Soaking and Sprouting Grains, Seeds, & Nuts for Best Nutrition

In this video we’re going to talk about a great health technique called soaking and sprouting. It’s a very old practice and it’s very simple to do and has huge
nutritional benefits you can do it with many things such as grains, such as amaranth, oats, beans, my favorite being monk beans. All nuts walnuts pecans pistachios
almonds cashew sunflower seeds do it with lentils and my favorite of all, which is quinoa which is what I’m show you in this video. Essentially all you do is put it in a jar with water let them sit overnight strain them, let them sit for a few hours and that’s it. I’m going to get into more details and show you about that but since most people have asked me what to eat, since I elliminate so many unhealthy foods for their diet this kicks over the doors for so many things for
them to eat such as lentils and beans or oats which normally the would would be a very unhealthy for them because their
system is not be able to digest that which is why the see it in thier stool the next day. Now soaking and sproting prevents all that the main reason we’re going to do this
is because it takes out anti-nutrients and enzyme inhibitors that are in there like phytic acid. These are things that cause so many digestive problems like feeling bloated
or gassy a stomach pain and so many other things. Phytic acid it also blocks use absorption of vitamin and minerals and actually extracts vitamins
minerals that are already in your system. For that reason it’s been linked to tooth decay and bone problems. After soaking you can even see phytic acid and other anti-nutrients, bubbling up inside the jar that’s how much there is it which normally
goes into your system soaking sprouting also adds many more
nutrients like vitamins and minerals to the seed that are normally locked up in there and the reason that happens is because
it’s nature’s way of protecting it from animals birds and insects eating it before it hits the dirt. Which will allow it to grow because when a bird eats a seed that has these anti-nutrients in it gets stomach aches or stomach problems it no longer eats them again but humans continue to do so soaking and
sprouting is a way of taking the anti-nutrients out
without it actually hitting the dirt and beginning to grow I’m show you how to do this with quinoa. Now quinoa I like for so many reasons from one is one of the only complete proteins meaning it has all 9 essential amino acids inside of it, and you don’t have to eat rice and beans or something else like that in order to get that. It’s also not considered Paleo, but sprouted I would consider it Paleo,
because it’s has so much more nutritional
value to it. It also has a strong showing of minerals like manganese magnesium
calcium iron, copper and phosperous. Now let’s take a look at how to soak and sprout. In order to soak, all you need to do is take a glass jar or a bowl. Don’t use plastic because it’ll leach
BPA into the water first rince out whatever your sprouting quinoa especially. Get a knife in there and rinse it out good. Use pure filtered water the water is
most optimal at 140 degrees Fahrenheit But you could do it at room temperatures as well. You are going to use about two times the water as the grains you have also for some grains you’re going to use an acid medium like apple cider vinegar if you don’t have that you can still do it
with just filtered water I’ll include information on that in my blog
with nuts use pink salt because it nutrilizes the enzymes and then let sit in water overnight strain water with the strainer nut milk bag or a stocking then let sit
at room temperature after about six hours rinse with pure
water. Then let it sit a few more hours and when you see the all look sprouted
rinse and put in the fridge or cook as you normally would. nuts takes longer in some cases two days and will either need to be put in a
dehydrator or freezer after they’re done and will taste a lot less bitter. Another
reason I like quinoa is because its so responsive to sprouting you actually see
them growing in a jar. Same like lentils and monk beens, whereas a lot of the nuts don’t actually grow tails or anything like that you’ll see the phytic acid coming out in the water and jar now I’m going including in my blog everythign else you need to know like apple cider vinegar goes in
some things and salt goes in other things, as well as the
different times and I’ll show you a chart for example almonds need two days to soak. So all the information you’ll need will be on my block at and don’t get too caught up in that
those very simple process everyone I know who does it loves it and
won’t go back is there any so much more nutrients to
that the evening and it takes bitterness is way way as well so good
luck with this I hope it works well

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