Vaping / E-Cigarette Associated Lung Injury: CDC Update & Vitamin E Acetate

welcome to another MedCram lecture
we’re going to talk about a Valley or e-cigarette or vaping products use
associated lung injury and this is an update based on the CDC’s recent study
that was released here at the early part of November so up to this point they’ve
been looking at surveys they’ve been talking to people what we’ve actually
got here are 29 bronchoalveolar lavage fluid from patients so this is not
survey this is actual isolating chemicals that were in bronchoalveolar
fluid so how did they get that they did a bronchoscopy and then went down into
the lungs and they were actually able to wash and suction out the fluid that was
in the alveolus take it back and then they were able to collect those and then
analyze them and they analyzed it for a number of different compounds so what
did they find well it’s interesting what they found in
100% of them and this is going to be the smoking gun perhaps in 100% of the
samples in these patients who were sick in 29 of the 2000 so far at this point
they found vitamin E acetate now interestingly in 82 percent of the
samples that they got they found THC and in 62 percent of the samples they found
nicotine now there was a lot of speculation leading up to this that it
was the vitamin E that might have been causing all of these things because
people have been vaping for years without this Yves alley issue coming up
and so there was thought that a lot of the black markets products which had the
vitamin E in it were the actual cause for the problem but we didn’t know for
sure and this is why the CDC was tasked into investigating this and holding bath
on making that judgment until they were absolutely sure now in this case all we
have is a hundred percent Association as Association doesn’t always mean
causation but it certainly is the first step now vitamin the acetate is fine for
oral ingestion into the stomach but nowhere was it safe or said to be safe
for inhaling it vitamin E is a very sticky oil and it can accumulate and
again 100% of these patients that they got the 29 samples on were positive for
vitamin E acetate now what was it not positive for so interesting things that
they did not find in there were plant oils petroleum distillates like mineral
oil MCT oil or terpenes so where do you see this vitamin e acetate containing
VAP or East cigarette products found they found them from friends from family
in person or online dealers so that’s the ones that you’ve got to be careful
about now just realize that the time of this update is the beginning of November
specifically on November 5th 2019 the epidemic is up to 2051 cases of a valley
and up to 39 people in the United States have died as a result of this problem so
what does the CDC recommend at this point well they recommend not buying any
kind of eight products from the street they recommend not buying any vape
products that have THC in it and they recommend not buying any modified vape
products and of course if you’ve got a child or you know of a child that’s less
than 18 they shouldn’t be vaping period and if you really want to be absolutely
sure the best way to do it is not to vape or smoke at all because there is no
vape or smoke product that is a hundred percent safe the FDA recommends using an
fda-approved method of smoking cessation and if you’re not smoking don’t go back
to smoking either and if you are gonna vape remember this it’s pretty obvious
that you could have respiratory complaints be particularly concerned if
you have signs of nausea vomiting diarrhea abdominal pain or fever because
it is these complaints along with respiratory
symptoms that makes a valley of particular concern and if you liked this
video and you want to see more educational videos I encourage you to go
to med cram comm where we have videos that teach you about chest x-rays ABG’s
acid-base pneumonia asthma COPD pulmonary function tests and a whole
host of other topics thanks for joining us

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9 thoughts on “Vaping / E-Cigarette Associated Lung Injury: CDC Update & Vitamin E Acetate

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  2. The Royal College of Physicians explicitly tells doctors to promote e-cigarettes “as widely as possible” to people trying to quit.,US%20cracks%20down%20on%20vaping&targetText=The%20Royal%20College%20of%20Physicians,of%20the%20risk%20of%20smoking.

  3. I smoked for over 20 years and quit the day I picked up a flavored vape. Nothing else worked for me. The success rates of FDA approved cessation products are abysmal. If you are not a smoker, don't start vaping. If you are a smoker, consider checking out some vapor products.

  4. Vaping saved my life.. I have been vaping over 5 years straight with not one problem fact it's helped me more than hurt me one is saying that it's good for you..what we're saying is it's 99% less harmful than cigarettes and I believe in harm reduction

  5. In fact The Vaping related injuries and deaths that we have in America these days are from Street and visit homemade THC cartridges ..not one from nicotine driven vaping

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