hey guys welcome back to my channel so
in today’s video me doing it in this simple quick makeup look it’s literally
no eye shadow it’s just this dark vampy lip that I’m leaving for like I’m
Feeling myself like I’m here for it I’m loving this makeup look so you guys
want to know how i got this makeup look please keep on watching
okay guys so first i’m a prime my skin como siempre this is like my same
routine it’s like the same routine different day type of thing but I just
I’m gonna do this really quickly because I feel like at this point you guys
already know what my routine is so the primer that I used was the soap n glory
one heck of a blot primer you guys already know that this is my favorite my
go-to like in its drugstore and Inexpensive yes thank you exactly what I
need in my life so when it comes to my face products I always think what
the same thing just because I don’t like to use different things all the time
just because my skin is a little on the sensitive side and if I try something
new sometimes my skin will be like bitch no I start breaking out so that’s why I
tend to stick with the same face products so I want to talk to you guys
about my holy girl lip balm this is the birth beats intensive lip balm this uh
lip balm where’s the so freaking good especially right now since it is getting
colder and my lips are getting really chapped and kid you know I put this at
night like I put a whole bunch at night and in the morning I would cope with
like nice soft soft supple lips like literally this works so good even my mom
is already using it and she’s all about it like this works so good I feel like I
tried a lot of lip balm and chopsticks and nothing has worked like this and
it’s something like eight dollars so I’m like yes so the product that I use to
cover up all of my imperfections is the Maybelline instant age rewind concealer
this concealer is my right hand when I go to my Holy Grail I cannot live
without this product this works so good and covering up my acne might have
permutation and my redness and it doesn’t make my skin look cakey and it
lasts a long time so I want to talk to you guys about my favorite brush right
now that I’ve been using for a minute this is a real Techniques expert face
brush this brush works so freakin good I’m blending out my fun sealer and not
only that it works so good and learning my under-eye concealer like a
two-for-one yes thank you that’s exactly what I needed
because sometimes I wouldn’t have to like but I’m a concealer I think I did
another brush blend out my other eyes I know were you thinking this bitch is
lazy yes a little bit sometimes I’m in a hurry I don’t have time to be using 500
brushes you know but this is like my favorite brush right now remember
blending is major key for your foundation to look balm blend and blend
and blend blending is the secret mm-hmm paper hand is hurting while you’re
blending your foundation and that’s how you know you’re doing a good job so
there is only one layer of the concealer as you can see it covered my redness my
hyper my patience I’m gonna acne that I had really good like I do so have like a
little like swats coming through but that’s because I have really dark
hyperpigmentation and sometimes those are just they’re just being rude into
one a cover-ups sometimes when I do have those hyperpigmentation spas or peeking
through I just spoke on some of the spots that I don’t do another layer I
can just do a little spa conceal in there and then I’m good to go like this
computer is no joke highly recommend it’s not for under
consider manie’s the Maybelline fit me concealer this concealer is alright I’m
not gonna lie to you and this concealer is alright it does the job it I feel
like it covers up like dark circles it brightens up my under eyes pretty good
but the only thing that might be for this consider is that it creases up a
little bit like I feel like I need to put it on let it dry for a little bit
blend it out and once up there net out I have to like run and put on my own the
right powders you know it would crease up only like to put a little bit of
concealer because I feel like I don’t need that much coverage under my under
area I just want a little bit of brightness making me look like I’m wide
awake so I just like to put a little bit nothing too crazy so I use a new powder
to set my under eyes and the rest of my face I use the Charlotte Tilbury magic
powder from what I see my skin looks good and I come I’m here for it we’ll
see how it works throughout the day but for him right now when I see you I feel
like it did a good job now that I powdered my skin I’m gonna go in with my
Milani make it last since brick
I like to set my face at the right powder just so this any spark and set
all the powders can please and make my skin look a little less powdery because
when it comes to powder I can get a little crazy so the fit is great helps
to make it look less powder so I’m actually finding this powder this
is not even my powder this is my mom’s powder not it again
my mom has a bigger makeup collection that I do so now I don’t even go and buy
makeup like I just got to her stash like I’m just like oh get the nose and then
she’ll come back she’s like where’s my eyeshadow palette where’s my powder in
online calm down okay where’s yours is mine and what mine is
not yours she comes to my room and she starts checking my makeup so she’s like
this mind is mine this is mine I’m like okay homegirl you gotta stop being so
selfish and you learn how to share I was like didn’t you watch Barney sharing is
caring like in the lesson or that hmm I’m going to show you guys how I do my
brows what I like to fill in my brows with is the a BH brow powder this is a
shade dark brown at first I like to use the lighter shade and then I go in with
the darker shade use this brush to fill in my brows it’s a really good brush
this is the a BH number fourteen brush like this works really good so first one
I fill in my brows I need to fill in my sparse areas like the my little bald
spot and that’s mostly right here on the bottom I like to fold that in and
whatever I have left on the brush I go with the rest of the brow just because I
don’t like to pull more powder like on the top of my brow or anything like that
because I feel like when I do that my eyebrows tend to look thicker like I
have to try not to make my my eyebrows look thicker because it’s not a cray
look I had done there before it’s not a great look this is the spots a little
bit and whatever is left on the brush I put
I go up the top of my brow so the eye makeup today is gonna be super simple
literally just rockin my natural lashes with a little bit of inner corner
highlight and that’s it you can add falsies to this makeup look
like to make it look a little bit more glam and I was thinking of putting
lashes on but you guys already know how I feel about lashes like I like them I
just don’t like to put them on because they literally take forever
and like I just don’t got the kind of energy or time today
so me rocking my natural lashes you know this is a quick and simple fall makeup
look so just easy eyes dark lip what up I’m miles consciously so the mascara I’m
gonna be using today is the wind wild makeup protein mascara this mascara used
to be my Holy Grail mascara in high school like this is like the only
mascara that I would use during high school and I stopped using because I
want you to try something new and then the other not the other day last time I
saw it I was like ooh let me try it again
honestly it still works really good it’s the really bomb I’ve been reaching out
I’ve been reaching for this mascara more often lately
like this separates my eyelashes really good and like linkedin’s my mask my
eyelash is really good but with this but I do feel like you
need to layer like at least do two coats of mascara because I feel like other
mascaras that I’ve used only one coat it’s more than enough but for like this
type of mascara and for like two coats of mascara would be good I’m gonna
finish off the rest of my face and I’m gonna bronze up a little bit I’m gonna
be using the laura mercier matte radiance big powder I really like this
bronzer like it’s a nice subtle bronzer just gives you a nice little warmth to
the skin and I feel like when doing a dark vampy lip I just need to warm up my
skin a little bit you know like I look super freaking pal I am gonna do Haley
I’m gonna do a little bit of highlighter I’m gonna be using my go to the Becca
opal highlighter can you I believe it’s already November
I feel like the past two months have literally flown by I’m just like can we
take a step back can we take a minute can we take a breather cuz I just cannot
keep up like stop stop it we don’t like this I love fall but the only thing I
don’t like about fall is daylight savings the fact is five o’clock in the
afternoon and it’s freakin dark outside it’s not okay I do not like it I do not
approve it’s gotta go wrong with my blush you gotta really know what blush
I’m using Milani romantic rose blood this is like my favorite blush not only
the formula but also the color I’ve obviously hit pan already this is like
my go-to I always tell myself like maybe I should try other blushes because I do
have other blushes but I always end up using this one like this is like my
favorite one especially for like a lip that I’m going for today I feel like
it’s a perfect color it matches perfectly with the lip that I’m go for
today just so like a little bit cuz you know I need my blush after I put on my
highlight my blush my bronzer I go in with like my foundation brush and I just
go everything to make sure everything’s really blended do you guys have those
days where you’re just like doing your makeup hearing your vanity you know like
you’re like damn I make I was looking bomb I’m looking bomb I’m being myself
yes I’m that bitch and then you go to the bathroom and the lighting in the
bathroom tells you something else and tell you like girl you to go blend out
that blush a little bit more you need to go blend out your foundation down your
neck like I’m just like down the disrespect for my bathroom I mean
sometimes I’m just like I can’t you don’t so now I’m gonna set one more time
with my city spray so for the men line my lips with the neutral color lip liner
I like to do this trick just because if I go in with a really dark lip liner
honestly it would be a hot-ass mess because I have not mastered lining my
lips with the dark lip liner just yet so first I’d like to go in with a neutral
lip liner to tie my looks really good and then
with the der clip so now you started the show the dark tip I may be using the
colour-pop ocean matte lip this is the collection they had with I love satin
year this is the shade mamacita so this is what the lip color looks like I’m
actually putting this lip color I feel like I wasn’t expecting it to look this
dark but I’m actually kidding myself ever someone who can easily put on a
dark lip here 100% that bit choice I feel like it took me forever to get it
looking somewhat okay I added my mini hoops are mine you just lay today this
is it for the Vidal and thank you guys for watching

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