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Certain people are anemic, so they have low
blood levels and their doctor will let them know they’ll and be on it. Uhm, other people, due to religious beliefs,
what have you, may not be eating foods that are high in iron. Again, certain people working out, very hard
workouts may deplete blood levels of iron, so some people definitely would need it. You have to be careful of the kind of iron
you’re taking, the amount of iron you’re taking. First of all, iron is toxic, so if you took
in to much, it can cause a heart attack. That’s why in most men’s multivitamins, you
won’t find, probably shouldn’t find a lot of iron. Women are more- typically more prone to anemia
than men due to the menstrual cycle and monthly bleeding, but men sometimes are anemic and
they would need iron. I recommend maybe about 18 milligrams a day,
which is about 100% Anything more than that I would want you to go see a doctor or a registered
dietitian, but it i critical, uh, that you get a certain amount of iron because you want
to make sure that your blood can move the oxygen around your body, so from my mom to
a professional athlete, that’s critical. You wanna make sure your blood levels are
fine, you wanna get blood work from your doctor, and then you can discuss with him or a registered
dietitian if you need to take an iron supplement.

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