The Link Between “Netfix Face”, Weight Gain and Pre-Mature Aging.

To Learn More Go To – Max Mind Lean Hi, we’re Tom and Dawn Terwilliger and before we go ahead and hand you the keys to the Fountain of Youth or at least at 8 ounce Glass if it’s delicious water. We have a question for you Have you just learned to roll over and adopt the attitude that your getting older? That’s just the way it is and it’s very little you can do about it The honest answer to that question should tell you something about yourself something you need to know Because it will determine the outcome of the next few years and beyond – that’s right if you’re over 40 and you’ve suddenly found yourself Slowing down, gaining weight, losing muscle tone and are less energized in then you were just a few short years ago… Or if you’ve ever said to yourself or someone else GETTING OLDER SUCKS? Hey, listen closely because there’s a very good reason you’re feeling that way and it’s probably not what you think It is in just a moment. We’re gonna share with you four… We’re dawn and Tom and Dawn Terwilliger and for the past three decades. We’ve helped thousands of people just like you… transform their bodies and ultimately their level of energy health and happiness with… Exactly what we’re about to share with you today. We’ve written two number-one best-selling books on the subject of… mindset and achievement and we’ve been featured in countless fitness and nutrition magazines and we’re proud to say that we’re recognize today as… Results producing leaders in the fitness and weight-loss communities…and now that we’re in our 40s and 50s There’s something that we can tell you definitively. Getting older DOESN’T HAVE TO SUCK. That’s right. Most people allow it to suck Imagine it like this… You’ve been training your entire adult life to compete in an ultra long distance race now over the past few decades… You’ve overcome countless mindset finance and even emotional hurdles…you’re now in the race and you’re keeping a pretty damn good pace With only a few minor painful but educational setbacks along the way. Then suddenly about the halfway mark… You deliberately start slowing down or you just stop… Long before reaching even getting close to the finish line. What you were supposed to do…or its what you’ve seen other people your age doing in the past? 40 plus years you’ve been preparing… training and developing a… Lifetime of experience all for this moment for where you are in your life right now… More importantly where you will be over the next 10 to 20 years. Most people’s internal programming has them convinced to back their foot off the pedal and slow down… It shouldn’t be that way. The biological truth is you’re going to age. Listen, there’s simply no avoiding it but the brutal truth… however, is that you’re… Making conscious choices and decisions every single day that are aging you a lot faster than necessary and I mean a lot faster Because you’re watching this video… We have to believe, unlike most people that at least you’re making some effort to slow down that aging process… You’re likely doing some sort of exercise or maybe too much exercise…The real reason you’re not getting the results you want The real reason you’re aging faster than you should be has a lot more to do with what you have… Than what it is you’re doing or not doing. See we believe you have the wrong MINDSET! most people our age have this classic… Slowdown you’re over 40. Take it easy mindset Listen, it’s not entirely your fault like everyone else including us. We were taught how to age. So why should you be any different? Why should you look and feel 10 to 15 years younger than your neighbors your co-workers… your business partners? Why should you be the one conquering those new plateaus and taking on those new challenges and getting those admiring looks? While everyone else is doing exactly as expected, aging exactly how they were taught how to age. Why should you know something that they don’t? But then again, it’s also possible that you wouldn’t be watching this video and how little energy you have or how your back hurts all the time, how your knees are stiff… How you’re not having as much sex as you used to and starting to not care, right? Or maybe you’re starting to notice… Just how old and out of shape your friends are starting to look and you don’t want that to be you… In any case pay close attention because there are four things you’ve been doing that’s keeping you on the fast track to getting freaking older a whole lot quicker than necessary… and we’re about to share exactly what they are… We’re also gonna reveal the most important MENTAL SHIFT that you could and absolutely MUST… Make in order to quickly and easily change the direction your body is headed right now But the truth is no matter how hard you work out or how well you diet or how much you wish the whole damn thing… Would just go away…if your brain and your body aren’t completely and PERFECTLY ALIGNED… You’re not gonna make any progress I imagine it like a car that has… one front wheel facing to the left and the other one is… Facing right and you’re revving the hell out of the engine expecting to go somewhere, but you’re not gonna go anywhere… It just won’t work. That’s right… We want to share with you exactly what does work because we know… somewhere around this video But wait until the end of this video to click that link and then you’ll discover for yourself What’s been missing and how to quickly and easily Correct it. Dawn and I have been exercising and eating healthy all our adult lives… But then what felt like out of the blue what we’ve been doing, which always worked just wasn’t… Working for us anymore. We had to ask ourselves… “What changed?” “Why did it change?” and what we could do to fix it? We even thought… Maybe we should just get used to the fact that we’re getting older and our body simply don’t respond the same way anymore The answer was staring at us right in the face, but at first we couldn’t see it… It wasn’t until we began noticing the same things happening to our clients that we’ve been working with for years… That it finally dawned on us… Like us all of those clients were moving into their 40s or even into their 50s and we were all… Following the same damn aging blueprint that we were handed down. We all had pretty much the same… dis-empowering mindset, you might say. Fortunately after years of study… of not only the human body but the brain and how it works… we were able to discover a powerful yet extremely simple and effective strategy for changing that inner blueprint from… dis-empowering to… Incredibly empowering…Permanently! Now after we share the four age… I would encourage you to take a moment to click that link Following four landmines and adopt this new mindset You’ll be well on your way to looking and feeling years younger and ten times stronger. Cool. Yeah, you ready? 1. Here’s landline number one: If you love or if you even hate but are still doing those long stretched out cardio sessions stop Long cardio for more than short spurts will age your body faster than doing… Nothing at all studies show that long-distance cardio workouts can cause muscle catabolism… That’s breaking down of muscle cell…not what we want as we age…. In addition cardio isn’t nearly as effective at helping you get as lean as we’ve led to believe… it may actually hinder your ability to lose the body fat. It also contributes to the production of free radicals… Which are nasty little oxygen scavengers that damage every cell they come in contact with. In our Max Mind Lean Body system we share a much better much more effective way of burning a belly fat, conditioning your heart lungs and muscular system in One-third the time. When you’re done watching this video click that link to learn more about that. 2. Here’s landmine number two: Are you ready? You know that cocktail you like to enjoy through three nights a week. Well, guess what? That’s okay According to the most recent research alcohol in moderation can actually be healthy for you But if you’ve turned that relaxing now and again experience into a daily ritual of two three or more cocktails You might be disappointed to realize just how fast you’re aging yourself alcohol causes dehydration, wrinkles, sagging skin, loss of collagen You know alcohol also causes liver toxicity, which can lead to… Body toxicity and massive inflammation. If you insist on indulging – switch to high-quality… Tequila in moderation, of course, it’s loaded with antioxidants. 3. Landmine number three: Did you know that Downton Abbey stranger things hell on wheels… can cause an increase in how fast you age… That is if you like to binge watch. Sitting on your couch and getting cozy with that bowl of popcorn and staying glued to the screen for more than an hour can cause… muscle loss and skeletal system degeneration. Not only that along with exposure to that computer screen and your cell phone you can actually be causing more free radical damage. And premature aging to your face and your skin. Researchers are now calling this interesting phenomenon… “Netflix Face” … Pleas raise your hands and move away from the screens. You’re not under house arrest man. 4. Landmine #4. Congratulations, you’ve cut way back on your fat intake. Maybe you’ve even tried to eliminate it altogether… Just like you’ve been told to do. Well, guess what? Stop you need to know that fat has gotten a bad rap over the last three decades. Recent research has discovered that even the all-time worst fat for your body… Saturated animal fat isn’t the evil monster that we were led to believe it is. In fact you and I need a lot more fats… Including saturated fats in our diets. By eliminating most of the fats from your diet… You’re aging your skin your hair and your nails you’re even reducing the production of your natural anti aging youth hormones… Maybe even elevating your blood glucose levels and increasing your risk of heart disease… Cancer and diabetes. Listen your body needs fat. Our body needs it – not only to survive but to thrive as we mature so please have a steak tonight… Or load up on some avocado oil. In the Max Mind Lean Body Over 40 Solution we go into detail about the types of fat… Your body thrives on and what will help you live longer and leaner than you ever thought possible. Body sculpting and anti-aging results. But before we go ahead and share this powerful two-part mindset with you… Keep in mind that knowing what it is and making it your new default – in other words… how you actually think… The actions you take daily, the results you get daily, along with what you see in the mirror and on the scale or even in your energy… levels are two very different things. A huge part of the Max Mind Lean Body Over 40 Solution is all about re-programming your… Internal aging blueprint to move you, almost effortless towards the body, health and life you deserve… Instead of sabotaging your efforts and leading you to that next McDonald’s drive through. 1. Here’s mindset shift part 1. When most people exercise and diet especially as we mature in the back of our minds… We’re moving away from something that we don’t want. I DON’T WANT TO BE FAT anymore I DON’T WANT TO FEEL WEAK AND TIRED anymore… I DON’T WANT TO GET ANY OLDER… because getting older sucks When in fact trying to move away from what you don’t want is a surefire way of getting more of it… By focusing on what you don’t want anymore… You’re programming your mind to just move closer to it. Plus what you’re trying to avoid… Is always right there staring you in the face! Old, fat, tired and weak! What you need to do is program your mind to move with… Gratitude towards what you do want – as if you already have it. I’m incredibly appreciative of all the abundant energy and strength in my body… I feel so blessed to look and feel so young and vibrant… It keeps you moving almost unobstructed towards what you will achieve and what you’re going to experience in your life… Not what you don’t want. Got it? 2. So here’s second the second part of the mindset hack… and it has more to do with time than purpose. Let’s use your cell phone as an example…at some point… You’ve had to at least suspect that your cell phone is designed specifically to last for a given period of time… before the battery or some of the circuitry just starts to wear out. It always seems to coincide with the release of the next… Generation or the next greatest version of your phone…right? Well, most of us also have a blueprint – a set blueprint and unconscious program… the average person begins to feel them the onset of Aging as early as 35 or 40 and never live past 80 or 85. Unfortunately… You can’t buy a new model… Hey, remember that race you’re in earlier? Well you’re in it right now this is your second half and you have a choice… You can choose to slow down or even stop? You could choose to be average. Or you can choose to take on a new and more exciting challenge. To step back onto the field with renewed energy and renewed youth and vigor… You can CHOOSE TO BE AWESOME! All it takes is the right MINDSET. Yeah, you’re always a choice – you owe it to your partner, your family your community… but most of all you owe it to yourself to be the best and healthiest and the fittest you possibly can be…. Right now at this age Don’t allow someone else’s mindset our programming to dictate your potential. Tom and I would like to help you discover that… potential so you can tap into your endless youth today right now. That’s right Dawn and I just shared with you four critical age accelerating landmines… You have to start avoiding immediately along way the powerful two-part… Mindset shift that will align your mind and body for extraordinary weight loss, muscle building, body sculpting and age reversing results… But there’s more a whole lot more…

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