Taking Vitamins YUCKY! Jameson vs. Vitamins / BIG BATTLE?

I keep ironmans but for your life cuz
they’re good for you but I hate them they taste horrible one gives me a bitch
burps this first yes like for a while isn’t it good for you though what I mean
by you kidding me you saying I enjoy having a Fishburne not very much pieces
like nachos nachos fishy nachos yeah really yeah when I burp it yes
okay which one first you want to do young first of course the omega-3 is
first the one the Omega 1 2 and then the Omega 3 okay do you know why we take
these Omega threes they make your brain super healthy you ready okay you got
this you got this here’s to a healthy brain just breathe don’t I have something to bite my tongue
right oh yeah you wanted paper top yeah okay all right ready
you’re so courageous one you did all right next one
ah are you ready like who’s our multivitamin and mineral
supplement look giant don’t make you strong and healthy what does it taste
like Jesus no I mean it’s me I’m Bango but it
definitely has something else in it mango and something yeah it’s not bad
right not too bad but this is like the baddest
it’s like the best okay I’ll buy one that’s the passion care of the taste
that once drink even heard taste it okay how about some mango okay all right
ready 1 2 2 3 go for it mango down the hatch oh yeah then you
should walk poop decks yeah no you ready Oh mango yumminess hello you got this
one onesie huh oh well that’s too much let’s take your nuts raw
you can do it wouldn’t do twice a little bit in a little bit okay one two three
just a little bit mango goodness
well I wish step two my nose it went in your nose you know what we stuck to my
nose and smell oh it’s like the mango goodness not school it has two holes
yeah okay ready for the next part yeah one two stop dancing two and three go go
go you got it okay one more we’ve got all
of our vitamins and minerals to make us strong well this stinks
this is amazing okay ready link enemy tasting such a terrible but you know how
good it is for you right don’t know what it does okay don’t like the date but don’t like it
I’m gonna take we’ve tried so many kinds of vitamins oh
right didn’t we we tried like how many like I don’t know three or four or five
and like all of them were a big wet thumbs down you this are the best of
them all right we’re on a vitamin taste testing extravaganza whoa okay ready one
look little step one two three you know what’s really cool though when you plug
your nose you can’t really taste stuff huh I thought that I should punch it – I
didn’t plug my nose yeah when you plug your nose and you don’t taste it as much
and then it just goes right down and you don’t have to worry about it good job
yeah you don’t like any of the gummy ones right you tried so many you did it
Oh kind of hurt can we have a soft knock it out in case if they want to get I
don’t like this all right this is called child live it’s a multivitamin and
mineral supplement and this one’s called children’s DHA all of the good Omega
threes made by Nordic Naturals sure yeah these are the wheel cams fold them only
I’m only I’m three sips for these things um you’re supposed to take forth this
but I’m not the kind of kid needs that you can take much as you want
as long as the teeth but then how it is why hey guys Mike like all my videos for
this one get in the 14 thumbs up

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