Hello everyone I’m doctor Kareem Ali And you’re watching “Fekrtany” Today is the anticipated episode The low carb diet We’ll leave the carnivore and the keto aside And we’ll talk to people And kill two birds with one stone From the economic side How to make a low budget diet And how to be healthy and lose weight And have good results Through a low-carbohydrate diet Not preventing them as other systems do I hope I can manage both economic and medical sides And I hope you will like this episode Which is for our Syrian brothers in the refugee camps I’m Kareem Ali Let’s meet after the break Welcome In the low carb diet I’ll set the main rules that we will follow Then I’ll speak about some points That will make you realize how the body works So you would know how you’re keeping up And distinguish between the right and the wrong self attitude Without anyone giving you a diet program In the third point I will talk about the contraband That you must not touch Then I’ll talk about the economic side And at the end, I’ll provide you with meals’ examples By this way, I’ll wrap it up economically and medically The first thing in our main rules Some things are free And some things cost money Let’s keep the things that cost us money aside I’ll talk about the main elements that cost you nothing The first thing Having a walk before breakfast Even the refugees can do it I’m not asking you to go to the gym Or buy a bicycle Just take a walk before breakfast For about 30 to 45 minutes Those people who are used to wake up early Before they leave to work, they walk for 45 minutes Those who work with us, they wake up at 5 AM The first thing they do after waking up, is having a walk Do jump rope Do aerobics I think this is a free tip It won’t cost you anything As for old people Just walk Step by step Nothing more Even those who are not able to walk It’s hard for them to lose weight Because they’re not making any efforts So the first point is Sport before breakfast The second point is Sleeping Which won’t cost you anything You have to sleep at 11 PM Don’t stay up after 11 PM If you stay up after 11 PM or 10 PM You will have trouble with your hormones You will feel hungry Your body won’t have enough rest It won’t burn fat You burn fat while sleeping Even if you go to the gym and work out for 500 hours in the morning Without getting enough sleep You won’t drop a single molecular of fat You won’t drop fat while you’re awake Yet, you will while you’re asleep It’s sleeping Sleeping Sleeping You have to sleep at 11 PM Or you get in bed at 10 PM At least seven to eight hours of sleeping So that your body will work in a healthy way And your hormones will be controlled Your metabolism will be controlled And you will burn fat This was the second free point The third point That won’t cost you anything Stress I know life is hard I know there are a lot of problems I know that only god knows what’s really going on But having stress or high pressure nervous What do you gain from them? You’ll be more worried You’ll get ill and spend more money on medications You won’t be able to think straight You’ll feel hungry And you won’t be able to control your body So what do you gain from stress? It doesn’t solve anything If high pressure nervous Anger And nervous fatigue are useful We would all have a nervous fatigue But it’s useless Be calm Do your prayers Always wash yourself Working out will help you Sleeping will help you Taking magnesium before sleeping will help you All this will help you in removing stress Vitamin C is also very important But it’s too expensive Take it from lemon Drink lemon juice every day I think lemon is cheap So vitamin C removes stress Also the magnesium If you can’t afford magnesium Eat vegetables So now we decreased stress Because when there is stress Or high cortisol pressure You’ll get fat As simple as that I’ll make it short So when you sleep early When you take a walk before breakfast When you sleep well and work out All what I mentioned will make your body Able to lose weight The last point For the low-carb people You have to calculate your calories “I don’t calculate calories in the carnivore diet” “On the keto diet, I feel sated so fast after eating fat” “So I don’t need to calculate them” You have to calculate the calories I will leave you a link in the description below You visit the website Fill in your data And recognize how much calories in each day After you get the number of the calories Remove 500 calories The results is what you should eat You need to know how much calories There is no other option In the low-carb diet You need to know your calories So these are the main free rules That cost us nothing And need to be applied in the low-carb diet This is the first point “what about the contraband, doctor?” Sugar And anything contains sugar Biscuit Chocolate You know them better Cake Anything Pepsi Anything contains sugar The second thing Flour “Hey, aren’t we talking about the low-carb here?” “Why are we talking about the keto now?” Yes The first and the last thing that I care about When I talk to people Losing weight is not my main interest Being healthy is what I care about I’m a doctor Not a bariatrician I’m a doctor A doctor cares about health I don’t care if you lose weight Telling me you want to drop ten kilos It’s not my business How is your health ? It doesn’t matter if you want to drop weight According to what you have in mind What matters is keeping or losing your muscles Having anaemia Getting dizzy and lose your focus Health is important Our goal in this show is not losing weight It’s health Let’s go back to the point You will totally remove flour from your life Diet or no diet Low-carb or no low-carb Let me explain more So people can understand There are two types of carbohydrates Like any type of protein or fat Everything has a positive and a negative side The good carbohydrates are found in vegetables Okay And also in fruit But it’s for ordinary people not for fat people Or those who have diabetes Or a high blood pressure Or kidney problems Or have fat in the liver Don’t eat fruit if you have all of these So the good carbohydrates are fruit and vegetables While the bad carbohydrates Legumes are bad starches Potatoes are bad starches Sugar and pasta White rice Are bad carbohydrates The type which is in the middle The bad or the good one? That we’re going to use it in the low-carb diet First In order not to get lost We prevented sugar Flour Milk Watch the previous five hundred thousand episodes Don’t drink milk Eat dairy Full-fat of course You’ll know why later Don’t follow diet sweet So your tongue won’t get used to sugar And you would like to have something sweet Legumes “The legumes, doctor?” Yes Except for chickpeas and lentils But as for beans Kidney beans Broad beans Red and black beans Forget all about them First of all Vegetarians eat them for protein But they aren’t high quality protein Second thing They have so much fibres I’ll explain more in the next episode about colon And you’ll discover the disaster that happens When we eat legumes I don’t eat legumes You have to stop eating them Except for chickpeas and lentils Those are useful They contain protein and natural sugar You’re allowed to eat them So those are the contrabands That you should never touch “What about the average carbohydrates, doctor?” Those are neither bad nor good But in between We’re allowed to eat them As long as you’re following a low-carb diet Oats are good they’re excellent They have antioxidants They contain good carbohydrates Or acceptable starches They decrease cholesterol The second thing is potatoes Sweet potatoes contain very useful potassium They have vitamin C Also have proteins Alright I’m talking about sweet potatoes Not ordinary potatoes Sweet potatoes are excellent They have one of the best type of carbohydrates They’re is an island called “Okinawa” I don’t know if it’s in China or Japan 85% of its food is from sweet potatoes They live more than 110 years Can you imagine? They’re also thin As you know Asians are thin So they live longer Sweet potatoes have good vitamins A good vitamin C Good antioxidants Proteins and carbohydrates So as for sweet potatoes, we can eat them We can eat oats Also mushrooms Mushrooms are great They have a very high protein And very low calories As all vegetables And I want to add something else Sweet potatoes have a lot of vitamin A Vitamin A is very important for your eyes and for your skin Sweet potatoes are full of it There is something called “Quinoa” I don’t know if it’s expensive We don’t have to talk about it But if you can afford it That will be excellent Let me talk about our horrible consumption of rice Rice raises insulin No doubt But if we want to consume cheap rice Of course, pasta should be forgotten now Because it is flour Bye old days of pasta with parsley If you want to eat rice I’ll tell you the best thing to do Brown rice come with its skin This skin prevents the absorption of magnesium Potassium And other nutrients in rice White skinless rice Contains nutrients but raises insulin so high “You’re confusing us, doctor” Let me give you the conclusion You have to keep washing the white rice Until you get rid of starch When you wash the white rice You’ll notice that water turns white It means it’s full of starch So you wash it again and again Until all the starch is removed That’s the first thing The second thing Soak it in water all night Okay? And when you want to cook it in the next day Mix half of White rice with half of brown rice cook them together Together, they won’t raise insulin Also will sate us Because they’re are carbohydrates and have starch They will settle in our stomach for a long time So they keep you full for a long period of time And together, won’t increase insulin And won’t make me fat Of course, In small amount I’ll talk about quantities a little more This way, I’ve solved the starches problem We’ve talked about oats There is another important thing as sweet potatoes Pumpkin It’s excellent Has low calories there are very important vitamins And good antioxidants Also vitamin C It has a very low calory, so you can make pumpkin stew Put it in Salad Make pumpkin soup Anything you want It’s cheap and has good carbohydrates I’ve talked about the main rules And the main contraband Let’s leave the theoretical side And get to the practical side “Doctor, we need meals” When we talk about food program For those who want to lose weight Those with diabetes Those who don’t want to follow a Keto diet Those who follow a low-carb diet It can be divided as follow 50% of your calories will be from good carbohydrates The carbohydrates that I’ve talked about a while ago 30% of your food will be a good protein I’ll talk about it now And 20% of fat If you read “fat-free” on some products Throw it away See the fat episode I won’t repeat it again In my opinion, fat is the most essential element The most important element in your body is fat The good fat So this is how your calories should be divided “So doctor, are we going to eat once or twice a day like in the keto diet?” No Why? People tell me “Doctor, we want to fast” “We’re following a low-carb diet, and we want to fast” Why I say no Or not really mean it When we eat fat It runs in our blood for six to eight hours And the stomach stays full And we won’t feel hungry But those who follow a low-carb diet feel hungry Because starch digesting is so fast It means after three or four hours, you’ll feel hungry again “Oh god! I’ve just eaten at 8 AM” “And now it’s 12 PM, I have a headache and feel hungry again” It’s a shame for me if I ask such people To fast for 12, 14, or 18 hours So I’ll make some changes in your meals So what to do? We wake up early Exercise Pray You start eating your first meal Your breakfast Don’t be late for breakfast What would your breakfast be? Forget about carbs in your breakfast “What? what do you mean?” I want something to fill my stomach Something that has nutrients to take And keeps me from feeling hungry till 2 PM No food No eating Yet full of energy So I’ll eat protein and fat in the morning I’ll show you how to pick and buy cheap food Except for one thing you have to buy Butter It’s okay Someone people will say that butter is expensive Just buy it once a month And consume only one or two spoons each day It’s essential Your hormones are essential Vitamins A, D, K2, and F are essential So you need to buy butter I’m sorry, but there is no other option Even if you buy a quarter of a kilo in a month “So, what protein and fat do you want me to eat in the morning, doctor?” Eggs Eggs aren’t expensive They fill your stomach Eat two to three eggs with butter in the morning Eat full-fat cheese Full-fat yogurt Make a good salad bowl Vegetables only with no starches If you can afford chicken breast for breakfast That would be cool The conclusion is When you wake up in the morning Eat protein and fat You will kill two birds with one stone You won’t get hungry They will last longer in your stomach You would feel full Good amount of calories since day one The fourth thing The body will start burning its own fat Because when you eat fat in the morning Your body will start burning fat When you take carbohydrates in the morning Your body will burn carbohydrates all day long I’ll explain the physiology in exactly a minute This is the first meal Let’s move to the PM meal Sorry You’ll bring a plate Devi de it into two, The first half is vegetables The second half is protein and fat What does that mean ? Previously we said you’ll eat a bowl of salad at lunch A good bowl of salad contains everything you can afford Eat the salad and take a break After ten minutes, eat the main dish You can have sweet potatoes You can have the mixed rice that we talked about Oats Mushrooms Anything you want The vegetables Not what you had on salad The ones that are on the main dish Maybe broccoli Cauliflower Spinach Corchorus Okra Any type With no oil added of course Be careful from soaking vegetables in water for too long Fibres will be broken And if the fibres are broken They will turn into sugar So they should be medium cooked Or steam cooked I don’t think medium cooking will cost you anything Don’t cook it extensively so you won’t break the fibres So broccoli is not expensive Hibiscus Spinach Corchorus Okra All these vegetables that I’m going to talk about more Aren’t expensive And the cheapest protein you can get is egg If it’s not available Then have chicken Chicken breast or leg with its fat Have a piece of meat If it’s too expensive Have mushrooms Have a full-fat cheese It contains protein Okay, and the last point Fat From butter Or from chicken skin Butter Have some nuts after eating your meal A replacement of fat Because they contain useful fat Also add olive oil in your salad That means more fat If I use butter, another source of fat If I choose a full-fat cheese as protein It also contains fat All of these are sources of fat Also olive You can eat six to eight olives Olives contain some good fat So, this is the 2 PM meal The last meal will be at 5 PM Or maybe not Let’s take it easier Let it be at 6:30 PM Or 7 PM This is the last meal you can have The third meal If you want to eat fruit Like berries and strawberries You can have them at night And that’s all If you can’t Have a big bowl of salad Containing what I’ve mentioned earlier If you want vegetables, eat them If you’re still hungry and can’t take it any more You can have some oats with yogurt They will stop your hunger They contain fibres And they will fill you till next morning Oats with full-fat yogurt Some full-fat cheese If you want to make barley bread Eat the quarter It’s okay for barely But for wheat it’s not okay at all So those were the three meals You can’t eat more than a dish No more than one dish You have to calculate your calories Or for the mums and the dads That can’t calculate their calories Carry on for a week If you feel losing weight Then you’re doing it right If you feel you’re gaining weight Decrease your food quantity If your weight is the same Decrease your food quantity little more By testing Everyone should test himself Medicine can’t describe the human’s body There are million differences Alright? So there are three meals You can accompanied them with nuts Fruit is a meal by itself If you eat the fruits that I mentioned Grapefruit Or berries Or strawberries Nothing accompanied with them Or lemon It’s a meal Nothing added with, before, or after it Okay? There is a very important point That I want to mention before finishing this topic Don’t you ever eat carbohydrates alone What does that mean? When we feed our kids only potatoes and pasta Imagine that It’s a disaster I swear Or feed them only pasta with sauce Or feed them only rice Eating carbohydrates without adding anything Will dig straightly into your guts And into your blood What makes insulin rises quickly “So what should I do?” Don’t eat carbohydrates alone Always add protein or fat Why? Because protein takes time to get digested And fat takes more time It can keep you full for about eight hours Adding a spoon of butter in your rice Helps in slowing the digestion It won’t run in your blood and raise insulin The same thing for fish and meat with rice I know we shouldn’t mix two types of food But in this case This is the best solution You want carbohydrates? Take a minute and add Protein or fat into the starches People who asked me about the keto diet The whey protein Which is the protein shake “It raises insulin, what should I do?” I said:”Add a spoon of butter, and shake it” Butter will slow down the protein a bit Because as we said Too much of protein will rise insulin in your body This is a very important point It will have a strong effect on your diet The last point about food Before I talk about economics a bit Eat slowly Chew slowly As Long as you chew slowly Your brain will realize that you’re eating So it receives signals early But if you eat a dish of this size in like four minutes Your brain won’t even receive signals that you’re eating It won’t realize that you finished eating 20 kilograms of rice Eat slowly So your mind takes its time to receive and send signals And you will feel sated early So please eat and chew slowly So your brain would realize that you’re eating And creates the feeling of being sated early The last point before I start talking about how to save money Your body uses carbohydrates for energy only God created starches for energy And of course, they contain some proteins Ana minerals God created protein to build the body All hormones use protein All muscles Bones Hair Nails So if your hair is falling Have weak nails or muscles You don’t have enough protein Fat has two things It gets into all hormones That means, it’s a part of the structure of the body Of all cells Hormones Nerves Brain And so on Besides, it is used as energy when burnt It has a double effect But god created protein to only build the body Yet, if you take too much protein Your body doesn’t need all that So it’ll turn it into sugar And sugar doesn’t build anything Starches don’t build anything Starches give you only energy “What’s the conclusion?” “What shall I do with all this, doctor?” No, there is a very important thing you need to understand When I eat carbohydrates or starches The liver gets filled with seventy grams of carbohydrates Since the liver is full now The body throws the extra carbohydrates in the muscles The glycogen muscles 200 grams Together are 270 grams It means 100 grams of rice If you eat 100 grams of rice You eat 270 grams of carbohydrates Your liver and muscles are full now “Where does the rice go, doctor?” It turns into fat Or into energy That’s not the point The point is If you want to lose weight Your liver has to be empty Why? How losing weight happens? When I eat I fill the liver and the muscles The extra turns into fat So, I want to burn this fat The body should get through the liver Then the muscles Then to the extra fat So this part should be small Now you understand why carbs should be little Because if you eat, your liver and your muscles will always be full Your body begins burning their fat I don’t want you to burn their fat I want them to disappear quickly They’re already few The carbs are few The glycogen in the liver is few So the body starts burning its own fat All what I need is burning fat Is that clear? That was a very important point Let’s move now to other points You may try to use them for saving money First thing You go to the hypermarket once a weak There’s no twice, nor three times, nor four times Just once Second thing You buy by bulk For example you buy chicken Chicken breasts, family size Buy frozen broccoli, big size Buy five, six, or ten kilos of rice This way you’ll save a lot of money When you buy a bulk You will save money When you go once a weak Not every time Going to the supermarket buying something You’ll waste a lot of money The third point Don’t go to the hypermarket or to the supermarket Without writing what you need Without a shopping list Don’t go in while you’re hungry Here, I’ve said it About writing For example, if you wrote Here are proteins Here are the useful starches Here are the useful fat If you find vegetables cheaper than the ones on your list Stick to the same type of vegetables You go straightly to the items you want to buy And then go to pay That’s a point The third point No calories from drinks Forget it Water We drink water Don’t drink things like sports drinks Pepsi Soda Juice No drinks Nothing but water Also tea and coffee of course There are no calories from juice The only calories you can get from drinks Are when you put butter in your coffee Because in the morning, It takes all the brain’s energy out As vitality, concentration, and power Coffee accompanied with butter in the morning Watch fat episodes The five hundred episodes in which I talked about fat Alright? These are some points If you can’t afford protein Then eggs are a good source of protein Chickpeas have some good protein Lentil is excellent If you make a lentil soup It’s a good source of protein It is a plant protein Not an animal protein In all cases You have to add butter So the fat percentage stays fixed Before I finish, all your food is from home Remember very well There is no such thing as ready-made food There is no such thing as processed food Always buy and eat a one type food “What does that mean, doctor?” It means don’t buy three or four things together For example A cooked meat Sausages and hamburgers from a distrusted source Hamburger, sausage, luncheon and pastrami All these processed products contain nitrates Salt and sugar We don’t but these stuff We cook all our food at home It will save us a lot of money Processed food is always expensive “What do you mean by one type food, doctor?” I mean, don’t eat pasta with bechamel In fact, don’t eat pasta at all Don’t eat rice with cream and milk Don’t eat roasted potatoes with chicken Your food is one type Keep it simple For better digestion Without wasting more money For the benefits of your stomach And for losing weight Don’t mix two things together Except for butter with rice as we said before And we knew why As an example But not cooking them together Is that clear? So mixing two kinds of food is wrong It’s heavy for the stomach Your dish should contain three to four elements If it contains meat Then it’s only meat Rice Then it’s only rice Maybe with butter When it comes to fat, only nuts Vegetables also by themselves Not with sauce Or with gravy Or with salt Adding the Himalayas salt is allowed If you want to So please, keep it simple Cook at home Buy in bulk Do shopping once a week Don’t eat nor drink any outdoor food I think these things are common nowadays But I’m just reminding you The last point before I finish this episode People who follow a low-carb diet No salt for you If you eat salt Water will get locked up in your body And you won’t drop any weight You’re not following a keto nor a carnivore diet My followers will understand what I’m saying “So, what shall I do, doctor?” Get used to eat without salt “What? How would I eat eggs or rice without salt?” Salt causes high blood pressure atherosclerosis And locks up the water in your body And tire your kidneys I’m being honest with you It doesn’t have a replacement The replacement is the Himalayas salt or the sea salt One spoon per day One spoon only That’s why I’m asking you not to buy ready-made canned food Because it contains too much sodium You’ve understood this one too previously Don’t buy canned food because of its sodium You control your sodium Which throwing the white salt And using Himalayas salt Or sea salt You have to search for it Our brothers in Algeria said that it doesn’t exist there Well, others said it does exist You may find it in the hypermarkets in large cities And it’s cheap by the way Same price as the white salt It’s not expensive Same as the sea salt Which is rough Same price too Use one spoon in all your food On salad Rice Vegetables Everything Don’t consume more than one spoon per day A lot turn into poison Just the way you got used to lower your sugar consumption Get used to lower your salt consumption I spent a long time without adding salt into my food Salad Eggs Meat I don’t add salt at all But if I follow a keto diet I force myself to get used to the taste of salt Because this is what my health needs Okay? I hope I did my best to explain the low-carb diet I’ll type for you down there all the examples of protein Carbohydrates and fat According to your calories calculation It’ll be easy for you to mix and match your food Now you know when to eat Things that cost you no money Your work out times How to keep up until you reach the perfect weight Of course, if you watch my episodes There is no such thing as the perfect weight Don’t use the scale The most important thing is your clothes size I don’t want anybody to tell me “I lost two kilograms” It’s not of my business Well, you lost muscles You should panic I tell you “It doesn’t work that way, buddy” “It’s not right to lose muscles” “I want you to lose fat” Understood? I don’t care about the scale Your body got in shape Your chest got stretched up Your belly got sucked back Your hips got thinner Your legs got skinnier You’re walking in the right path Congratulations for health and happiness You get it? Thanks for watching this episode Wait for the next episode about the colon Thank you again And don’t forget to read Surah Al-Kahf I’m Kareem Ali Please like and subscriber I’m waiting for your questions See you next episode

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