Summary of MY Olympia – ملخص الأوليمبية مع الدرة

We are back from Mr Olympia First thing hello everyone, how are you doing Thank you very much for the nice comments and the support and actually most of the comments are good But of course there is this group (which has increased a little bit) if it was 2% for example now its 5% the people who gloat Im wearing the Mr Olympia medal This one And for this one, a lot of people dream about this medal, I just posted something if you have already seen it I wrote The people who are on the Mr Olympia stage are dreaming about getting higher rankings and im one of those people Pro bodybuilders wish they can make it to the Olympia Bodybuilders wish they can turn pro. Regional Bodybuilders wish they can win nationals. Fit people at the gym wish they can compete. Fat, slim and average people wish they can go to the gym and be fit. And some people having hard times in life that they wish they can have the freedom or the blessing to even think about going to the gym And now im in a situation where im in the last stage Im on the Olympia stage And im from the kind of people who dream about getting higher rankings ok, lets now talk about what happened at the Olympia Honestly I wouldnt have been able to do better than what i did People over there the situation is totally different the environment is totally different and I did the best i could I had a look at my pictures my level was good doesnt look bad Of course there are people saying you looked terrible and those are the same people who are gloating about Big Ramy and saying you are not able to shred and you are slim and you dont have mass all those people are a very small group because i know and Ramy knows and anyone didnt do well Those group of people are losers the best thing they can do is play on their phones while in the gym They cant achieve any success So i dont give a shit about what they say we all know what we are lacking but its easy to comment and say You are lacking this and that Put yourself In our situation then say the same things and see who you are competing with the levels of the Olympia competitors The best of the best Take every champion of every Pro competition and put them all together, and another thing this year’s 212 was weird honestly in all the previous years all the people are saying the 212 was never with that level and this difficulty and just note that I Only me and another 2 guys from the 18 competitors in the 212 would be our first appearances All the rest are old in this game and difficult Old in the game, difficult and have experience For example Someone like Sami Elhaddad Ahmed Ashkanani Jose Raymond David Henry These people are very old in this game and well experienced for example, someone like Zane Watson Who is here in Canada it is not his first Olimpia, it is his third and he is not in the top 10 he was ranked 12th Nicolas Vullioud his hamstrings are reaching his calves and I thought he would be from the top 5, but he was ranked 11th so, the competition is difficult for those who are not trained well Dont also forget That the first time for someone to appear on the stage My entrance, when people see the video Honestly i see it very funny When I do my usual Entrance I entered with confidence but i was not looking up front i was looking to the ground then i do my lat spread pose Then i see the lights the lights, people and cameras this moment will pull you down will slam you in the head, to revitalize you but overall, people ask why didn’t you wait for the next year You were already exhausted and this was already your 5th championship I will tell you why i didn’t wait for a year because i was in need to walk on this stage not only to take this and to be said that i have been on the Olympia stage but the experience you gain in the olympia is totally different than anything else in the body building.
i can’t explain how very small detail can make a huge difference including your color your understanding to the level of sturdiness that you need.

i’m known and you also know that Durrah is one of the sturdiest body builders on stage but that was not the case in the last Olympia but now i know that what i was doing is something and what i need to do next year is something else something different i need to take my level of sturdiness to another level completely My size was not bad. Maybe my Quads needed to be bigger My upper body was good my arms were ok My back was very good from up to down, hamstrings and glutes etc.. i was missing the thickness from the hamstrings from the legs the hamstrings and quads and the front legs and also missing the dryness to be taken to another level so, i gained this experience, another thing is the timing I didn’t show on the stage till 10/11 PM so, when i take the water pill ( diuretic) I knew that the prejudging will start 7 pm so i will enter at 8:30 pm on Friday i have been on the stage at 9:30/10 PM so the water pill begun to work a little bit early and when it works early, after 2 hours it starts to collect water again

so, this is another experience that i gained that the prejudging starts a bit late we are the last group in the 212, the 212 is after the mens open Another experience is the color I dealt with a certain company i don’t want to negatively talk about any entity but lets say that it didn’t work with my skin color I appeared greenish in the morning and i don’t think that this would have an effect on the stage secondly Its good that i participated this year as this will be counted as positive points for the judging committee Having Durrah participated in the Olympia before so we should take care of him next year and see what improvements did he achieve Imagine if i haven’t been in the Olympia this year i would have passed through all of these again the best scenario for next year would have been better than this year ranking 12th for example it wouldn’t make a big difference and honestly speaking, any rank out of the top 10 is indifferent Its all similar i used to say that i’m targeting the top 10 i didn’t get it, it is ok for those who gloat this is the highest and biggest competition worldwide nothing higher than it and i’m happy that i have participated because of the experience i have gained and now i know what do i need to do it is good that i went through it this year to avoid learning all these lessons from the beginning next year Also, worth saying that next year, there would not be 5 championships before the Olympia so, this is something important to be considered other than that, i have enjoyed it walking in the corridor, brought tears to my eyes There is an Aluminium corridor i used to watch Jay Cutler walking with Ronnie Coleman Till they reach the Olympia you can’t imagine the feelings i had when i walked down that corridor All of these are WOOW …. these are experiences that i will carry for the rest of my life Also, the photos, the fans now the pressure is higher from the fans since now eyes are on me ( i am under spot light)###### all these things make a difference i’m satisfied and next year will do better.
it is not logic that someone keeps wining all the way Since i made the Vlogs i achieved each and every target i aimed to Going Pro New York, Vancouver, Toronto All of these were
Win Win Win There must be a Loss.
Mr. Olympia himself loses i watched this live i didn’t imagine that i would witness this live I didn’t imagine that Phil Heath would lose He Lost, Phil Heath lost so, if Mr. Olympia will lose who is Durrah -sorry- to not lose definitely , everyone has his time It is how you react to this loss
Get upset? cry? give up? Or do exactly what i did bring me the pictures and videos let us evaluate the situation and see Yes, your legs, ok Be honest with yourself, you need to work on your legs sturdiness, you think you are sturdy, nope forget about the sturdiness you know, there is a new level of sturdy I know you want me to talk about Ramy and why he lost Last time i made a video about Ramy, a lot of people werent happy about it so I will not talk about anyone on that matter again because its not my place If you want to ask someone about Ramy’s level there are a lot of people online who you could ask Hany Pink is one of them, I met him by the way, he is a very nice person not like i expected his questions are really good and smart you can also ask someone on facebook who tagged me on a post his name is Emad Mark very literate while talking, his way of communication is nice and open and its obvious from the way he talks so if you want to ask why Ramy was not in the Top 5 Ask them not me Because when i talked about Ramy last time people were not happy about it, and im the kind of person to learn from my mistakes so i dont want to do something that would hurt people’s feelings but Ramy is a champion who i respect and we are all Ramy and we are all Arabs and we help each others out and support each other. And all the arabs who joined Olympia we all honored each other and the biggest honor was Kamal Elgargni with the level he competed with, and ive seen him live and when i saw him i figured out that my condition isnt enough and quiet far when i saw him backstage when he was pumping he is on a whole new level of sturdy , and this is the level that i need to reach next time All of them are really decent people Dont take the social media comments for granted Dont listen to what they say unless you met them personally even myself, if you met me in person and you saw that I am indeed like what people say about me thats another thing, but first meet me in person and talk with me before you say bad things about me because of posts that you see online Thats it.. Also I wanted to tell you all thank you The offer for the programs I have reopened it instead of $250 its down to $170 It includes Diet Nutrition plan Workout program Supplement program or Course the other “supplement plan” If you want more information about the program, please send a message on my official Facebook page, or go see my instagram posts and this is a summary of my experience in Mr Olympia Im very happy and next year we will meet once again with a better performance Good bye

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  27. Just to stand on the Olympian stage it's great breakthrough not everyone is able to achieve it
    Whoever critisize you i tell him to go & meet with you face to face on the stage.

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    You do have the genetics man .
    What part you’re not understanding .
    Nothing personal open your mind and realize the truth about your body .

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