The best protein powder (learn which one is safe)

did you know that three of the most
common protein powders out there can cause gas acne and even trash your
hormones EW this is why today I want to share with you the best protein powder
available and also tell you which ones to avoid hey there coach Tyler here from which is now one of the fastest-growing Body Transformation
websites on the internet and today I have something special just for you you
see after nearly two decades of experimenting with basically every
supplement Under the Sun trying to see which ones actually produce results and
which ones are complete garbage I found what I feel is the absolute best protein
powder in the world it’s easy to digest doesn’t cause gas or bloating made my
skin look and feel younger and is perfect for people who exercise as it
can help restore and repair the collagen that you have in your body and the
reason why is because this protein contains a unique herb that I now
believe everyone should take on a daily basis if you want youthful skin hair and
nails and if you want healthy joints organs and muscle tissues so at the end
of this video I’ll share with you everything you need to know about that
protein and show you where to find it now just in case you’re wondering the
reason I’ve tested so many types of proteins is because over the last 15
years I’ve been trying to solve the problem of fixing my own knees you see
years ago I was hit by a car which caused serious damage on my left knee
including my weight-bearing cartilage which left me unable to walk for nearly
three months then years later I caused serious damage
to my other knee while I was improperly exercising and
I’ve now had three knee surgeries on that knee so as you can imagine I tried
everything physical therapy deep tissue massages
etc and all I’ve learned a ton about exercise physiology and the importance
of proper form I had to experiment with other ways to
repair my joint tissue to see what actually helped me heal my knee and make
it feel better so now that you have a little background
I want to tell you about the three worst proteins that I’ve tried and then I
really think you should avoid and truth be told they happen to be three of the
most common proteins out there so let’s dive in with
was probably the most popular protein in the entire world
worst protein number one whey protein whey protein is probably the most
popular protein in the world because it’s fast-acting which allegedly makes
it perfect for using post-workout and has a great amino acid profile and while
this is a hundred percent true this protein caused me have terrible
skin conditions you see whey protein is made mostly out of extra unused dairy in
fact when Whey was first discovered it was dumped into rivers as waste after
the cheese had been made from cows however after businessmen learned they
could somehow turn it into a protein powder it became one of the top protein
powders out there so they said now one thing I distinctly remember as I started
taking whey was that a few mornings after I started I woke up with some acne
on my back and on my shoulders and now I was in my twenties at the time so I
wasn’t all too surprised however each morning it got worse and it got worse
and it even started traveling up near my face then it got way bigger and way more
painful than any sort of acne that I’ve ever had before to the point where I was
literally embarrassed to take my shirt off in front of my wife I even felt
insecure about my body despite the fact that I was pretty lean and fit at the
time and the worst part was I didn’t know what I was doing it cause this it
was painful acne then I ran out of whey and didn’t have time to grab more and lo
and behold my acne started to go away but me being a little thick-skulled
I went back bought more and it wasn’t until I went through probably five or more
tubs of whey protein that I realized it was the cause in fact in the meantime I
went to a dermatologist that told me my diet had nothing to do with this and
prescribed drugs to help and I went to a few different estheticians
who told me to put harsh chemicals on my skin to make it better
now the I’m making such a big deal in this is
because this wasn’t normal acne for me it was horrible acne small boil like
acne that physically hurt every time I brushed up against something and I would
never wish that upon someone so after some research I realized that it was
because of something that I was eating which happened to be whey protein so I
cut it out and after a few weeks the acne disappeared off my body now I know
this is a personal experience but after spending some time researching I found
that most whey proteins are low quality and I’ve heard so many people share with
me similar stories about skin issues which is why I don’t recommend it to
anybody and it’s also the reason why I change proteins and while I switch to
one that I thought was a healthy alternative it was probably the most
damaging one that I tried worst protein number two soy based protein after the
fiasco with whey I did a little research and soy-based protein seemed like a safe
bet right after all soy milk is supposed to be healthy and tofu is supposed to be
good for you that’s what I thought too until I learned that soy products are
known to damage your thyroid and nearly one in two women and one in four men
will die with evidence of serious strain on their thyroid why is straining your
thyroid so important well turns out the thyroid is basically the brain for your
hormones and endocrine system which controls your metabolism your sleep your
mood your sexual functioning and much more even worse soy is what’s called a
phytoestrogen or a plant that contains estrogen and
because of how soy can affect your estrogen levels soy is now known for
causing increased weight gain especially in the hips and legs where estrogen
receptors are more present so you’ll quickly find yourself in a
state of estrogen dominance which is really scary to find in a protein
supplement that’s because estrogen dominance essentially means accelerated
weight gain rapid hair loss always feeling groggy
and tired and in the last 20 years alone you should know that the overall worth
of soybean companies have nearly tripled which means they’re doing a good job at
marketing and are probably hoping you keep buying their milks and cheap
protein powders so after learning about all this from research that we did I
quit using soy based proteins and to be honest I quit using pretty much all soy
products in general I recommend the same advice to pretty much anyone I talked to
who wants to be leaner and healthier and everyone who’s taken my advice or done
the research for themselves have thanked me afterwards so after learning about
all the negative side effects of soy I knew I had to switch yet again because
as healthy as soy sounds as you now know it’s absolutely not
and I didn’t want to pump myself full of estrogen and throw my hormonal balance
completely out of whack which brought me to the third protein that you should
avoid worst protein number three plant-based protein okay the third
protein I tried was plant-based protein sounds good right it’s made of pure
plants I thought it’s got to be good for me well maybe not so much you see first
is that no plant protein on earth contains all nine of what science calls
your essential amino acids if you’re exercising and want your muscles to be
repaired properly then this is literally essential for you hence the name
essential amino acids now the reason why plant-based proteins don’t contain your
essential amino acids is because most of the nutrients are burned out during the
manufacturing process but I didn’t know that back then so I went all in for one
day felt fine two days felt okay but now that I
remember it I should have been worried on the second day because on day three
there was a clear and present danger you see my stomach started making these
terrible noises and shooting sharp pains at me
and then what felt like an instant I realized that I had to get it from my
chair gonna run to the bathroom I didn’t have time to think and then okay this is
gross but it’s true I was faced with some of the worst diarrhea
I’ve ever had in my life which lasted the rest of the day and I wasted an
entire day of plans now as you probably realized I’m generally a bit
thick-headed and one day of issues wouldn’t be enough to convince me that
plant-based proteins were all bad so I took that one back and tried a different
plant protein a few days later guess what the same thing as happened before I
felt bloated in the morning I had sharp pains and then terrible diarrhea for
another day it was here I realized plant-based proteins are packed with
unnatural and destructive ingredients that don’t belong in anybody’s body and
even worse these proteins they tasted terrible like you mixed chalk into a
glass of water yuck so after trying out plant-based proteins
and deciding they weren’t for me I did some serious research and learned about
the best protein out there that I’ll share with you next okay if you’ve
gotten this far then I hope I’ve convinced you to avoid taking whey
protein soy protein and plant-based proteins you can try them out if you
want but you’ll likely not get the results you want from them and that all
being said my bad experiences pushed me to find the best protein out there and
to even spend the time money and energy to source the highest-quality version of
it so I can even give it to my kids this protein makes up nearly 50% of our
skin hair muscles bones and even digestive system it comes from the Greek
word for glue because it’s the protein that literally holds your body together
that gives you plump smooth skin and makes your hair thicker stronger and
more beautiful and after water it’s the most plentiful substance in your body so
what’s the name of this protein the protein i’m talking about is called
collagen become quite popular in recent years
however since I’ve done so much experimenting
I don’t just recommend any regular collagen like the stuff you buy from or the grocery store you see you want to make sure the collagen you
are taking is from grass-fed sources this way you can be sure there’s no
harmful chemicals in there that can cause issues there’s a few great quality
collagen brands out there that do source their collagen from quality sources
however the one I’m going to share with you that I literally created for myself
and my family is the only one that contains a unique
herb known to reduce inflammation smooth varicose veins and even slow the
destruction of collagen on top of that this herb helps you produce your own
collagen which can have untold benefits on joints muscles hair skin and nails
and this is important because after the age of 30 you start making 2% less
collagen every single year accelerating wrinkles thinning hair and making
recovery more difficult so what herb am I talking about
it’s called Gotu Kola and it’s been around for centuries it’s just starting
to resurface and the natural health spaces and it’s shown to tighten skin
reduce cartilage erosion and even improve circulation all while vastly
increasing the collagen in your body now after learning everything that I’ve told
you about we over at decided to invest our time money and
energy into making our own protein that uses high-quality grass-fed collagen
protein and the herb Gotu Kola to give you the best results possible even more
we spent the time iterating this formula to make sure it tastes it
amazing and even passed the test of my five-year-old daughter loving it calling
it chocolate milk even though it was just this protein mixed into water
finally we make sure this protein was extremely low in carbohydrates and
calories overall in fact with less than 100 calories per serving
it’s one of the lowest calorie proteins out there we call this collagen protein
blended with gotu kola our Go2 protein because honestly after years of
experimenting with other proteins I believe that this will become your go-to
protein and since you watch this far I wanted to send you to a page that offers
up to a 43% off discount on the retail price I put a link at the end of this
video for you so make sure you check it out because if you’re looking for the
highest quality protein that actually repairs your body is easy to digest and
won’t cause skin issues and won’t trash your hormones Go2 protein is where
it’s at finally I know that I just offered you our protein and then it may
have felt like a pitch but that was not the intention of this video in fact what
I really wanted you to take away from this was that you should avoid the three
proteins I shared with you because I’d hate for you to go through the same
learning experience as I did and if you’re looking for the best protein I
genuinely believe that collagen is the way to go
you can try ours out by clicking the link in the comments below
or you can try a different one out if you like just trust me when I say that
whey soy and plant-based proteins are not the way to go okay if you like this
video can you do me three quick things first make sure to subscribe to our
YouTube channel as we share tons of valuable information about the best ways
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post a new video next if you have a friend or a family member that is taking
one of the three proteins that I share with you not to take
can you share this video with them I’d hate to see them go through what I had
to go through finally leave a comment below and share with us what experiences
you’ve had with protein powders in the past is there one that I missed that
everyone who watches this video should also avoid if so leave your opinion in
the comments below alright thanks again for watching I hope you enjoyed this
video and I’ll see you soon for the next one

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8 thoughts on “The best protein powder (learn which one is safe)

  1. I know friends taking 1 or all 3 of these proteins . I’ll share this with them. This explains the type of acne also. Thank you for the info 💪🏼👍🏼

  2. I learned about soy protein the hard way😑 And i know whey is no good either. But I was surprised to learn about plant based protein. Is pea protein ok? Thanks for the info about collagen protein…i never think about that as being a protein source!

  3. Whey gives me eczema and I know that soy isn't good because of what you stated. However, I too was surprised to learn that plant protein is not good either. I never did like plant protein based powders.

  4. Thanks for the reminder. Years ago I tried using plant basis protein powders but have switched to collagen and bone broth protein powders and found a big difference in helping me lose weight and get healthier.

  5. A lot of people don’t realize that they have a dairy allergy. I did tons of research bc like you, I had horrible acne at about 30 yrs of age. I can across an article that states that if you were lactose intolerant as a baby, more than likely you are still lactose intolerant as an adult. I also used proactive skin care. Getting off both at the same time was absolutely horrible! If you don’t if you’re dairy intolerant, take out all dairy for a few weeks and see how you feel.
    After going Paleo I stopped using anything with soy in it. I even tried vegan shakology but that gave me stomach pain. That has pea protein in it. Now I drink collagen peptides in my coffee which helps. Hopefully be able to try this.

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