Stop restricting carbohydrates and get healthy

What’s up guys so I come to you with
good news. If you’re looking for a diet and you have been looking all over the
place, trying to find the solution for you. Most likely you have not been trying
out the high carb low fat diet so I would say try it out it’s clear. There’s plenty of people losing weight doing this. A lot of them are vegans but I don’t want that to intimidate
anybody because I know many of you are not ready for such a change in their
lifestyle but once again this is working out for many people . It’s the diet of the
people of before Mediterranean diet, Asian diet
and the Native Indians this was the way people ate more fuits, they eat more
vegetables. Meat was more of a luxury and of course today what we have today is the modern
american diet is contrary to that and we’re going to change that the world
never had to go through before eating meat daily , and we have lots of fats in our diet as well to accompany that meat that we’re having so this is calling for
a change for you all who have lost hope that there was no other way there is nothing
else to do and you probably gave up I’m telling you research it yourself
try it out try out the high carb low fat system that might sound hard for some of you are out there but
basically what you do is easy way of doing it the most easy way is eating less meat, avoid dairy when you can don’t have it every day. Depend on more carbs diet you
eat more rice or beans and vegetables have some meals a day just from fruits youll feel better not only can you loose fat but also. Give you enery to live your life give you energy to exercise and your
metabolism will be great as well. So stop carb depriving yourself feeling this could help you. Stop avoiding rice thinking it will get you fat dont
feel that the fruits will get you fat avoid more meat avoid more dairy and have 8 bananas for a meal have fruits but replace them for a meal whole breakfast for instance do that
daily , incorporate it in your lifestyle little by little you know is that you
will like it, you’ll see results you’ll feel better and you would even now
include this to more meals in your life hope this helps thanks for watching
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