Bluecross Blueshield is a proud
sponsor a Second Opinion. Live Fearless. Nutritional supplements and vitamins are
a multi-billion dollar business in the US touting health benefits from boosting
your immune system to curing baldness they’re often considered to be part of a
healthy lifestyle and can sew up gaps in a unbalanced
diet So, by vitamin supplements are good for
you right? Is this myth or medicine? Vitamins are good for
you. That is a myth, and I will tell you why I’m Louis Papa, I’m a physician with the
University Rochester Medical Center I’m professor of clinical medicine
supplemental vitamins came around because there was a concern
about the overall health of our children many decades ago and it was
found certain vitamin deficient states clearly improved when you gave vitamin
supplementation like in many things in our society
generalizations occurred and people felt that if you took more
vitamins that would be better and that’s become medicine folklore there’s been several studies over and over and over again that show
that vitamins not only have no benefit to improving
your health but that there may be some harm with several vitamins nothing as a substitute for a good
balance diet regular, exercise, and avoiding things that are unhealthy for
you like cigarettes, like alcoho,l and like
excessive eating. So nothing will replace those behaviors.
Vitamins are just a waste of time and money and
that’s medicine. not sure if it’s myth or medicine
connect with us online we’ll get to work and get you a second opinion Bluecross Blueshield is a proud
sponsor a Second Opinion. Live Fearless.

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