The ONLY DIY Skincare I’d Let Touch My Face

A lot of times around here I give DIY
skincare a really hard time, but today we’re trying a DIY vitamin C serum that
is PhD chemist approved. Hello and welcome to the Queendom. I’m Sarah Ingle, and today we’re trying Lab Muffin Beauty Science’s DIY vitamin C serum. Vitamin C serums can be extremely expensive. One of the most popular ones is from Skinceuticals, and I think it’s around $166 and it’s in like a little
container like this big. Usually I’m extraordinarily opposed to DIY skin care
because it’s usually a big load of garbage, and you’re way better off buying
something. In this case, this came directly from Lab Muffin Beauty Science,
and if you haven’t seen her I’m going to link in the description because she
makes amazing videos and she has a PhD in chemistry and is like a major
skincare nerd and we can actually listen to her the thing is with a DIY coming
from a chemist who says it’s really easy I don’t know if it’s really that easy
and so I kind of wanted to try it for myself if it’s easy enough where I can
do it no problems and it’s easy enough where you can do it I actually usually
use a vitamin C serum in my skin care routine not the Skinceuticals one I
used the drunk elephant one but they recently changed the formula of the
drunk elephant vitamin C serum because there’s a lawsuit with Skinceuticals
so anyway they had to change the formula of it and I’m not as crazy about it and
so I’m trying the Paula’s Choice skin vitamin C serum
but it’s not here yet in the meantime we’re gonna try this little DIY vitamin
C serum if you don’t know what vitamin C serum is good for it has a lot of
antioxidant anti-aging properties and one of the best thing that’s great for
is for hyperpigmentation so for instance if you have a breakout and it leaves
like the little pink or red mark the vitamin C helps
fade that way faster it’s not exactly the same as the drunk elephant or the
polished choice or the skin suit achill serum but this is still like a pure like
vitamin C serum that you can still use to get a lot of the benefits for so much
less let’s just try this so you’re gonna need some vitamin C powder I think it’s
also called vitamin C crystals you’re also gonna need some baking soda whoa
don’t shake it all over the place some pH strips and you can get these on
Amazon does have to be these particular kind you can get it for pretty cheap
also gonna need distilled water then you’re also gonna need one of these
little bottles and you want a lot of these darker ones because it filters out
UV light she also says we’re gonna need a little
medicine measuring cup which you probably already have in your medicine
cabinet as well as a quarter teaspoon measurer I also have like a little scale
that you’d use in your kitchen but this would be all the things we need she says
we can also use this on different parts of our body which is great because
usually the stuff would be so expensive that you wouldn’t want waste it so
basically she says we want something that’s between five and 20 percent
l-ascorbic acid which is basically another word for vitamin C so we want
between five to twenty percent this with a pH around 3.5 which is why we’ve got
these guys here to measure where it is and this baking soda to be the little
balance between us we’re gonna add some similar baking soda until we hit that
3.5 ml she also says we can cover one of these in aluminum foil or just a regular
container in aluminum foil I mean that blocks out the light too so I might wind
up getting some aluminum foil from out of my kitchen over there so I guess she
says the first thing we have to do is figure out how big our container so I
gotta look that up two ounces basically 60 mil what everyone else it’s half of this
which is about also like 30 ish milliliters so the Paula’s Choice one
that I’m ordering and I’m waiting patiently we’re driving the mail is 15%
so we’re gonna go with that so 15 divided by a hundred is 0.15 times the
volume 30 is 4.5 okay we’ve got this set to zero so it’s not gonna measure the
cup we need 4.5 grams of this I don’t know why if that was a very satisfying
lid to open there we go I’m a little confused see the chemists they know and
we we commoners do not know I’m a little confused how much water to put in I
think she’s assuming we’re gonna fill this thing up with water so we were
going to do halfway which is gonna be one out so I need to get one fluid out
of water this thing is washed and alcohol and
it’s still a tiny little bit of water droplets on the inside we’re gonna put
the powder in first because I’m in there and now we need to
add 30 milliliters of water the special water Oh chemists are good at pour okay
I’m too scared this is going to take I would suggest investing in a funnel if
you’re gonna do this very often this is the fun part I think I think it’s thoroughly we need
a low pH tester I really enjoy this case it’s we want really 3.5 so somewhere in
between a pretty low pH it definitely needs to
be a little higher maybe like five she says put just a tiny bit we don’t want
to go and go too much because then we got to do this all over again well I
wasn’t too much I got a little aggressive there that makes me nervous I
don’t want to do it again let’s see what happens it is a little lighter so I
actually might not have went to crazy it still needs some more she said this takes five minutes.
maybe for a chemist. I guess once you get the hang of it maybe? see this is why like so many DIY skin things it’s it’s not worth it because
we’re not testing the pH balance of it but we should be because you shouldn’t
be putting things that are too acidic or too alkaline on your skin yeah I think
this is fun this is fine okay tin foil time to protect our new serum from the
sunlight I think I might have gotten too much there we go I think that’s it so we want
to test this out a little bit I’m gonna test it out like on my face in my next
video that you guys can watch because I’m going to be doing another updated —
an updated skincare routine video and it literally just feels like water. Yay!
we did it. um I would say it’s not it’s not that hard and it’s not so difficult
that only a chemist can do it even a Sarah can do it, so you can, too. I’ve never made a serum before. This is
so exciting! Anyways, I want to hear from you guys in the comments have you ever
used a vitamin C serum I’ll be using it in my next video my skin updated
skincare routine video so guys will want to see that so make sure you subscribe
if you don’t want to miss out on any of those upcoming videos and ring a little
bell if you want those to come right to you
thank you guys so much for watching thank you to Lab Muffin Beauty Science
for making us all more educated anyway I’ll see you guys next time really
pointy with the fingers today it’s like I’m conducting an orchestra over here or
something measure twice cut once
if you’re cutting a piece of wood I see I do
remember one thing from your from like a chemistry class you never like inhale
you always waft cm remember and make history class
well I suppose what happened Oh Flibbertygibbits Awwww Oh

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  3. I get dark scars after my dog scratches my face (she was previously abused so she’s kinda…aggressive half the time). Would this maybe help with that?

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