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34 thoughts on “Serious Mass

  1. i used to use this but now im using universal nutrition real gains its about 600+ calories but it tastes great and works well in just a shaker cup.

  2. It works but I hate the fucking taste, along with most protein shakes. To me the syntha-6 series has the best tasting ones.

  3. If that skinny guy eats a strawberry he will look like he's pregnant. Just kidding. Work it, Bro'.

  4. l got this in the mail today, l ate lunch waited a few, did a very intense workout, waiting more and then made this shake, l gained a pound and few ounces instantly but this shit made me throw up everything in my stomach.
    This is my first time using a weight gainer ever.
    l'm not sure if you other guys had this experience as well and if you got use to it or not but next time i'll try using half a serving. 'Cause this shit made me puke everything l ate.

  5. same with me first day i take it chocolate flavor i added 1 banana and i almost throw up is hard to drink it

  6. If you take this, you realy have to make sure you're working out to your fullest potential giving 110% everytime, lifting heavy too, eating good, i also wouldnt drknk a full one with 2 scoops, i do 1 scoop after workout & 1 scoop befre bed, for breakfast i hae regular whey

  7. ебать у него холодильник там рвётся ) А всёроно дрищ дрещём )

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