The Truth About Allergies and Food Sensitivity Tests

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100 thoughts on “The Truth About Allergies and Food Sensitivity Tests

  1. Question when using genetics/DNA to test for ancestry what are some things or qualifications I should look out for in these tests and how accurate are they? Im thinking about getting one of these tests but am unsure on the credibility and accuracy of these test. Please help!

  2. I have a question:
    I'm allergic to milk, eggs, all nuts, and fish.
    I can eat cake and cookies (if its cooked well enough.)

    If I eat raw milk and eggs by themselves, I'll have a reaction so why can I eat cake and cookies that has butter, milk and eggs in them if its baked?

  3. Well having unknown allergies and having reactions to foods can be scary. It seems that there truly is no definitive test. This is a very well informed video as it covers both the patient and the doctor. Well done. Now which one shall I do is the question.

  4. I dont know what im allergic to but i get allergic reactions from time to time its not that common either edit: i need some tips im working in a resort so i cant even go the hospital when ever i have a reaction. Also it doesn't last longer than an hour

  5. lmao try being allergic to eggs, fish, and chicken. Fucking PITY ME. No but seriously I’ve never had the urge to try pastries/cake/crepes/pasta/cookies, or all the other egg-ridden foods. Except for waffles. I really want to try waffles. And as for chicken, all I regret is not being able to eat chicken nuggies. And I’ve always hated fish, and seafood, so that wasn’t a bother at all. I’m fact it was pretty great, I didn’t have to be nagged on by my mom to eat more fish or protein or something anymore. Eggs are by far the hardest ones to cope with on my list. Because so many chocolates (Mars, Snickers, Twix) and other num nums contain eggs so I accidentally eat them a lot, which never ends well.

  6. Virtually all food groups have variants that r healthy nutritious and delicious and the full inverse of that. Being allergic to something doesn't mean ur missing out especially these days with quality imitations of most common foods associated with allergic reactions.

  7. THANK YOU for doing this video! I have actual food allergies and I often have people freak out over it. Yes, you can eat fish around me- I won't die from you eating fish. Yes, I carry an EpiPen. No, I've never had to use it and no, you can't play with it. But what I've found interesting is since I've been on Xolair I've been able to eat some of the foods I have milder allergies to and not have a reaction. From what my doctors have said, my allergies (to food, environmental, and drugs) are at least in part due to my IgA deficiency. I guess that's a common thing if you have IgA deficiency (I'm not saying "selective" IgA deficiency because I also have IgM deficiency- IgG is normal and IgE is elevated). Anyway, my environmental allergies are the worst- even with Xolair I can't spend much time outside on a spring day (or any day triggers are elevated) and I have invested in a Vogmask for days where there's fires nearby (I also have asthma and live in California, so fire country). It gets frustrating when people treat my allergies as though they are "sensitivities". I've worked with my doctors for years to better control them- from elimination diets to tolerance tests to medication trials. One other interesting thing is my GI found out I have SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) and since treating that some of my allergies have lessened. My point is this: people would be much better off working with their doctors than these random companies when they have any symptoms. It took my doctors years to get my allergies manageable (I'm a bit odd of a case). It took time to test, trial treatments, and then stick with the treatment that works. But that time was worth it because I can eat more foods than I used to and over all my allergies are much better managed so they do not impact my daily life any more. It takes patience, but doctors are much more reliable than random companies.

  8. i started showing symptoms of protein allergy when i finished 7th standard in 1999. and get hives everytime i try anything having protein content in it. and still i consume protein coz i give into my chicken or egg or peanut craving once in a while and end up facing severe hives and pacifying it with my unfortunate companion since 1999 Atarax 🙁
    what i want to know is how i suddenly developed protein allergy at that age of 12 and never had an issue with protein from the time i was born. also i am lactose intolerant(but that was known since when i was a lil kid and my parents cirvumvented it to an extent using milk powder instead of cows milk.but my bowels had a hard time still.
    and also how i ended up getting caffeine allergy by the age of 20 .
    why my body slowly developed allergies to different foods at different points in life?
    is there a deep seated immune system issue behind all this?
    Dr. Mike or any helpful people here, please explain.

  9. I have lactose intolerance and a couple of my friends have been comparing me to their friends who have lactose/milk allergie and saying I'm overreacting. So thank you for this video. It reallt clarifies a lot for me, because I was diagnosed 7 years ago, so I couldn't remember the details and google isn't always so helpfull😂

  10. I'm lactose intolerant like many people. I usually can handle a decent amount of dairy but I can't eat yogurt or processed cheese at all without having problems. It also depends on my stress level.

  11. I hate needles so the one finger prick vs multiple on my back or arm is super tempting. However I did feel the test was a Fake

  12. Interesting that anxiety is connected to food allergies, I’m severely allergic to peanuts but avoid all nuts, now I’m thinking that’s just because I also have GAD. I’ll be talking to my doctor about this during my next visit!

  13. I watched this cause I have so many allergies, that I have to choose which allergies won’t kill me so I don’t starve.

  14. I have celiac, and this is such an important message. I will say that while I understand the difference between celiac and a traditional food allergy, I find it's easier to explain celiac as a gluten allergy instead of an autoimmune disease when I'm talking to friends, family, and waiters/waitresses. It helps people understand how sensitive and serious it is, just like a normal food allergy would be, even though I don't go into anaphylaxis.

  15. My sister had debilitating digestive problems for years so she tried eliminating various foods, didn't work. She finally got tested for Celiac Disease, it came back negative, so she was diagnosed with a non-celiac gluten intolerance. Now that she has eliminated gluten in her diet, she can tell when she does take in gluten. It's not a strong immune reaction, like Celiec, but she does have headaches, upset stomach and diarrhea.

  16. i can eat fish very well but when i eat sushi i get nausea, my stomach hurts and i wanna throw up. that might the fish? or another ingredient in the sushi?🤔

  17. Doctor Mike, my sister has an anaphylactic allergy to bell peppers. One night we went out to eat and I had some on my salad and she said she could feel her throat starting to itch and close up. She had not even taken a bite of her food yet, so there was no chance of cross contamination. Would this be her "perception" that you are discussing @ 14:20 in the video? She made me dump my salad and remake one without the bell peppers. Was this just her own anxiety of having a reaction? I love bell peppers but am forbidden to eat them around her. I would love to get an answer to this so I can eat what I want when I'm around her. Thanks.

  18. So thankful for this because I do have food allergies and so many people have misconceptions about it. I had an anaphylaxis reaction 2 months ago.

  19. I know someone who eventually had an intestinal biopsy to help determine gluten sensitivity. It finally identified the cause of years of digestive problems (not just gas)

  20. I only found out I'm allergic to some nuts and pitted fruit because I went into anaphylaxis twice after very small amounts. Not fun! I'd never want to try to be de-sensitized to them even in a clinical setting. I'd rather just avoid them and be grateful I'm not allergic or intolerant to something that's more difficult to avoid and keep an EpiPen around just in case.

  21. I tell everyone that I have a pineapple allergy even though I’m not allergic to any food 😂 I don’t eat or drink ANYTHING with pineapple in it so at least I'm consistent 😂 Only my parents and doctors know the truth 😂

  22. Me : Allergic to all animals with hair.
    Also me : petting, hugging every animal I'm allergic to + owning two dogs, always beside me.
    Every single doctor: 😳😑🤨

  23. My husband has allergies. They did the scratch test on his back and he reacted to EVERYTHING and his mom was convinced he was deathly allergic to everything. They did these really expensive allergen shots and he ended going into anaphylactic shock. Now he is worried that our daughter has horrible allergies. I'm not completely convinced. Does your friend have a quality allergy doctor in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas?

  24. I had asthma as a kid then ended up with allergies all the animals all the flowers hay fever wood molds met some people who put me in touch with a company that planted their own crops amd harvest them and made vitamins which I started to use JUST to stay awake and they gave me more energy plus down the road I found out that most of my allergies were better use to get a virus in my lower back area gone had arthritis on my back bone had pain for a number of years no pain since a great feeling and all because i tried the multi vitamins they produced

  25. People: I hate being lactose intolerant. When I eat milk I have diarrhea. It sucks:(

    Me: Bich if I eat milk I either stab a big needle in me and go to the hospital or I die. Beat that


  26. So I've been tested for nut allergies. And I tested negative. But any time I eat nuts, with the exception of almonds, my throat feels constricted and itchy. If I'm not allergic what could that be

  27. I have chronic hives. I was told there's nothing I can do about it. I have to wait it out. 🤷🏾‍♀️
    I thought the culprit might be tomatoes. Love them & the only other time in my life I had hives was from eating too many tomatoes. 🤷🏾‍♀️ I have no other symptoms. Just hives.

  28. My daughter has a soy allergy where her face breaks out in a rash. Her blood test and her skin prick test came back negative. It’s like what’s the point in testing?! Such a waste of money. Food challenge tests are a sure way to go. They said she was allergic to wheat and milk and she never had issues with either. Lol LIES!

  29. Can you make a part 2? Where he answers some of our questions, like
    Is giving Benadryl better than an epi-pen?
    Because with an epi you have to go to the Er before the effects wear off.
    But a higher dose of Benadryl and he fades back to normal. It takes about 30mins to an hour and a half along with a nap and poop till he’s back to normal.

  30. Ah…the “nobody on the plane can have a peanut because I have a peanut allergy” guy. You do realize that even if they make an announcement to this effect and they don’t serve peanuts, there is literally years of peanut dust ground up into the carpet and seats in an airplane. Nobody scrubs those things down, so saying you can’t be in the presence of a peanut and then boarding any plane where peanuts have ever been served, you are in effect doing a “challenge” test right there. Having worked in the airline industry for nearly 15 years, I’ve never seen one of these people have a reaction. Just saying…

  31. What about bee/wasp sting tests? When I was like 2 yrs old, a bee sat on my hand (didnt sting) and my hand ended up swelling realllly badly. Never been stung but kinda worried avout it (19 now lol). Thinking of going to do a patch test? I travel a LOT to various countries and it kinda scares me to be in a place where there is no hospital nearby because of this possible allergic reaction

  32. I'm allergic to some penicillin , some types closes my throat and others makes me severely suicidal, which so scary, yes I been tested and my personality changes . Trust me being monitored due UTI in hospital and trying to kill my self wasn't fun nor was feeling sleeping and seeing people panic when I as just want to sleep , apparently I was just minutes away from close throat. Thank god I have good health care, but I am curious why some make me suicidal, I so want to know.

  33. Omg Where has this doc being hiding? I ve seen so many incompetent allergists. ( we are dealing with complex overlaping items. Like celiac AND ana to wheat at the same time).

  34. Ok so I think I might Be allergic to my dog he is a Yorky poodle mix and he has a lot of hair but it doesn’t shed I don’t know if I’m allergic to it or not because like he’s a dog he runs out so he like was in the grass and stuff I don’t know it’s from him or from the grass or anything but like sometimes my like my eyes will start itching really bad and my throat will get itchy and I don’t know if it’s from him or the outside because my siblings they have allergies and they are allergic to pollen and I have never had a problem with that so I’m a little confused ( I have had dogs before but they didn’t have a lot of fur like he does )

  35. Hello Dr. Mike! I am not sure if you will see this but the timing of this video was very convenient. I was wondering if you know if gluten (specifically consuming bread) can cause acne? I was not sure if I had an allergy but this tends to happen whenever I eat bread.

  36. So I have a sincere question about this. You mentioned that chiropractors sometimes test or pitch something to you. And that kind of happened to my mom. She was tested for a view allergies after telling her regular Chiropractic about symptoms she gets and it turned out she is allergic to wheat. She gets really bloated and her ankles and wrists and stomach swell up when she has wheat. The last two years she has cut wheat out of her diet, and she has no symptoms Unless she eats wheat products and sometimes she'll cheat on her diet.. So could this be a case of the chiropractor getting lucky or the way he diagnosed her actually work?
    Sorry, gluten intolerance not allergy

  37. I'm sorry, I started cracking up at the apple allergy because I had an apple intolerance for YEARS and I've never heard use anything similar as an example ;P 🙂

  38. I hope you can try a game called "InSimu Patient". You have to diagnose randomly generated patients by using imaging tools, physical tests and lab tests, while also managing the cost and time required for the diagnosis. Seems pretty detailed and deep, at least from a non medical perspective. Would be nice to know how accurate it is.

  39. Question: when i was 5 or 6 years old i had an allergic reaction to something the doctors couldn't find out what it was. They did A LOT of tests in me, i was not allowed to eat some foods or wear some clothes. After some years we kinda gave up. I'm better now, but still curious about this

    Sorry for bad english~

  40. I have something called dermatographia, but I also have severe skin allergies to dust, temperature change, sweat, sea water, clothing, and pretty much any change in my environment, and as you would expect, having these two together doesnt really end well because my allergies go wild, I scratch, then my skin goes wild😂 I would like to know if dermatographia can ever go away over time?

  41. I was diagnosed with severe seafood allergy when I was 18 months old (and re-diagnosed a few times after that) with a prick test. I used to vomit when I ate chicken because where I live it's given fishmeal and I've only once eaten fish when I was about 3 y/o and I vomited for a weak.
    Around 13 y/o I started getting headaches when I smelled fish that would go away within a few minutes after leaving the smell. If I stay too long in the smell the headache won't go away for a few hours. I want to know, does anyone else experiences these or if it's just a placebo effect?

  42. Jesus christ you have to watch this video. I never want to go to another hospital ever again.

  43. Whenever I eat peanuts, my mouth gets itchy, and I vomit after. Do I have an allergy? Every time I tell my mom, she tells me I don’t have one, and I’m just not used to eating peanuts. It’s been a couple years since I last accidentally ate peanuts, but it has been a consistent reaction from when I was 5-13 years old.

  44. Someone in my family can't have epianfrn but they say if they where to have a allergic reaction you would just give them the epipen because the allergic reaction is worse then the epipen

  45. Me: I'm allergic to milk and eggs.
    Anyone and everyone: Oh so your lactose intolerant?
    Me: Nope. Then queue a confused look on their face as I really don't feel like explaining for the 100th time.

  46. In a hospital/clinic, after a minor surgery or before a minor surgery… What's the best way to dry hands after washing? Paper towels? Just leaving them wet to dry on their own? Something else?

  47. Only test for food I've ever had, was a nut allergy test, so see if i was allergic to cashews. It came out negative, but I still had oral symptoms. So I was told by the allergist (now retired) just to avoid it. I can have cashews a little bit, but too much and I have issues. – But through diet/my own reactions to things I am lactose/gluten intolerant, I can't digest meat, allergic to coconut (close to epi-pen needing) and allergic to turkey (it causes problems when I eat/touch it) xD

  48. Random question: can you donate blood if you are anemic? I want to donate at the school blood drive but I don’t if being anemic could affect my blood or my reaction to getting blood drawn

  49. If only my parents would listen to REAL doctors. They trust everything they hear on blogs and YouTube vids from chiropractors

  50. Please please come back and talk about FPIES..and about EOE. Thank you for explaining what you did to the public..I have 3 children who have multiple anaphylactic food allergies(all trial by fire and all discovered by severe reaction landing in ER and epi). I have almost lost my child to food allergies. I also have one that has FPIES and EOE. Through genetics we discovered our children (4 of 5 ) have a strange chromosomal deletion and some random changes in the sequencing. NIH has asked to study my children. All of the immune system overreactions in my kids could be related in a way. I would love for this allergist to come back and explain FPIES..EOE and mast cell response in depth…and how that can be handled with these discussed therapies. We have seen the worst and that is hard to reprogram in me or them. I really want more people to understand the world my children live in and how scary it can be, but I also want my children to live life. 👍

  51. I have to take pills for my stomach whenever I'm on antibiotics, otherwise I throw up without fail 20-30 minutes after taking it. Is that an allergy or a sensitivity? I'm kinda confused on that part. Its been like this since I was a child and still happens to this day.

  52. Hello Doctor Mike! I'm suffering from IBS. I'm very sensitive to gluten. Although science doesn't really acknowlodge gluten sensitivity, I can come to your place, eat some pasta and you'll tell me if I'm just making this all up. I'll cry in pain and destroy your toilet tho. All in the name of science!! Temporary intolerance going on for 10 years. 🙂

  53. Dr. Mike & any other clinicians: if you encounter a patient suffering from anaphylaxis and the epinephrine they have is expired, would you recommend giving it to them anyway? Or waiting for a paramedic/transport to a facility?

  54. Dr Dave: speaking about medical stuff.👨🏻‍⚕️

    Dr Mike: awkwardly nodding his head non-stop the whole time.🙃

  55. I'm almost positive I'm allergic to tobacco. Every time I can smell it (or get close to a smoker wearing perfume) my nose runs and my eyes water. Dunno if my reaction to hemp is a mild allergy or psychosomatic. Easy enough to avoid tho

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