The Jigsaw Office Episode 3: ‘Negotiations’ | #FunnyFriday

(music) – Oh Rob, no, no, no. Lance showed me a much more effective way of doing push ups. You just have to add
some resistance to it. – Oh dear lord. – What’s wrong, Rob you gotta lift. – My back. – Your back? (Office theme song) – [Narrator] Well we
paid five extra dollars for this commercial so
now I have 10 seconds to read the script instead of five. Oh I’ve already wasted a bunch of time. MAG with SRTs America’s number one. (door beep) – (sigh) Patrick you can’t
hide from Rob all day. – Hiding? Who says I’m hiding? I’m just back here making sure the water cooler’s operating properly. – This is serious, he could sue us. – Well you know, if Rob
was as strong as Lance then none of this would of ever happened. – You need to apologize
and make things right. You’re the boss, be the boss. – You know it’d be a whole lot cooler if you did it. – (sigh) I work for a child. – Boom, humor can diffuse any situation. – I should of known David Hasselhoff wasn’t here to become an
investor in Jigsaw Health. – Of course not, the hoff’s
agent never calls me back, but Rob that’s not why
I asked you here today. – You didn’t ask me here. You said David Hasselhoff. – Rob I think I know what I said. Sit down. Yeah I’m basically a
master at negotiations, step one you always
want to create a strong first impression without saying a word. Once you’ve established dominance, you let them make the first move. Negotiations are just never easy. You gotta be quick on your feet, you gotta come up with counter offers that surprise your opponent. In the end you really
have to hold your ground. You have to stand up
straight and show them that you mean business. – Patrick got me a couch
for the break room. I get three naps a day, yeah. It was worth it. Oh these, I’m fine, I
borrowed them from a friend. I do need to return them
though, he actually needs them. (laughter)

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