The Top BEST Supplements For YOUR Body Type | Getting Started

all right guys what is going on this is
part 3 of my series getting started and today I’m gonna be telling you guys what
kind of supplements you should be taking and how you can tell if it fits your
body type and your personality so we’re gonna get into it something I would
recommend everyone would take is a multivitamin and that explains itself is
no like rocket science behind that multivitamin everyone needs vitamins
i’ma leave all these supplements linked in the description just so it’s easier for
you guys, by the way but keep in mind a supplement is a supplement if you can
get it from normal food then go ahead and do that if you guys are trying to
lose weight you can take a fat loss supplement so something I personally
took what’s called finaflex but that one’s really intense so i’ma link it
down below but it’s a it’s a stimulant fat burner and
basically it’s really high in caffeine in my opinion but I’m caffeine sensitive
so to be honest I’m not 100% sure alright guys if you’re in a really
high-stress job and you’re like stressed out all the time we’re like you’re at
school something I would recommend is the b6 complex and what the b6 complex
does is basically it raises your serotonin levels so you can tolerate
your day basically if you’re playing a sport something I’d recommend is
creatine and that’s because creatine basically gives you the boost you need
to get like that little bit extra strength or whatever it is tasks done so
for example and if you’re benching like 205 and you’re about to get seven reps
and you’re like giving out on your seventh rep so it gives you like that
little extra boost but it’s not gonna like be steroids basically so but for
creatine I take about 5 grams a day that’s the dose I take some people take
less and people take more I wouldn’t recommend going anything lower than 3
grams alright this video gets 10 likes for my next video I’m gonna release a
free workout plan as an e-book so it’s gonna have a workout plan that’s gonna
have dump diet and supplement in it too so it’s gonna be completely free, ill release that. it’ll be free for the first 5 days if this video gets 10 likes so
please like this video share comment peace out guys

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