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100 thoughts on “Tricep Workout Fix (SEE FASTER RESULTS!)

  1. Please create a video if someone can do exercises with schophoid bone fracture fixed but not able to bend the hand in pushup position….Please ..

  2. Hi Jeff what can a guy do after they lost 70 pounds and there stuck with man boobs nothing seems to be working thanks mike

  3. I think it works better when only your for arm going up and down and you stay close to your wirst.I feel it a lot in my tricep .I also think this is a finisher for the tricep.Over the head extension is probably the best tricep work out superseted with close hand push up(imo).

  4. I want stronger arms, don't really care about the size. Does that make sense? Is it possible to get your arms or any body part stronger without a focus on size?

  5. You are great man, I knew this is problem that in both way we are making pressure on different point of triceps but I didn't knew how to overcome this and you taught me this..this is great, I use to do it like super set, doing 10 reps on close variations and then doing 10 reps on wide variation but I will definitely try your technique from now

  6. This is great. I get a maximum workout for my triceps at half the weight I normally lift.
    once again you've done it again 😊

  7. I just started with the Fierce 5 program and after the 3rd week I immediately noticed that my triceps are performing weaker than my biceps (might not be the case though). The program is split into upper and lower body A and B training 4 times a week with 1 rest day in the middle (ie. upper A, lower A, rest, upper B, lower B, rest, rest). The upper A day consists of close grip bench bb, incline bench bb, lat pulldown, bb row, and then a triceps & biceps superset. At the end I usually do 20kg biceps curls using EZ bar, but I'm lucky if I can manage 1-2 proper reps of skullcrushers using the same weight and EZ bar (close grip and perpendicular form). Obviously I'm doing eccentric skullcrushers (pressing it up), so I do those to failure.

    What should I do? Should I just carry on using the same weights until I'm able to do 6-8 good reps before I increase the weights? Or should I reduce the weight so I can do both concentric and eccentric when performing skullcrushers?

  8. I wanted to be funny in way like "yeah, so I do a half rep, I step back and do the other half", but during writting he really did that and I feel dumb now 😀 I love your creativity!

  9. Isn't that easier if You stand (both feet together) at Your starting position and then as You go down, You twist Your hands (thumbs in) and pull the ends of line apart to the sides of body? No dancing around machine in pretty inbalanced position and You get pretty good contraction.

  10. Jeff is a freaking genius! So awesome! He doesn't just show how to do something, he explains why too, which is a lot more useful.

  11. You are an amazing teacher. Thank you for the effort you put in this channel. It has changed the way I workout.

  12. JEFF PLEASE READ!!!! (Heart problems)

    Hey Jeff,

    My name is Paul I am 20yo, 175cm, 73kg and I'm doing gym for 1.5 years. I've taken in the beginning serious mass from ON and creatine from BSN and gym 5 days a week. I haven't took any supplements since 6 months. While I started doing gym and until now I have experienced palpitations that got worsen while the time passed until I developed some tachycardia where my heart suddenly beats chaotic fast at rest and it returns to normal suddenly.

    Are there any trigger factors that might have caused my problems?
    If you can answer me I would be so grateful!!

    Also you can do a video on this subjects as many young people I think they suffer heart problems that they're not aware about!

  13. Wow what a genius way to do this exercise. I'm gonna do this in the gym now (with everyone giving me weird looks) lol.

  14. Thanks man love the videos watch them all the time, helped me get major progress I gained 25lbs in 5 months from knowing the right form. I will post a before and after pic some time.

  15. I hate the coating that is on almost every tricep rope handle. Seems to make your hands slip even more under heavy loads. Does anyone know where I can get a tri rope that isn't coated with that slick snot?

  16. Terrific tip! I have been searching for a ‘sweet spot’ in my body position relative to the cable, and I believe I had the best fixed position worked out, but I was sacrificing some ‘range of motion’ with that position. I’m 72 and always looking for anything that strengthens my general balance – this gives me that along with a full range of motion for my triceps. I switch my leading foot every set so I don’t get ‘lopsided’ lol! There are good men/coaches on the ‘tube’ but the combination of your coach/PT expertise is just what an old guy like me needs to protect my body from injuries that would rake me out of the gym again – THANK YOU!

  17. This tip and the one about engaging your triceps at the beginning of an inclined bench curl have made a huge difference for my arms. Lots of people have a habit of touching another person upper arm for different reasons and I get comments about how hard and big my arm felt to them…and I'm 72 – thanks Jeff!

  18. hey Jeff, i was having trouble in your later video`s understanding the difference in the cable itself in regards to the body and why it was better to rock back and forth!! i am so glad i found this video!! you have finally explained cable tricep pulls downs in a way i can understand!! now i have to wait until tomorrow before i can put it into practice!! you can bet i`ll be chomping on the bit to get through my routine so i can try the cable tricep pull downs a try while rocking back and forth!! thank you and bless you for sharing my friend, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

  19. Thank you for this. That one tweak with shifting the heels killed my tris today. Keep up the great work, mate.

  20. Thanks for the video. What would be an appropriate substitution for this exercise? I have a lot of free weights and a squat/bench rack, but no cable machines.

  21. i have an update to share on tricep cable pull downs. i started doing Jeff`s suggestion of rocking back as one pulls down on the handles of the cable tricep pull downs, and man did i feel the difference!! then last week, for some reason i found myself standing a little further back than usual, and stood with my feet side by side about a foot and a half apart or shoulder width apart, i stuck my butt out behind me, bent my knees slightly, and pull the bar down to my crotch area. i didn`t need to rock, to keep the tension as i was standing far enough back to compensate. i was able to keep the tension solely on my triceps and make them burn even more than they have ever burnt before!!! way too cool!! i have yet to see anyone else do any version of the tricep pull downs that Jeff taught us in this video!! thank you so much for sharing Jeff, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

  22. I just can't thank You enough Jeff you r just great. Every video which I have seen improved my training!!

  23. Sir would you explain some thing about bicep injury . I FEEL pain in one arm during contraction movement on harming


  25. You'll never develop a full tricep using a neutral grip, regardless of the exercise, you'll be spinning your wheels for years!

  26. If I could heart this video or superlike I would. I think guys at the gym were raising their eyebrows when I was adjusting my workout angles with this technique.

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