Sec dependent protein Secretion Animation

The replies of a gram-negative cell lies between
the inner and outer membrane and contains important proteins that bind nutrients for
transport into the cell and other proteins to carry out in somatic reactions many thought
was me proteins are delivered to the product wasn’t by a comment pathway called the Gen
secretion pathway involving sack a protein are several steps in the general secretion
pathway first the protein is translated in the cytoplasm the pre-secretion protein is
captured by a piloting protein called set be set be binds to be on for the protein and
helps to keep it in an unfolded state to make secretion through membrane much easier than
if it has a chance to fold certainly delivers the protein to set a structure peripherally
associated with the membrane spanning sack why e.g. trans-local pore in the membrane
through which the protein will be passed Saturday is a ATPase that appears to act like a plunger
it binds to ATP allowing it to insert deep into the sack why e.g. channel shopping about
20 amino acids of the target export protein into the channel ATP hydrolysis causes a day
to release the protein and withdraw at this point sack age and bind fresh ATP bind the
target protein and we insert pushing another 20 amino acids through proteins needed in
some have cleavable signal sequences at the amino terminal ends immediately following
translocation into the plasm cytoplasmic signal peptidase is such as one called at the slip
of the amino-terminal signal sequence of the protein the mature protein is released into
the plasm the replies proteins delivered by the sack system arise unfolded and inactive
and require plasmid chaperone is to guide the judiciary folding

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5 thoughts on “Sec dependent protein Secretion Animation

  1. Proteins that need to be secreted into the extracellular enviornment, also need to pass the periplasm. How are proteins secreted from the periplasm afterwards?

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