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53 thoughts on “Trailer for How Not to Diet: Dr. Greger’s Guide to Weight Loss

  1. I am so excited about How Not Diet hitting the shelves next week. There's still time to pre-order to get it delivered ASAP:

  2. As a clinical microbiology specialist MD, I'm starving for every single word on this book's pages. Thank you sir, we are sooooo lucky to have you.

  3. I want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. And you’re the only one who has it. I preordered the book and am waiting with much anticipation. Bless you. ❤️🍠🍎🥦🥬🍒🍅🥑🍊🥕🍇🍋🍓

  4. I'm a fan of Dr. Greger. With that said, as I've tried to help those in my family onto the wfpb plan. I couldn't help but observe how those who tried the diet never ended up staying with the plan. When i recommended a 80/20 approach 80 wfpb and 20 natural foods not on the wfpb list they were able to adhere to that. We have to be sensible and not virtuous about food.

  5. I pre-ordered this book and I am so excited to receive it. This next week is going to be the longest week of this year!

  6. Wondering though why he has terrible dark under eye circles under those glasses? It’s hard to know who to trust for nutrition advice

  7. We cannot thank you enough for what you do for society. Thank you for your extraordinary service and tremendous amount of work!

  8. I can't wait to order. Thank you for all your efforts…discovering your work along with Dr. Neil Barnard's was eye opening to me. Thanks a million

  9. Hello from the UK. I will be getting this book for Christmas and look forward to reading it after enjoying my whole food plant based lunch. Thank you so much Dr Greger and everyone at NutritionFacts.Org.

  10. Thank you, Dr. Greger. Even if you did keep some of the profits I think you're the kind of person that would put that to use to further your message to as many as possible.

  11. You are one of my heroes, Dr. Gregor! Kudos to you and the Nutrition Facts.Org team!
    I am looking forward to reading this book! May your book reach millions around the world! Be sure to let C-Span Book TV interview you when you do a talk/book signing in the DC area!
    May you continue to inspire, inform and add joy! God Bless You for all you do!
    Warmest wishes,
    Dianna and Grayson (my cat peering over my shoulder)

  12. I'm very excited about your new book Dr. Greger. I pre-ordered a while ago… now just waiting for it to ship. Thank you!

  13. I have been waiting for this!! Only a few more days. Thank you Dr Greger ans your team for all you do!! You are making a real change in the world!

  14. Your a TRIP and a HALF Dr. G.!!!! LOL I need to loose a plethora of weight ( 40 ) lbs and lower my triglycerides ( 253 ) I'm 57 and have AFIB and Ticker Palpitations. Perhaps this book is my golden ticket to optimal health. 🙂 Merry Christmas and a Happy 2020…….

  15. I’ve already benefited from Dr G for yrs and so has hubby but preordered to educate myself and buying more for friends and to donate to our local library for those who truly can’t afford it. FYI to some offering plant based plans to treat/fix RA and autoimmune etc the poverty rate in US is high (~40 million) homeless too. So yes there are sadly too many who can’t afford the cost of a book. Dr Greger helps by offering so much free info and Dr Brook Goldner with free webinars (just before her paid pgm and refers a lot to them but it’s a win win and does ALOT of QA with them). Dr McDougall offers some free info too. Hopefully others will do the same and some reading this will donate copies of Dr Greger’s books (and Dr Goldner) to a library as a gift for those struggling to choose btw food and life saving drugs. 🌱🙏

    Must watch new doc film on poverty in USA

  16. The most effective way to lose weight is not to follow any diet, but to do regular or intermittent fasting. With any diet, no matter how healthy, you still get your insulin up most of the day, you will constantly experience hunger, cravings, irritability and your body will slow down your metabolism to compensate for the fewer calories.
    You want to eat healthy? Maybe his book is for you then. You want to really lose weight? No need to read any diet book, because the only method that actually work long term for losing weight is fasting, more so if you already have insulin resistance or diabetes. Not diet, not exercise, but fasting. There are tons of free videos, testimonials, documentaries, scientific studies you can look at. All at your fingertips here in Youtube.

  17. I do not struggle at all with weight because I follow a whole food plant based diet but I think i may want to order this book so that I can teach these principles to my clients. ( I am a personal trainer)

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