Should You Take Prenatal Vitamins for Hair Growth?

Should you take prenatal vitamins for hair
growth? I heard that it gives you the same luscious hair pregnant women have. The pregnancy glow is over-rated, especially
when offset by the repeated vomiting in the morning. I’m not pregnant. Prenatal vitamins are designed to give you
the extra nutrients the baby needs. If you aren’t pregnant, you’re taking too much. A lot of people take extra vitamins for their
health. Prenatal vitamins give you more iron than
you need, which can lead to nausea and vomiting. Then the prenates make you feel like you have
morning sickness, without literally getting a cute baby in the end. The folate is good for your hair. Well, it
helps your body make new cells. It is essential for building new brain cells,
which you really don’t need. Well, it helps. You act as if the extra folate is bad. Too much folate can cause nervous system problems.
And he could have a heart attack if he sees your prenatal vitamins. I didn’t realize prenatal vitamins were
that different from multi-vitamins. You ought to take a multi-vitamin, but not
the prenates. I’ve heard that mutli-vitamins help you
hair, and that they make no difference at all. Multi-vitamins help your hair if you have
nutrient deficiencies. They make no difference if you already get what you need. What food does healthy hair need? Protein is essential. Vitamins A, E and D
are useful. It’s interesting that the vitamin you get
for free from the sun is what you need for healthy hair, though too much sun makes your
hair dry and brittle. So wear a hat. That defeats the purpose of getting healthy
hair. There are a lot of ways to get the nutrients,
from walnuts to salmon. But don’t get any hare-brained ideas and swipe someone else’s
prenatal vitamins for a supposed beauty treatment.

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