Stop High Cholesterol Levels With This Secret Food

hello well, today I want to share with
you a top but open secret that I use to keep my bad cholesterol in check and
you too can use it to lower your cholesterol levels and guess what? It is
simple and it’s also very tasty and I know you’re gonna love it.
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we are now. So what do I have for you here today? Well, in this video I’m going
to tell you about the specific food that actually helps me to keep my bad
cholesterol in check. I’m going to tell you about why it works. How it works. What makes it work. I’m also going to tell you about how much of it you should eat and
that is very important and I’m also going to tell you about how to optimize
it so you get the best out of it. So you get the desired result; which is to keep
out cholesterol levels in check. So, let’s get started.
Well, the good news here is that you don’t have to travel very far to access
the open secret food that’s gonna help us reduce our cholesterol levels. In
particular our bad cholesterol levels. You don’t have to go to Bali to get your
hands on this food. You don’t have to visit Vietnam to access this food nor do
you have to travel to Costa Rica to get your hands on this lovely food. Why is
that? well that’s because this open secret
food that is gonna help us lower our bad cholesterol levels is right here on our
doorstep. So, what’s this lovely food that I’m talking about? Well, it’s the good old
reliable glorious strawberries. Oh yes, strawberries will actually help us
reduce our cholesterol levels and I’m not just saying this lightly because
strawberries have been subjected to quite a number of
studies, so it’s proven that it does help to reduce cholesterol levels. Here
is the 1st study. This one looked at one month strawberry supplementation
looking at the effects of that on cardiovascular risk markers and in this
study they found that strawberry consumption over that period of one
month actually been beneficially influenced the lipid profile by
significantly reducing total cholesterol bad cholesterol which is the LDL
cholesterol and triglycerides. So compared to the lipid profile of the
subjects when they entered the study a month earlier, after daily consumption of
strawberries, a month later, they found that their lipid profiles had
significantly improved. So that’s one study.
Here’s another. This study looked at the effect of adding strawberries to a
cholesterol-lowering diet. In actual fact, this study which was a crossover study,
they compared the effects of adding strawberries against adding oat bran
bread and what did the researchers find? They found that during the period the
subjects were using a strawberry, there were reductions in the bad cholesterol
and the ratio of the total to a good cholesterol actually improved
significantly. More importantly, they found that the results they got from adding
strawberries were comparable to what you’ll find if the subjects were using a
cholesterol-lowering diet for a period of a year. The study authors also
actually added that well strawberries does improve the palatability of your
diet, so what’s not to like. Here’s the 3rd study. This one looked at the effect
of strawberries on atherosclerosis markers in subjects who had metabolic
syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a condition where you have high
blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist as well as
abnormal lipid profiles. So, what did they find in this subjects who were
practically not metabolically well, if you like. They found that strawberry
supplementation actually significantly decreased total cholesterol as well as
the bad cholesterol but what I like about this study is the
fact that they also found that strawberry actually reduced the small
low-density cholesterol. This is the bad cholesterol. This is a small particle
cholesterol. This is the one that does a lot of the damage to the walls of our
arteries. So, for me, this finding is quite reassuring and it’s something that
should encourage us to actually consume strawberries. So, why do strawberries
reduce bad cholesterol levels? well it’s because of one substance and this
substance is called pectin yes pectin is the ammunition that
strawberry has and that’s what’s going to help us to actually reduce
cholesterol levels. Our bad cholesterol levels. Pectin is indigestible but what
it does is that it mops of the cholesterol that’s been dumped from the
liver into the bowel and you know the pectin would make us regular and if you
remember in my last video I talked about you need something that will attract and
bind the bad cholesterol and take it along with it and this is what it pectin
does when we eat the strawberries in this case, the strawberries get digested,
gets moved onto the small bowel and there it is. The Pectin will start
mopping up those yellow stuff you see. That’s the cholesterol. Goes into the
large bowel and just sweeps it all along, takes it along the large bowel
there and then we expel it. So, if strawberries that are that good in
helping us lower our cholesterol levels how much strawberries should we eat. Well, I’m gonna take a cue from how much was used in those three studies that I
mentioned in this video In those 3 studies, they used between
400 to 500 grams of strawberries daily. So, that equates about 14 – 17 ounces of
strawberries. To some people, this is going to be easy consumption. Others
might have reservations but I’m gonna give you a few tips here that may
reassure you as far as consuming this amount of strawberries is concerned. For
a start, some people will be worried that well if I’m diabetic
can I eat strawberries? Yes of course, you can because strawberries are a low
glycemic food, so you don’t have to worry about Blood
Spikes when you consume strawberries Next is that, you may be worried about
calories. Well, strawberries are also in low calorie
food. 100 grams of strawberries will only yield 32 calories. So, it’s not a
lot. Now, you don’t have to eat all of the 400 to 500 grams in one go. You can split
it up into 2 or 3 different lots and another thing you can do is that; you
can actually combine the strawberries with other
soluble fiber foods. Doing that you probably get better results. Talking
about soluble fiber foods, that’s gonna be the subject of my next video.
Yes, that’s correct the next video is going to be about other soluble fiber
foods that you can eat either on their own or in combination with strawberries.
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