Using a Medicare Supplement Plan

As you may know, Medicare covers about 80%
of your Medical costs. But what about these costs? Well that’s what Medicare Supplement Insurance
Plans are for. Also known as “Medigap”. There are many plans to choose from. Each plan is slightly different, and can cover
all or part of that 20%. And each plan is standardized, so the only
difference is how much you pay to your carrier. They are accepted anywhere that accepts Medicare,
so no networks. Popular plans include F, G, and N. So let’s see what it’s like using a Medicare
Supplement. When at the Doctor’s office, if you don’t
have a Supplement Plan, you will be responsible for up to 20% of the bill. But if you do have a Supplement Plan, you
will present your Supplement Plan card when you check out. It’s really that simple. Seeing a specialist is easy. You don’t have to worry about staying in a
certain network. You can go anywhere your Doctor recommends
as long as they accept Medicare. If you don’t have a Supplement Plan, prepare
to pay up to 20% of the cost. But with a Supplement Plan, that cost may
be little or nothing. Visiting the Hospital is sometimes sudden
and unexpected. Medicare Part A will only cover up to 80%
of the cost, leaving you with 20%. That could get very expensive! With a Supplement Plan, those costs can be
reduced dramatically. If you like to travel out of state or even
out of the country, a Supplement Plan will allow you to hit the road without worrying
about unexpected Medical expenses because there are no networks! Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans can help
you cover the costs that Medicare leaves behind. If you need help choosing or buying a plan,
United Medicare Advisors is here. Our friendly, licensed agents specialize in
making Medicare simple to understand. They’ll help you find the right plan for the
lowest possible price.

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