The importance of good nutrition for Seniors

(music playing) The importance of good nutrition. You’ve
heard all your life, you are what you eat. It’s more than an
expression. Always eat good food. Not processed. Not overly salty, sugary, or in
containers, pre-processed in any way, shape, or form. Go for fresh fruits,
vegetables, a little protein. Keep it balanced. Always look at it as a palette.
Like an artist’s palette. Different colors. You want your greens, your yellows, your
oranges, your proteins, your vitamins, your minerals. Just keep a balance in your
food and you beverages as well. Lots of water. Try to eliminate totally canned
sodas. They aren’t good for us. Water hydrates us and keeps us healthy. A
balanced life and balanced nutrition makes for a very balanced way of living. (music playing)

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