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Hello Friends, Welcome HeloTo Samayal. Today we are going to see healthy smoothie recipe Apple and Dry Fruit Smoothie
(Recipe Name) Lets see how to make this simple quick smoothie Take a Mixer Jar and Add one apple
(peal and slice it like small cubes) Add four Dates
(Seedless/Deseeded) Add five Almonds Add four Pista Add two table spoon of brown sugar
(Add Honey as Alternative) Add one glass of milk Add vanilla essence is optional and will give you good flavor Blended well and Smooth (as shown) pouring Apple Dry Fruit Smoothie to a Glass Add sliced pista topings Subscribe to our channel if new viewer.
And learn easy recipes with us. Will see you with next delicious recipe. Nam Parampariya Samaiyalai Potruvom.
(Slogan) Nandri (Thank you).
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