The Best Mass Gainer: My Homemade Recipe For Gaining Weight

Hey, what’s up guys! Troy here with
We are here in the manchild kitchen and I’m really excited to share with you my homemade
recipe for gaining weight. Please don’t spend money on those weight gain
shakes that you buy at the supplement stores, like those mass protein and carbohydrate mixtures
that are so overpriced – they’re loaded with crap and artificial fillers. So I want to
show you guys my homemade mass building shake recipe here. This has everything your body
needs to build muscle mass, it’s got close to a thousand calories. I’ll break down the
micronutrients at the end. But here’s what we’re going to include it in and this might
shock you but we’re actually are going to put an avocado in here. It’s actually going
to make the smoothie like really smooth. You’re not going to even taste it. This is going
to add omegas and healthy fats. We’re going to add a banana. We have fat-free greek yogurt
– a slow digesting form of protein. This has 20 grams of protein alone. We’re going to
do a half cup of oatmeal. This is going to give us those slow digesting carbs. It’s going
to keep us full and fuel our body for our workout later in the day. Now we’re getting
into our healthy fats. We got peanut butter, we’re going to add about two tablespoons of
peanut butter. I got fat-free milk here just ’cause honestly it was on sale, but you guys,
if you’re really trying to bulk up and add even more calories, you can have the two percent
or the whole milk. And then I’m going to add a scoop of this protein powder. This has five
different kinds of protein. Whatever protein powder you have will do. This is Chocolate
Peanut Butter Combat from MusclePharm – really good. Its got whey protein hydrolystate, isolate
concentrate, egg protein and caffeine. So this kind of gives you a full range of amino
acids so your body can get dripped fed all those quality muscle building nutrients throughout
the day. So I’m going to show you guys how to make it. Let’s start off – let’s put a
cup of the fat-free milk in. So this alone is going to give us about 15 grams of protein,
a few sugars, let’s see here, 9 grams of protein, 13 carbs and really high potassium. I’m going
to throw in a half cup of oats. So I recommend just plain, whole-grain oats. So you should
be able to look on the back and the only ingredient should be whole-grain rolled oats. You just
want those perfect slow digesting carbs. Stay away from a lot of the stuff that has artificial
sweeteners, like the brown sugar cinnamon and the different flavored oatmeals. And then
I recommend this brand for greek yogurt, it’s really high in protein – I believe it’s pronounced
“fia”. So we’re going to put (I believe it’s about) a cup of greek yoghurt. This right
here has 18 grams of protein, 100 calories. Let’s see here, we’re going to scoop out the
avocado. So this is really good. A lot of naturally skinny guys they don’t get a lot
of omega fatty acids and healthy fats in their diet so this is a really easy way, even if
you don’t like avocado you’re honestly going to hardly taste it. So I’m going to scoop
this out. This is like a little mini avocado. I actually call these (?) cause I got these
in California. So you can use a regular medium size avocado but this will do the trick. This
is actually a perfect shake if you’re working out in say two to three hours because you
have a lot of slow digesting carbohydrates. You have things that are really high in potassium
like that milk and this banana has I believe when combined, like 700 milligrams of potassium.
Which is really good – it’ll keep your muscles full and really hydrated and gets you ready
for an intense workout. Now we’re going to add about two tablespoons of peanut butter.
(I didn’t measure it but a big heaping like that is going to be about two tablespoons).
Last but not least I’m going to add a scoop of this MusclePharm protein powder so this
is going to add 25 grams of protein. And there you have it. It’s not the prettiest looking
shake right now, but I can promise you it tastes delicious and it just has so many qualities
muscle building ingredients. If you just compare this to like a whey gain shake that you’re
going to spend like, you know those big tubs of weight gain formulas? They cost like $50,
$60. So think of like, if you spend $50 or $60 on all these ingredients you can have
probably ten of these. They’re going to give you so many quality muscle-building ingredients
with your proteins, your slow digesting carbs and your healthy fats. So I highly recommend
going this route. So I’m going to blend this up and I’ll see you guys back here in a second. So we got the manchild weight gain shake here
in a mason jar. Real men, we don’t need glasses. We drink out of mason jars. Let me give it
a try. It’s actually really good guys, I promise. Don’t let my face scare you. It’s actually
delicious. I just had my good friend try it and he’s in the middle of bulking season and
he thought it was absolutely delicious so try out this weight gain shake. I promise
you guys it’ll help you pack on quality mass. Much better than those bullshit shakes that
you’re going to buy at those supplement stores and all those weight gain formulas. If you
guys are looking for more great tips on how to bulk up and gain muscle mass check out Thanks guys.

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29 thoughts on “The Best Mass Gainer: My Homemade Recipe For Gaining Weight

  1. what kind of work out could i do im a really really skinny guy so i get tired out super fast im willing to push my self to the limit but i cant go to a gym because my parents want me to build muscle before i go so what excersise routine can i do with no equipment at home. btw i also have all  the supplies to make shakes like this one so thats no prob

  2. but it still doesn't do anything to me i drink natural Weight gaining shakes just similar to this one in the video, example i used to drink a shake which i made and it was whey + bananas + oats + peanut butter + honey and my weight is still the same 

  3. how many calories does that shake gives you ? I don't like those weight gainers cuz each shake I makes is like four servings and almost impossible to drink all without feeling full the whole day and farting like a madman every 20 seconds ! LOL !

  4. Nice shake but buying all these ingredients like avocados yogurt etc but get pricey. I'm wondering if buying a mass gainer is that much more expensive

  5. 100 cals – 1 cup greek yogurt
    200 cals – 2 tbsp peanut butter
    200 cals – 1 avocado
    150 cals – 1.5 cup skim milk
    120 cals – 1 scoop whey
    150 cals – 1/4 cup raw oats
    90 cals – 1 medium banana

    1010 calories

  6. Thanks for this. I use serious mass by optium nutrition but looking for something a lot more natural. What do you think of serious mass? I love avocados.

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