Stop Treating Diet As Religion | A Doctor On Nutritional Extremism

Hey guys, it’s Dr. Zubin Damania. Hey, so many people are like ZDogg, what should I eat, what diet should I use, people tell me about keto,
they tell me about vegan, they tell me about South
Beach and North Beach and West Beach. And here’s the bottom line
man, it’s like ever since religion has become less of a thing, nutrition seems to have
become our new religion. People are so passionate
about their diet du jour and they have a million reasons why this is the most important
thing in their life and you have to be on this diet or else the Earth will suffer,
your health will suffer, and you will die a hideous
death of something like gout. And the truth is this is
exactly how people behave. If you see the conflict
between vegans and carnivores and keto people and low fat people, it’s all entirely insane. Here’s some simple stuff to
remember that actually matters. And it’s just as simple
as this: eat real food that isn’t highly processed,
find a regimen of eating, whether it’s eliminating certain things, whether it’s restricting
calories, whether it’s eating during a narrow window,
whether it’s cutting out certain parts of your diet. It doesn’t matter what it
is, as long as it’s something that works with your personality
and it actually, overall, reduces the number of calories you consume if you’re trying to lose weight. If you’re trying to maintain weight, then your burned calories
should equal what you eat. And it turns out it’s
really not that magical. For some people they find
that a keto diet works well. Why, they get full, they
get to eat all they want until they’re full and it turns out fat makes them feel full. So they’ve eliminated a lot
of stuff from their diet, they’ve made it really
restrictive and for them it works. It’s not a religion though and it doesn’t work for everybody. For example, I did it for
eight months and it didn’t work for me because I couldn’t
sustain it and it made my lipids go nutty ’cause I’m a hyper
responder to saturated fat. Now again, we don’t know
what the long term risk of that is, but here’s the bottom line, some people swear by the vegan diet. So you’re eliminating all dairy and meat and any animal products, okay
that works for some people. For other people, they’re
hungry all the time, they don’t get full. So you have to find a
diet, it’s not a religion, it’s a way of eating. It’s not a big deal, you guys. Find a way of eating where you feel full, where you’re happy, where you can go out with your family and
your friends and not feel like a tool, okay, like a
lot of vegans and keto people and they’re the diametric opposites but they both act like tools
when you go out to eat. I’m keto so can we go to
a place that will make me a cream drink made of nothing
but cream and Splenda. It’s like okay, now you’re
just being an a$$hole, okay. It’s not religion, it’s a way to eat. Find a thing that works for you. Now one thing that seems
to work for almost nobody is the Standard American
Diet (SAD) which is garbage. It’s highly processed,
it’s full of salt and sugar and fat, everything bad
about it, very little good about it except that
it’s cheap and abundant. And listen, there are ways
we can make better food cheap and abundant. So the call to action is this, talk to your doctor, talk to your friends, experiment, there’s no one size fits all, and there’s no one life fits
all for the whole thing. Sometimes you’ll change your
approach as you get older, as you change your
taste, as you get married and have kids or don’t. The way you eat’s gonna change. And again, stop shaming other people for how they decide to
eat unless it’s the Standard American Diet, in which
case, you’re a piece of s**t and you need to get woke, all right? Do me a favor, become a
subscriber on YouTube, become a Supporter on
Facebook, join this Tribe and we can have these discussions. Share this with people that
are a$$holes about food and we out. I don’t know why this looks
like an iPod commercial Tom Hinueber. Why am I against white? I like it, I kind of like it
though right, right, right? ♪ Gotta get that boom boom boom ♪ ♪ Boom boom boom ♪ ♪ Gotta get that boom boom boom ♪ ♪ Boom boom boom ♪ dude, you’re just so 2000 and late. – Dude, this makes me
wanna get a iPod Touch. They still make those? We out.

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47 thoughts on “Stop Treating Diet As Religion | A Doctor On Nutritional Extremism

  1. THANK YOU!!! I am constantly telling my dieter friends – attaching guilt to food is dangerous… you don’t feel guilty for breathing oxygen do you? Food is necessary for life, so if you attach guilt, it becomes a mental health issue! You do you… except for the standard American diet. Listen to Zdogg, and don’t do that.

  2. I generally agree, but veganism is the exception, in that it is inherently of a religious nature. There is a strong ethos (which is inherently self-contradictory) at its core, which precludes the flexibility you're touting.

  3. My “diet” is simple. When trying to lose weight, count calories and eat less calories than you use. MoSt days I avoid sugar and junk food, but sometimes I don’t, but as long as I’m using more calories than I’m consuming? All good.

  4. Best video ever ZDoggMD. Eating healthy, clean food which is right for the individual and their body is the best thing to do.

  5. Maaaan Z-Dogg! You should create a bunch of 3.5 min "canned counseling sessions", give each a title & session number, and then other cool doctors can prescribe your counseling sessions out to their patients.

  6. Talk to doctor? What kind of doctor are you talking about zdogg? Most of them will say eat anything you want but in moderation. And how do you define moderation in the food serving size these days? You are right. Eat real whole foods. And if you have chronic condition, eat a diet that lowers inflammation and insulin resistance. That’s my kind of diet.

  7. I agree. I eat real food,nothing processed and no sugar. Everyone around me eats the SAD. I gave up on trying to help them cause you can lead a horse to water,bla,bla,bla. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving. I sure will at our family get together.

  8. that keto voice you did remind me of my vegan in law lol. such a prison to her pescatarian now ways and we are all horrible people for eating meat

  9. A few thoughts…highly personalized eating…it should be a thing.. our culture needs to stop body shaming between October 31st and whatever the date is after Superbowl/Fat Tuesday..whichever comes last in order…just saying….

  10. Sorry but there is no way to make a healthy diet cheap and abundant. Big Ag would have done it if they it was possible.

  11. If you're conscious of not eating unless your actually phusically hungry… and stopping when you're satisfied but not stuffed…. you will most likely find yourself in a calorie deficit to a reasonably healthy weight.

  12. Would you or one of your experts speak about milk (cows and breast feeding mothers) and casomorphins … opioid agonists to mu receptors in the brain. Fascinating to research about “food addiction”!

  13. The difference between religion and science is that science is based upon facts and data and not unverifiable beliefs.

    Keto is based upon biochemistry and case studies and supported by university physicians and research teams. High serum lipids are only a risk when LDL is oxidized by excess glucose and insulin. These are not beliefs, it’s chemistry.

    I know some people go overboard but we have to trade in facts, not feelings and opinions. Digestive biochemistry pathways are documented facts. Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are digested by very different chemical pathways. All of this can be found in textbooks. Consumed fat isn’t metabolized into fat in significant amounts, but excess glucose and fructose are.

    Let’s keep the dialog to the fundamentals first.

  14. Been struggling so hard to lose weight (with major concerns after a recent diagnosis of Hashimoto's), and despite starting to exercise far more frequently (and intensely), counting calories, not snacking… I couldn't lose weight. Then I cut out meals that come in a box… suddenly the weight is starting to drop. So yeah, Standard American Diet can go fuck itself. It sucks having to cook more frequently because I don't have a steady routine, but it's far more important that I get my weight under control sooner rather than later.

  15. My diet is eat in moderation and make sure what I eat is healthy with fruits and veggies and incorporates healthy lean meat. I try and not deprive myself. If i want a piece of chocolate, i have it, but i dont eat the whole bag. Release it.

  16. 2:10 "it's not a religion, it's a way of eating". This applies to most diets, sure. But kosher and halal diets are intrinsically linked to religion. For some vegans, veganism does verge on the religious. (It's not just a diet but a moral code. And there's a certain level of "othering" of non-vegans amongst the vegan community.) And I say this as someone who has followed a vegan diet on an off for a while and still eats mostly vegan food.

  17. -zzzzzzzz,
    Please read my short story and vote for me…

  18. Oh my bc my in and out even if i cannot lose weight bc hormone. The fact that i was not gaining weight was and still is bc i move.

  19. You have no Right to Be a Doctor with The Ignorant Statements you arrogantly state. Author and doctor Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr. throws an annual vegan festival called Plant-Stock at his family farm. The weekend-long festival takes place near Albany, New York, and features lectures, wellness activities, and delicious plant-based meals.

  20. I tried keto too, loved it, and like you found it largely unsustainable. People were so nervous around me but I emphasized it's important to know your own body and find what works for you! That stance alone eased a lot of the potential tension. And yes, our Standard American Diet is capitalism gone wild : how much can they get us to buy and eat at what markup? Cheap and sleazy. Great vid

  21. ZDOGGMD YOU ARE THE WORST DOCTOR AND AN EVIL PERSON. THE MEAT INDUSTRY IS PAYING YOU TO SPREAD THESE LIES. RED MEAT DOES CAUSE CANCER, THERE ARE MULTIPLE PEER REVIEWED STUDIES THAT PROVE IT. YOU’RE DISGUSTING. YOU HAVE BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS. I WILL CONTINUE TO REPORT YOUR VIDEOS TO YOUTUBE. I have the best of doctors at MD Anderson, they are considered the EXPERTS ON COLON CANCER IN THE WORLD. EVERY DOCTOR HAS TOLD ME TO STAY AWAY FROM RED MEAT AND PROCESSED MEAT (cold cuts) because it causes COLON CANCER!! Peer reviewed studies are NOT FAKE NEWS. MULTIPLE studies from around the world have suggested that a high consumption of meat is linked to an increased risk of colon cancer. In some studies, fresh meat appears culpable; in others, it's processed, cured, or salted meat — but in all cases the worry is confined to red meat, not chicken.
    The best evidence comes from a pair of large 2005 studies, one from Europe, the other from the United States. The European research tracked 478,000 men and women who were free of cancer when the study began. During nearly five years of follow-up, 1,329 people were diagnosed with colon cancer. The people who ate the most red meat (about 5 ounces a day or more) were about a third more likely to develop colon cancer than those who ate the least red meat (less than an ounce a day on average). Their consumption of chicken did not influence risk one way or the other, but a high consumption of fish appeared to reduce the risk of colon cancer by about a third. The effects of red meat and fish held up after the results were adjusted for other potential colon cancer risk factors, including body weight, caloric consumption, alcohol consumption, smoking, physical exercise, dietary fiber, and vitamins.

    The U.S. study, sponsored by the American Cancer Society, added important information about the effects of long-term meat consumption. The subjects were 148,610 people between the ages of 50 and 74. Each person reported on his or her dietary patterns and health habits when the study began in 1982 and again, 10 to 11 years later. A high consumption of red and processed meats at both dates was linked with a substantial increase in the risk of cancer in the lower colon and rectum. Conversely, the long-term consumption of large amounts of fish and poultry appeared protective.

    These two studies are impressive, and they don't stand alone. A meta-analysis of 29 studies of meat consumption and colon cancer concluded that a high consumption of red meat increases risk by 28%, and a high consumption of processed meat increases risk by 20%.

  22. Intelligent responses to ZDoggMD's idiocy regarding diet:

    And with regards to vaccines, The Highwire shows us that not only is ZDoggMD a complete moron, he's also a dangerous bully who makes fun of autistic people:

  23. "Don't be an a*****e ", "You are a piece of s**t", says the youtuber (pretending to be a doctor because of a diplom he had a long time ago) to his audience on a SAD diet. Himself a meat eater who thinks that meat and fat are real foods: meat, dairy and oils as religion. People don't get full on a so-called "vegan" diet because they do not eat what they are supposed to eat by evolution: a whole foods starch-based diet, cheap and abundant. So many different starches you can try out. If you don't count the number of times you breathe, why should you count your calories ? Starches will trigger satiety signals in your gut and brain for you.

  24. It’s not complicated. Factory farms are gross. As a 25+ year vegetarian/ flexatarian (cuz hey, you gotta eat) just eat a lot of fruits and veggies, try to avoid processed and fast food and factory farmed animals or too many animal products, get organic when you can, don’t eat too much. Orthorexia is annoying. Drink mostly water. Move your body. Meditation helps. You’ll be healthy and not annoying. Peace ✌️🤷🏻‍♀️💖

  25. I make 1/3 of my calories protein, have some yogurt every week, take a multivitamin, and get around 7.5 hours of sleep

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