength to be able to express myself fully and try new things without being afraid. Photography I think just came to me sort of when I was 15-ish, 16, right after I got out of the hospital. Once I started doing photography, I just sort of knew how to frame, and do my compositions, and my aesthetics and stuff like that, and I started getting more interested in it. I like my pictures to be real in a way, even if they are editorial, even if they are like fashion, even if it’s for a brand. I don’t want people looking at it and feeling bad about themselves in any way. I always try to capture the truth and keep it as realistic as possible and insist on being positive about your body. And that confidence comes from almost having lost mine. Don’t forget to get yourself checked, it’s really important also like, share, and subscribe, to Vitamin Stree

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