The Best Pre Workout Supplement Available By Far

Hey guys, Sean Nalewanyj here of
and and in today’s video I’m going to be talking about the very
best pre-workout supplement available by far. So the “pre-workout” category of bodybuilding
and fitness supplements has completely exploded over the last few years with pretty much every
supplement company and their dog releasing their own breakthrough pre-workout formula
promising huge increases in strength and muscular performance and mental focus and muscle growth
and fat loss and all that good stuff. But there is one very interesting fact about these
products and that is that 95 percent of them really DO work. Yes, despite the hundreds
maybe thousands of different variations of pre-workout products that are available on
the market, the vast majority of them really DO increase performance in a measurable way.
Now that might sound amazing, but there really is one common denominator here that makes
this so, and that is that virtually all of them contain somewhere between 100-300 milligrams
of caffeine anhydrous in every serving. The effectiveness of most of these products is
almost never a result of the “latest breakthrough research” or the special proprietary blend
they use or the person who formulated it. It’s mostly just the caffeine. Simple, dirt
cheap but highly effective caffeine. Now before I go any further I want to make one thing
clear. I am NOT saying that caffeine is the only ingredient that is research proven to
deliver acute effects on strength and performance in athletes. And I am NOT saying that there
are no effective pre-workout formulas out there for a reasonable price that do include
other ingredients beyond basic caffeine. All I’m really saying here is that the majority
of the effects that you feel half an hour or 45 minutes after you have your pre-workout
drink is simply a combination of the study-dose of caffeine anhydrous, and I will link a good
summary of caffeine’s positive effects on strength and performance in the description
box below if you want to check that out, that in combination with the basic placebo effect
that you experience when you consume a product with the positive expectation that it’s
going to work. Yes, I think l-tyrosine is a good pre-workout ingredient as well. Acetyl
l-carnitine can have some noticeable effects. Citrulline malate may provide a small boost
if you do prefer a non-stimulant ingredient, and yes, there are a few others out there
as well that might be worth experimenting with, though they are few and far between.
However, none of these ingredients compare to basic caffeine, not in effectiveness and
not in price. And this is where the real problem arises. It arises when any supplement company
out there, or pretty much just some random dude off the street, can slap together 10
or 20 or 30 ingredients or even more into a bottle, most of which are either totally
ineffective, or they’re somewhat effective but under-dosed, toss in a couple hundred
milligrams of caffeine anhydrous on top of it all, hype the ever-living crap out of their
product and then charge you $67 a bottle for it. Yes, the product theoretically “works”,
but most or all of its effects could probably be replicated simply by purchasing a bottle
of caffeine anhydrous tabs for 4 bucks. People often become defensive when I try to point
this out because they don’t want to hear that they’ve essentially wasted 40 bucks
a month for the past 3 years or so on the pre-workout product that they’ve been using.
And that is understandable, but realize that my only goal here is to help, and it should
be seen as a positive thing since you can now use that 40 dollars a month on the things
that actually matter in your fitness program, like food or your gym membership. And as someone
who has been researching bodybuilding and fitness supplements for pretty much the last
10 or 12 years and who has owned a small supplement company in the past as well, I can tell you
with certainty that most, definitely not all, but most of the pre-workout category is basically
a hustle. Now people often cite “flavoring” and “convenience” as benefits of using
a pre-workout supplement, but really just mix your pre-workout ingredients with some
Crystal Lite or some MiO or some juice and it will taste just fine. And given that there
are only a VERY small handful of pre-workout compounds even worth bothering with in the
first place, in the vast majority of cases convenience does not really justify the huge
increase in price. And besides, if you buy your pre-workout ingredients
separately it will allow you to experiment with different dosages, or modulate the potency
if necessary depending on your mood or your energy levels or on the specific type of workout
that you’re performing on any given day. So the simple truth here is that the best
pre-workout supplement available and by a pretty good margin, is basic caffeine anhydrous
at 100 to 300 mg, 30-45 minutes prior to training. And the best part is, it will only cost you
a couple of cents per serving. Now if you want to create a small pre-workout stack and
boost the effects of this further, you can add in 1 to 3 grams of l-tyrosine which is
also very inexpensive. This amino acid works downstream from caffeine to increase energy
and mental focus further. If you still want to push things a little bit further then acetyl
l-carnitine might be worth adding to your stack as well, at a dose of about 1 to 2 grams.
And finally, if you are sensitive to stimulants OR if you just want a full-on pre-workout
combination that completely maximizes your performance then you can experiment with citrulline
malate at 6 to 8 grams, though the research on citrulline malate is certainly not extensive.
All of these ingredients would be taken 30 to 45 minutes before your session, ideally
on an empty stomach, and I’d also recommend only using them a few times per week, and
that you take a full 2 weeks off after every 6 to 8 weeks of continued use. What you personally
decide to do will depend on your budget. It will depend on your sensitivity to stimulants,
the effects you experience etcetera. Many of you won’t even want or need any pre-workout
ingredients at all besides maybe a good pre-workout meal and maybe a strong cup of coffee, and
all of you certainly don’t need an over-hyped, over-priced, under-dosed, under-researched,
fairy-tale pre-workout blend that really doesn’t benefit you beyond 1 or 2 dirt-cheap ingredients
and that may even be potentially dangerous to your health when used over the long run,
and if you do want to get my complete bodybuilding and fitness supplementation guide I will provide
a link to that in the description box below. So thanks for watching this video. If you
did enjoy the video, as always please make sure to hit the like button, leave a comment
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again soon.

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67 thoughts on “The Best Pre Workout Supplement Available By Far

  1. People always get butthurt when you tell them pre workouts are a rip off and a waste of money. They don't contribute anything to actual gains. Coffee does the trick just fine if you need a mental boost.

  2. Thanks Sean. I've just started to use citruline maleate, beta alanine and L Carnitine in pure form. I dint think the dosage is as strong as what it claims though. Think I need to up it. What dosage would you recommend for females to take please?

  3. So the best pre-workout is basic caffeine and…. ? I didn't understand the second part….
    You buy those things in a supermarket? 

  4. Hey Sean these videos are great, but i suggest you mix things up abit, like some graphical editing and a better webcam, maybe change up your locations from time to time. It gets abit boring, even though i love the scientific education it gives me

  5. Hey guys, just a quick note to let you know that I do my very best to respond to the questions that are posted here, but YouTube doesn't notify me of everything that is posted and with the hundreds of videos on this channel I can't possibly keep track of them all. If you don't receive a reply to your post, it most likely means that I simply didn't see it. If you need a guaranteed way to get in touch with me, please join the Facebook page and post your question there:

  6. Hey Sean . Kieran from Ireland here . Firstly ever single one of your videos has benefited me in making lean gains so please keep it up secondly I'm one of the idiots that got caught up in the pre workout scam for a year now so could you please reply with the key ingredients I must get, caffeine and hydris I think and even tho the tingles I get are a plysebo it helps me believe I can lift heavier so what ingredient can I add to have the same affect . . Keep the vids coming truly motivating

  7. LOL, some people can't handle that there spending money on useless crap. Buy caffeine pills, $5.

  8. Again, amazing video. About a year ago I bought caffeine anhydrous tablets and I can't believe that those caffeine tablets taken solely work better than some of the most popular pre-workout supplements on the market. Talk about quality right there. If you have enough money, I would highly recommend to buy ingredients in bulk like citrulline, citruline malate, agmatine, norvaline, beta-alanine, l-carnitine, bcaa powder, caffeine, yohimbine, tyrosine, creatine etc. A mix like that would blow away any pre-workout supplement on the market.

  9. Thanks for a great video. Exactly the kind of advice I needed! The PDF file attached is really helpful too. Cheers

  10. it was helpful thanks
    so as I understand from your review that the focus I feel during workout after taking pre-workouts is mostly due to caffeine

  11. Hey Sean. Wanted to know ur opinion on NItric Oxide in pre workout supplements. Also appreciate on making an honest video. I've never had pre workouts in 10 years of lifting just black coffee n apples. Works wonders

  12. L tyrosine really works Love it. I want to try acetyl L carnatine heard good things on it. Does it actually do anything?

  13. I agree completely I just pop some caffeine pills and I've got enough energy to last me my whole workout

  14. Hey Sean, what's your thoughts on joint formulas like Glucosamine & Chondroitin?, Also do you think it's worth taking electrolytes? Thanks!

  15. Why don't this guy have more subscribers than other bodybuilders who do silly and long ass vlogs again? All fact- and science-based, this is what everyone truly needs, not watching how a bunch of guys live their days! There are substances in Sean's videos people!

  16. What do you suggest for pre workout boost? I take creatine and do i have to eat a lot just before going to the gym or just whey before? thanks

  17. i got caffeine tabs 200mg each and i take 4-6 of them also 2 tabs of b6 and i dont feel them much so recommend anything else ? i love stims :D.

  18. I still take a small amount (probably less than a quarter of one scoop/serving) of Assault Black by MusclePharm, mainly because it's such a cheap way of getting in vitamin C, E, and a huge hit of B6 and B12! 😀 (It's actually amazing for methylcobalamin (one of the forms of B12), of which a lot of people do not get enough.) And I usually add it to my creatine scoop because it actually tastes great too. Since I use such a tiny amount, it's not expensive at all.

  19. Sean I see way too many people over emphasize pre workouts it's a total scam. Caffeine is bodybuilding on a budget man

  20. I use caffeine pills 3 to 4 times a week on cardio days. These are the only times that I consume caffeine. Do you still recommend taking a break from caffeine for about 2 weeks? I usually take a week off from caffeine until a racing event.

  21. buy separate ingredients l citrulline malate agmitine salfate. beta alanine carnasy. Nitrosigine (Inositol  and creatine monohydrate buy bulk I PERSONALLY TAKE ALL THIS BECAUSE IT WILL HELP YOU FOR YOU BLOOD PRESSURE CAFFEINE THOSE THE OPPOSETED YOUR BLOOD FLOW SHUTS DOWN SO YOUR RIGHT. YOU CAN BUY ALL THIS INGREDIENTS SEPARATE AND SAVE MONEY

  22. c4 is good creatine is good of u take it right and not take to much but whey protein messed me up I had to quit takin it I got constipated and then I couldn't use the bathroom so my stomach just hurt for a whole night I couldn't use the bathroom and when I got off of it it got better so everybidy reading this don't take whey protein unless u don't get enough protein Cuz it will mess with ur shuts

  23. Hey Sean, great advice, i just have one question. When you said to take 2 full weeks of preworkout after about 6 weeks, can you drink coffee during that period, and also can you drink coffee while taking preworkout. For example drinking coffee in the morning and then take preworkout before gym?

  24. I use a preworkout with DMAA in it, best goddamn perworkout ever. I would never just use caffeine since it has such a short half life but DMAA makes you speeded like a crackhead and there is no crash on it.

  25. I'm going to start making my own pre-workout and spending the spare $$ on Tupperware and making these meals I downloaded from your website 🙂

  26. I have to add Beta Alanine because 90% of pre workout are too weak for me. I'm one of the few who likes the skin crawl feeling.

  27. Thank you sir for absolutely great content. One of the very few trustworthy fitness content creators on the net. Very credible.

  28. Im pretty new to pre workouts having only ever taken them for the past 6 months. I do love them and have tried a few different ones and love the effect of such but you are absolutely right in terms of caffeine. Ive come to much the same conclusion myself When my current one has run out im just going to go with caffeine tablets and L-Arginine

  29. I have a dumb question. Would simply drinking a few cups of coffee or tea have the same effect? Or is caffeine anhydrous different from the caffeine one finds in coffee and tea?

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