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Do I need to take a multivitamin when I
think I’m eating well enough? Stay tuned, let’s talk about vitamins and
supplements. Hi, Terri Maxeiner here with Providence Solutions. And we’re going to talk about vitamins and supplements especially as we’re gearing it towards the older adult. Some people think that they’re eating enough food. “I eat three meals a day, do I really need a vitamin and supplement?” Well let’s kind of go through just very briefly about how important these vitamins are. We’re going to start out with just the basic
vitamins and minerals. And yes our diets – as much as we think they’re comprehensive – they’re really not unless we’re getting a full spectrum of lots of plants and vegetables and
colorful foods on our plate, we’re probably not getting everything that we need. So it’s important to know,
especially for the common vitamins, and that’s what I’m going to talk about. The first one is Vitamin A, which helps with our eyesight. Vitamin A stores stay really strong in our bodies but yes every once in a while
a multivitamin will help meet that need of that. But Vitamin A is found in our
colorful fruits and vegetables. So you are going to get enough of Vitamin A if you’re again making a good colorful plate. Vitamin D – women, especially after
menopause, we’re not absorbing Vitamin D as we used to. As we age, our biggest source of Vitamin D is through the sun. But as we age, our skin is not as
supple and absorbing as it was when we were younger. So our vitamin D stores do go down. And guess what I have to remind us all – we’re Midwesterners. We don’t get the sunshine that we need. So Vitamin D, how do you know
if you’re low in Vitamin D? You may not, but that is something
to ask your physician about because it is a very simple blood test. But sometimes if those levels are too low,
Calcium can be low. So that can be a fall risk situation that can lead to broken bones. And we surely don’t want to have that. So Vitamin D and Calcium,
we get that a lot through dairy. But we know a lot of people are sensitive to dairy, so our fortified milks and cottage
cheese and yogurts do carry an amount of Vitamin D, but sometimes that is not enough. So again see your physician about that. The next vitamin is Vitamin B. So we’ve got Vitamin B as a complex – there’s about eight different Vitamin B’s that we can have, that we need in our bodies. And guess what? That is the one as we age that is the
least easily absorbed. And so again we don’t have it stay with us. So we get things like pernicious anemia and other anemias. So Vitamin B again is something
that your doctor can run a blood test to find out what you – are you at the
right level? Are you not at the right level? But it is good to know. Vitamin K is our blood clotting one, and just real briefly We don’t want to take that if
we’re already on a blood thinner. So please consult your physician when you want to take Vitamin K, which again does help with the clotting factor. You get Vitamin K very easily through green leafy vegetables. So I talked about the Vitamin D, the Vitamin K, the last one is Vitamin C. And Vitamin C is what we get from our fresh fruits. And Vitamin C, does need to have a certain amount in our system so we can absorb iron. So again we want to make sure that we’re
getting enough Vitamin C. Even one six ounce glass of orange juice gives us everything that we need for the day. So just real briefly again on vitamins, yes a multivitamin can be good but please consult your physician first because again some of those vitamins can have some trace elements or Vitamin K in there that you may not need. So again, being very, very careful with that. And supplements are another thing, getting trace elements in, especially iron. But if we’re eating a good diet with a little bit of moderation of red meat we should be ok with that. So again I’m always saying, consult with
your physician first. Find out from a basic blood test if you’re lacking in any of those vitamins before you go running out and taking a multivitamin that may be putting you at risk and we don’t want that. So I thank you so much for joining us on Terri Talks. Providence Solutions is here for any of
your questions regarding your older adult loved one. Whether it’s navigating
through finding senior housing, to how can I live well wherever I call home. We’re here for you. Or of course we have a wonderful vibrant website with a lot of information. What’s that: Thank you again for joining us.

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