Surf ‘N Turf Identification Challenge | Season 16 Ep. 4 | HELL’S KITCHEN

In today’s surf and turf
identification challenge– Come on, ladies! Heidi and Ryan are up first
and must correctly identify both proteins that Chef
Ramsay has used to make this surf and turf dish. Crab cake. Immediately what jumps
to my head is crab cake. That’s not quite crab, though. But I’ve learned
in Hell’s Kitchen, it’s never that simple. I think it’s shrimp. 25 seconds gone, Ryan. Let’s go, ladies. Come on, ladies, let’s go! Look for white meat. Get the chicken. As soon as I saw that
plate, I knew what it was. Let’s go with simplicity first. Get the chicken. -I have the chicken.
-Chicken. OK. Did you see shrimp? Faster, guys, eh? Shout it out.
-Shrimp. Chicken. One is wrong. -That’s not shrimp.
-Let’s change the shrimp. Let’s grab that turkey. Come on, ladies. Come on, ladies. Good. Turkey and shrimp. Wrong. [bleep] come on. Go back.
Get the chicken. It’s a bird. It’s a bird.
-Let’s go. There’s chicken already. Chicken’s right here. No. We already put out chicken. Get the chicken. Shaina should have shut up. It wasn’t chicken. Cornish game hen and shrimp. Wrong.
Keep going. Come on. Get the chicken! They got the chicken already. Apparently, Shaina
eats a lot of chicken. -Guinea fowl and shrimp.
-Correct. Well done. Yes!

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