Tanning Beds and Vitamin D

hey it’s dr. Jory I want to talk to you today about a controversial topic tanning beds the reason I use a tanning bed is to get vitamin D synthesis so what’s the deal with vitamin d synthesis in the wintertime? well if you live in a northern climate anywhere in Canada, a lot of the US, Europe, Asia, Siberia, a lot of these places do not have any vitamin D synthesis from the months of november to march it doesn’t matter that it’s a beautiful sunny day in February I’m out here on Lake Huron but I can’t get any vitamin D synthesis from all that sunlight the reason is the Sun is too much on an ecliptic it’s not straight overhead even though it’s noontime it’s on quite an angle which reflects the ultraviolet B radiation off the atmosphere and then we can’t get that vitamin D that is why it’s crucial to supplement with vitamin D through the winter months there is no better supplement than the Sun but because the Sun is not available one way that you can supplement with vitamin D is by using tanning beds but use them only once or twice a week for a very small amount of time and do not get burnt but tanning beds will give you some of that vitamin D synthesis because they have the ultraviolet B radiation tanning beds have received a lot of negative press in the past decade or so granted there are definitely risks with using a tanning but we need to make sure that young individuals are not using tanning beds you should never ever burn obviously the more sunburns you have the more likely you are to get skin cancer in your lifetime so if you are going to use a tanning bed make sure you’re very safe you’re not spending a lot of time in there you should only use it for the vitamin D synthesis but it can also be beneficial for those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder it can help you get through those really dark cold months of the year like we have in Toronto so even though the Sun is blazing out here I could stand here naked and get no vitamin D synthesis whatsoever. As usual subscribe to my channel leave a comment hit the like button and until next time get your health on!

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13 thoughts on “Tanning Beds and Vitamin D

  1. There are NO tanning beds in Japan. Japanese prefer white skin.
    Japanese women have the highest life expectancy and the highest IQ in the world because they AVOID the sun.Japanese women's skin are so youthful and so beautiful and porcelain skin color because they AVOID the sun.During summer, Japanese woman go to great lengths, not only protect their skin from harmful UV rays by using high protection sunscreen, but also physically covering their skin with UV sleeves, legging, hats and parasols. Japanese women would go out of their way to AVOID the sun so it won't darken their skin.

  2. People live farthest from the equator are the happiest people on earth.
    The World Happiness Report 2017, which ranks 155 countries by their happiness levels.
    The happiest countries receive the least harmful UV radiation.
    1. Norway
    2. Denmark
    3. Iceland
    4. Switzerland
    5. Finland
    6. Netherlands
    7. Canada
    8. New Zealand
    9. Australia
    10. Sweden

    The world's saddest countries receive the most harmful UV radiation,
    In general they have shortest lifespans, extreme poverty and full of diseases.
    146. Yemen
    147. South Sudan
    148. Liberia
    149. Guinea
    150. Togo
    151. Rwanda
    152. Syria
    153. Tanzania
    154. Burundi
    155. Central African Republic.

  3. President Donald Trump may, inadvertently, be helping skin cancer rates in the UK plummet, a new poll suggests. Nearly three quarters of people who have previously used a UV tanning bed would never do so again because of the 71-year-old's orange hue. Skin cancer charities have welcomed the bizarre findings, which could, in theory, save thousands of lives if he sways people away from dangerous sunbeds. Published: February 2, 2018

  4. I live about 45 mins outside of San Francisco. How would I know if I can get vitamin d from sun bathing during the winter? I’m sun bathing now in February and I can quickly feel the heat on my skin. Is there a way to know for sure?

  5. I discovered the tanning beds as a way to get through winter in Chicago and it's been a godsend. Once a week, low level, 15 min or so. Gives me the same relaxed, good feeling as a day at the beach in mid summer and carries me through a week.

    Countless other YouTube videos, scholarly journals and The World Health Organization explain how tanning beds are dangerous and put people at risk for developing skin cancer. You're suppose to be a medical professional and give advice that helps people avoid unhealthy behaviors. What the hell are you doing. If a patient needs vitamin D take a supplement, don't just lead with encouraging the use of tanning beds! Do you want people to increase their risk of getting skin cancer by 20% with each use due to the UV rays of tanning beds being 13% stronger than the sun? Well??

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