The PERFECT Shoulder Workout (Sets and Reps Included)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Continuing the series today, we’re talking
about the perfect shoulder workout. I have a guest here with me. Raymond. You guys know Raymond. Raymond, say ‘hello’. What’s up, guys? Raymond,… Okay, enough. The fact is, guys, we’re going to use Raymond
here because, as always, we’re putting the science back in strength to show you how to
construct the perfect shoulder workout. Of course, I’m breaking out the muscle markers
in a second. I’m going to talk about that in just a little
bit. The fact is, there are some components, just
like in our chest and bicep, and every other video we’ve done in this series, some requirements
to claim the ‘perfect workout’. Right off the bat, if we’re going to do
this, we need to start including exercises that activate the shoulder properly, before
you train it. Why is it such a big deal here, when we talk
about the shoulder? Because the shoulder is a 3-dimensional joint. Not just that. If you look at Raymond here – this is why
we brought him – we have all the freedom of the ball-and-socket joint here. We get all this freedom in the shoulder because
of the type of joint that it is. But it’s not just that. The socket is actually the shoulder blade. So, we realize all the muscles that are affected
by the shoulder movement, we realize it’s not just things that attach to our humerus,
but also the things that attach to the scapula, too. So, there are so many muscles at play here. We need to know how to activate them and get
them to work together properly. The next thing we have to do is use the foundational
strength moves. For this particular muscle group, it’s the
overhead press. You can’t get around overhead pressing,
but we want to make sure that even when we do that, we do it properly and we have a way
we can scale the weights when we do it. And then end with another important component
for neuro-muscular reeducation to make sure we’re locking in what it is we’re trying
to establish with that first set of warmups. We continue on. We want to make sure, of course, that we count
for the stretch. Why is that such a big deal? Because in the shoulder itself, it’s probably
the biggest muscle group that gets avoided and overlooked when it comes to stretch. Why? Let’s take a look. If we look – breaking out the muscle markers
– here at the shoulder, if I were to do this and push up here you can see the front
delt is right here. You can see that line right up, in through
here. Now, what I have in the back here – let’s
use a different color. What I have in the back is the rear delt. You can see that popping out. Down, and around like that. Then all the fibers coming down this way. Which leaves, in the middle, that big area
of the middle delt. Which would be right in through here. They all come down and they all feed down
into this portion of our upper arm, right here. So, all of them feed down and around into
that point. Well, if I look at any movement of the shoulder,
whether it be a side lateral raise where my arm stops on the side of my body, or whether
it be a front dumbbell raise where my arm stops here on the side of my body. Or a shoulder press where my arm stops, pretty
much in the same position; they’re all lacking the stretch placed on the deltoid. Any one of those heads that we can incorporate
if we do a few things. If I were to do some exercises like this – the
front delt raise – you can see if I take my arm back behind the body, look what’s
happening here to the fibers in the front delt. They’re getting stretched. Well, we’re going to do that and apply that
to all heads of the delt as we go through this workout to make a perfect workout. We now also have to understand if you want
to train yours shoulders, or any muscle in your body completely, and you’re going to
follow this channel; you need to train like an athlete. That means it’s not always about isolation. We talked about ways to hypertrophy a certain
muscle group. Sometimes dropping the weight down, leaving
your ego at the door, making sure you isolate that muscle to gain a maximum hypertrophy. However, if you want to be an athlete, at
some point you’ve got to figure out how to tie it all back together again. We mentioned all the muscles in the shoulder
girdle. At some point you’ve got to get those muscles
to be allowed to train together to allow for powerful movements. I’m going to show you exactly how to do
that, too. Finally, face pulls. Guys, you know we can’t end a shoulder workout
– especially when we’re talking about the rear delt – and not include face pulls. Let me put all this together for you, show
you exactly how to do this step by step. We kick this one off, like I said in the intro,
with that all-important warmup. It’s important because of all the freedom
we have in that range of motion in the shoulder. That means we’d better have it before we
attempt to do these exercises. So, we have to warmup the shoulder properly. We do that with the overhead band press. It looks like an overhead press

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