UNR Med Students Participate in Hands-On Nutrition Lab

The reason this is unique is because it’s a completely different perspective on medicine. It really is going back to the roots of metabolic processes. It’s going back to the roots of healthcare. Like today with the gut microbiome, It’s going back to the roots of healthcare. Like today with the gut microbiome, What can we put into our body to help our body take care of itself in the way that it has over millions of years. And so after the research I kind of geared myself in that direction within my biology degree and then became really close with the school of medicine here, connected with them, connected with Ranna, and then just started to create a curriculum from the ground up pretty much. I’m talking about good old-fashioned fiber that comes from fruits and vegetables. They took mice, no germ, germ-free mice and they gave them some gut bacteria of obese people. Long story short, lean mice got obese. OK so if microbes are so important, if they are so important to regulating all of these body systems, is there a particular bacterial species that represents a healthy gut? That sense of community is what makes it so easy to collaborate with people like Ranna Nash and a lot of the professors and deans of the, -of the medical school. And since the beginning everybody has treated me kind of like that familial sense, all very close, uh very welcoming and so that’s a big reason as to why I was able to feel comfortable enough to start talking about the things I feel passionate about. Maybe one or two other schools are even doing something similar to this. And so my passion is really in integrative and preventative medicine, utilizing diet and exercise as a form of, of medication, or actually prescribing patients with diet and exercise plans to help mitigate chronic diseases such as hypertension, dyslipidemia, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease diabetes, you name it. That’s what we’re really trying to do here with this nutrition initiative is to promote wellness our patients, to UNR future physician workforce as a whole who don’t get a huge uh knowledge base of the nutritional sciences so that we can help promote the health and wellness of Nevada.

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