Sweet Potato Nutrition Facts

Hi there. This video that you just hit play
on is all about how to shop for and prepare sweet potatoes in a sustainable way and we’re
going to be breaking down all the fun stuff like nutrition, health benefits, all that
good stuff. So let’s dive in. my name is Sabrina from live, stylish and
sustainable.com and the stylish and sustainable podcast. By the end of today’s video, you
are going to know how to prepare sweet potatoes. I love sweet potatoes are such a great winter
vegetable, so more and so sweet. We’re going to be talking about nutrition, how to prep,
how to prepare and how to source sustainably. Sweet potatoes Its a really fantastic thing
to eat seasonal vegetables because there’s a higher nutrition content and it’s better
for you and the planet. So let’s learn about sweet potatoes. Okay, the first question I
always like to cover in this video is why would someone want to eat sweet potatoes?
And I think one defining factor of why someone would eat something are the health benefits
of it. So sweet potatoes are packed with antioxidants, they promote a healthy immune system. Help
your skin and bones and your hair to be really healthy and they’re filled with beta carotene,
which is a similar to what you would find in carrots, which is good for healthy vision. Okay. The second thing that I always like
to touch on is the numbers, just for those of you that like to get down and dirty with
the nutritional numbers, so in hundred grams of sweet potato, which is about, I’m checking
my numbers here, a third of a cup of cooked sweet potatoes, that’s going to be about 76
calories. That’s what I thought. I always write my numbers down to the side so I don’t
get these things wrong for you and it’s going to be about 2.5 grams of fiber. So packed
with healthy fiber, not super calorie dense, but it is quite starchy. Okay, and then let’s
talk about notable vitamins. So the thing that really amazed me when I started sitting
down and looking at the vitamin breakdown for a hundred grams of sweet potato is that
in a hundred grams of sweet potato, which again is a third of a cup you’re going to
be looking at, I want to make sure that I’m totally right here, 98% of your vitamin a
for your daily intake. That’s huge and you’re going to be looking
at 17% of your vitamins for vitamin C of your daily intake, 70% of your vitamin C daily
intake. There we go. So they’re actually very quite nutritious. They’re packed, packed with
tons of antioxidants and that beta carotene that makes it orange. Okay, let’s talk about
how to pick a good sweet potato and that might seem obvious, but there are some key tricks
that I have for you. So actually it’s really key when you’re picking a sweet potato to,
for a small or a medium size one, and I know that means a tiny bit more prep work, but
it will mean less starch and more sweetness per ounce of the sweet potato. So it will
just be creamier and much sweeter. It’s also important to look that there’s no crazy discolorations
that the skin is nice and firm and taut and that you can’t bend or stick your nail really
easily into the flesh of the sweet potato. So where do you get these perfectly firm,
perfectly colored medium to small sweet potatoes. Well, I always say the first place is your
backyard garden. Now something to keep in mind is that sweet potatoes grow best in a
warm climate. So here in Washington state, we don’t actually grow a lot of sweet potatoes
and they require at least four months without any freezes or frost during the growing season
to really flourish. So that might mean you can’t grow them in your backyard. And that’s
okay. And it might mean your neighbor can’t either. So if you’ve exhausted your personal
resources, it’s always great to visit a local farmer’s market. There might be a farmer.
Even if you live in a cold climate that’s able to grow sweet potatoes in a greenhouse,
which can be done. If of course, none of those options are available for you, then go to
the grocery store, right? That’s where a lot of us get our produce.
Now the nice thing about sweet potatoes, you know my rule, I always say, if you’re eating
the flesh, it needs to be organic. Now, if you intend on peeling your sweet potato for
whatever recipe you’re going to use it for, it’s okay if you need to go for the conventional
version. I would just say though that if you’re not going to peel it, go for the organic,
pay the extra 20 cents or a dollar because you’ll be ingesting a smaller percentage of
pesticides as you won’t be eating the skin. So again, if you’re going to peel it, you’re
okay going conventional, of course, if you can afford it. I always say it’s best to shop
organic, not only for your body, but also for the environment. Okay. How to prep a sweet
potato? Well, like I mentioned earlier, you can choose to peel or not peel your sweet
potato. It’s really a personal preference about whether
or not you like to eat the skin of the sweet potato. It’s totally fine and nutritious.
So there are two main ways that I think of preparing sweet potatoes. So the first way
is you can peel or not peel and chop your sweet potato into like one inch kind of QB
things. Of course the sweet potato is round so it’s not going to be perfect sweet potato
by the way. I don’t usually, I have like a guest star of these vegetables with me and
I had a sweet potato but we ate it so it’s not here right now. But what you do is you
just chop your sweet potato into cubes, toss it in some olive oil and bake it at three
75 for like half an hour or until tender. The other option to prep your sweet potato
is you can just take it and stab it a couple of times with a fork, which is weirdly therapeutic
and then wrap it in some tin foil. And the best part is if you don’t super over
cook it, you can rinse the tinfoil and recycle it, but you wrap it in some tinfoil and stick
it at the have in the oven for like four 70 I think it usually is for like 50 to 55 minutes
or again until it’s nice and tender. Be careful when you’re opening that little packet that
you put it in because the steam can be quite hot. So those are the two ways you can peel
and chop or just stab it and stick it in oven. And then let’s talk about what to do with
your cooked sweet potato once it’s already. So obviously if you’re making a whole baked
sweet potato, you can top it with your favorite ingredients. That might be butter, that might
mean olive oil, it could be salt and pepper with paprika, it could mean something a little
sweeter like a drizzled with maple syrup or honey. There’s a million different ways that you
can go with that. If you’re doing the baked chopped sweet potato, which I love to do almost
weekly as something that you can just add in bowls throughout the week. It’s like I
said, really great to have it just as an add in for like a veggie bowl with kale and your
grain of choice and whatever homemade sauce you’d like to put on your bowls. Another thing
I really love to do is take some of that baked sweet potato with some chickpeas and a little
bit of kale and saute it and then serve it with a sunny side up or a fried egg on top.
So yummy. Oh my gosh. It’s freaking delicious and a very nutritionally packed meal. If you
want to learn about how to prep and prepare and store kale for the best bang for your
buck, go watch my video about how to source prep and prepare kale. Of course, with all the nutritional breakdowns
as well for kale and that video. One of my favorites we potato tips is if you have a
bit of a sweet tooth, what you can do is you can throw your baked sweet potato. Preferably
you’re going to want to use one that’s been peeled, chopped and not had any salt or pepper
on it and throw that guy in the blender with a little bit of full fat coconut milk, maple
syrup and cinnamon, nutmeg, and maybe some pumpkin pie spice and you can just eat it.
It’s blended. It’s so yummy, especially warm in the winter time. If you want something
sweet but you don’t want anything cold like a smoothie, it’s really, really delicious
option. Do you eat sweet potatoes a lot? One of my favorite things about these videos is
that it gives us all an opportunity to just share our favorite healthy recipes with the
different vegetables that we’re talking about each week. So if you love sweet potatoes, then you have
a recipe you love. Be sure to comment below with your favorite recipes, send a link to
that recipe in your comment and just tell us about what your favorite way to cook sweet
potatoes is. Again, as I mentioned earlier, if you want to learn more about how to prepare
kale so you can make that delicious kind of breakfast, lunch dish with a fried egg, sweet
potatoes and chickpeas, go watch my video about kale. Let me know if you liked this
video by liking it and be sure. Of course I hit the subscribe button and hit the bell
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tuning in with me today. Be sure to check out all the other videos on the channel and
I will see you next week. Namaste. Day.

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