Scum Metabolism – How To Gain Energy In Scum Guide (Protein, Vitamin D, Fat & Carbs)

hey guys welcome back now before we start this is not a how to cook video I’ve already done one of them as small of a metabolism so how to get your energy up easily it’s not going to be in debt for metabolism because I feel that it’s probably going to change in the common weeks and it’s gonna alter because certain things can be done just now which really shouldn’t be able to do it’s going to be a quick gauge and how to get your energy up in the fast and easy way no that’s concessive session for mushrooms killing puppets using the skewers so if you know how to craft a skewer look at the cooking video that I’ve done and mentioned and basically getting all these up know when I started this video the target the zero my energy with zero and in a space of 20 minutes I’ve managed to get all up Philly and that’s what record nests as well now if you don’t know I have a server the IP as below I also have a desk or what she’s telling team all of our scum community discord I post all my videos and they’re half an hour before they go live I also do a daily giveaways for Humble Bundle steam keys so you’re more than welcome to join so let’s jump straight in and we’ll start off with vet Mindy no apparently vitamin D has proven to be quite a difficult one to try and open your metabolism no I found out the best ways to get this through a small youtuber called Reaper he found the information via read his link is below for has actual vet Mindy video unfortunately there’s no link for the reddit post I can’t credit them so basically there’s two things a mushroom that you can use this yellow mushroom here which is called that I can’t pronounce it I’m not gonna try and pronounce it and there’s also a red mushroom which if you’re trying fine now and I’ll split back to it soon as I find it because they are quite difficult to find what I’m finding there anyway and the second mushroom we’re looking for as this no again I’m only trying pronounce what that says but I’m not gonna lie this was extremely difficult to find I ran around for at least 20 minutes between the cutscenes trainer no I don’t know if that’s because of the area that I am and off it’s just a general thing that they’re quite rare no I have eaten different mushrooms and when you see my metabolism you’ll see that I am quite high in other vitamins no we’re gonna eat these ones and just try and prove that your vitamin D will rise I may actually team up that’s a little bit except I want this set there for ages walking a lot can open up so guys these are an easier way to get vitamin D no I’m not seeing these a lot on the witty event Mandi I’m pretty sure about other things but from recession that seems to be the common denominator that keeps popping up to your vet Mandi quite quick I said the can be quite rare to find however if you’ve passed them pick them up or just eat them in the way you can see now the vet Mandi as Rison so when you’re running around for us then you do see these when your own past just chuck them your bag if you’ve got a bag know you can turn these into like a soup or a stew so our typical straight we have fun more it’s just an absolute typical you can make it sips you see here if you’ve got the crafting ability you can make a vegetable soup now I’m pretty sure that will give you a high vitamin Riya cross majority of vitamins that you require but this is basically focused towards people who really look to try and get these quite high no for me personally I don’t I’ll just eat them when I find them I want popsicle and try and get my vitamin D up as simple it kind of mission for me personally but if it’s something for you that has a quick creative vet Mindy now moving on to Europe proteins no this is actually quite easy to get and your fats so basically all you want to do is actually kill a popper and chop it up no these are way to do this it’s just run the roids a cup of Spears knock them down still knave chopping Tibet’s know you can cook the meat afterwards but the present you don’t have to do it because disease as an ending game fully may be good practice to start actually cooking it so when it does come in you know and that kind of main set already so I’m not going to show you to make a campfire or anything else I have got a video on that already I’ll link it below and how to cook it will show you how to do a campfire and everything else that’s gonna just basically focus on some of the key metabolism so next you’re gonna want to craft a skewer up Sokratis your up you only steps or less small ones so make sure you have them so I thought crafted you’ll see you get puppet meat which you can eat shut off the bat hit them all individually or you can put them on a skewer which is a lot easier in my opinion so next you’re going to make a skewer of meat craft that it doesn’t take very long to do at all what’s that’s crafted pick the skewer up let’s go into there and right click and eat all it’s as simple as that now you also get fat from the puppets just eat that as well that’s going to help boost your protein and your fat levels it’s quite simple I’ve already done it I’ve already eaten some of the prop at me because I throw retic we can see my fat and protein a well up no water self-explanatory you can get that from any source of revenue or eating mushrooms as well actually push hydration up now next we will look at carbs and sugar which is actually straightforward now as you pass fuels that’s a quick tip as well when you pass like the farms you’ll always see like a square crop which has like corn or different vegetables search them and eat them because they actually give you sources of different proteins as well no it won’t give you this good protein won’t give you any fat but it will work towards some of these other elements know the target you want to be is really between 70 and 100 to get your energy at fill blast now you see my energy is absolute max at the minute but I’m going to quickly show you one last part which will help you with your Sugar’s wishes extremely straightforward so next we’re going to focus on the carbs and the sugar we can see everything else pretty much up but this is the next point water ignore at the Manor and I can easily get that because there’s a rubber close by so the easiest way to get this as by just looking and the hoses trained faint chocolate bars just eat them in a finisher girly that you can find that the energy drinks are quite good as well I find that the boost you up quite quite and I know a lot of people say yeah they’re very hard to find I’m not really that hard to find if you’re willing to look for them I find that and a lot of shitty villages where you’ll find a lot of loot you tend to find a lot of those sugary foods no if you are in very small towns be remained a lot of people are gonna go there fast because the less hassle so that’s Street week and they’d be somewhere that’s moving it will have less look and now you can see know that my sugar is going up my carbs are going up as well so that will take some time to go all the way up but it will slowly rise that everything else Ted no because these are bad carbs they’re what they’re as good carbs as well you can get from other sources of food but that should get you on your way no Casey because of what I’ve done that my energy is it Phil no that is simply from everything I’ve done on it that’s clip when I started this my energy was zero and all I’ve done is killer popper faint some mushrooms and find some chocolate balls that’s all I’ve done and I’ll keep some of the actual meat on me as a player game and carry on no puppets are very easy to get so people say is too hard to energy it’s not just eat the far and either meat you have to cook it at the present so it’s not a big issue and just focus on trying to keep up doing the bare minimum like I’m doing here at present you don’t have to go and death no as I said disease as it now so you don’t have to worry too much about it so just play the game enjoy it use these tips and just focus on getting energy to a decent level no you see no my sugars when tray up my carbs are gonna rate up as well everything else is tonic green I work on effect minion vet mink ears well you see man take is very high I’m a usage as nowhere near as high so guys that’s quick guide on how to get your protein sugar carbs far everything up it’s not in depth as I said because I’m not gonna go super in-depth when this system is likely to change very soon so I don’t wait confuse anyone I was always human nice and simple by doing simple little tasks like kelan Papa’s eating this years cleaning mushrooms unusual sugars no as I said repart was the one that showed me the mushrooms has link is below please go check them out tell them I sent you and very small your chub are just getting to scum as well seems a very good content on now and I will see you in the next one

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42 thoughts on “Scum Metabolism – How To Gain Energy In Scum Guide (Protein, Vitamin D, Fat & Carbs)


  2. didn't see the cooking step, I for one cant tell if meat is cooked or not after I do the cooking stage , im just not sure if you just added the meat to the skewer and then ate it . or if you cooked it first.

    im also guessing the cooking skill possably the reason I couldn't make some food . had all the right goodies but wouldn't let me make it / cook it

  3. I eat nothing but meat and mushrooms and for some reason have protein deficiency. I find that nutrition is very broken in this current build.

  4. I know this is off the topic but I see that your averaging 130fps and I was just wondering if you could share how your achieving those numbers… I am currently getting around 130fps but your game play looks better than what I have mine set at and I do have a very good pc so I was just wondering your settings? Plz and thank you

  5. Target is important but the calorie intake and outtake is actually what makes the majority of the difference in your energy level. Try and keep it close as 1:1 as possible. And like others have already said here the current build the entire BCU overall has a lot of issues with accuracy and actual in game consequences. Most of everything doesn’t really make much of a difference the most important monitor imo is the sickness monitor and calorie intake and outtake.

  6. I can see a bunch of fat mountain dew pizza eating cunts paying more attention to the in game diet than their own… fat cunts!

  7. Do you know what will they do with singleplayer? Will they add AI gangs and stuff like that. I like to play singleplayer when i want to relax playing scum.

  8. Ok. Let me get this straight. This game is supposed to be fun. So, I must run around for 20 minutes to get mushrooms, then spend 10 minutes to get water. Then another hour to get weapons…..take more time cooking things……then I die and have to do all over again. Sorry, but there is no fun in all this micro management just to die and lose everything.

  9. And on a busy server you dont find anything. All the weapons was taken, energy bars and other food in small or big towns is taken. Puppets are dead….This game is not about who is the best. It is about who wants to play at least 5 hours to get weapons…..and die to start over from the beginning

  10. During my gameplay i havent had to meet my target goals just got keep your calorie intake higher then calorie usage in order to keep energy at 100%. Not sure if its the healthiest way to live but it works for me

  11. I got into eatng mushrooms the first few days and reading those red mushrooms examinations you find that they are psychedelic mushroom lol not sure what they'll do to you in a later patched game so I decided to just stay away from them from very early on.

  12. Dude, i meet cheat fucker on ur server. I put 20+ AK bullets in his head n 10 or more with pistol, but this dude stand on his fuckin feet! Sure, he kill me at the end…FUCK!

  13. Eating raw meat and stripes of Fat is the quickest way to become a Butterball.
    Thanks to "tips" like these i have to make a diet to reduce fat and this is (like in real life) much much harder then gaining fat.

  14. Nice I've been munching those mushrooms like it's the 60s oddly enough I've always cooked me puppet meat instead of just digging in lol

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