Vega Protein & Greens Drink Mix | Lucky Pick Product Review with Kim

Hey everyone this is Kim from LuckyVitamin,
here to talk to you today about my Lucky Pick Vega Protein and Greens in chocolate. So this
is my absolute go to lunch. If I am having a busy night, a busy day, I know that I can
grab this take a scoop of it, throw it in my blender bottle with some almond milk, chia
seeds, I’ll actually leave you the recipe in the blog, check out the link below, and
know that I’m going to have a really healthy lunch for the day that can carry me through
the day. What you’ll find when you look at the ingredients is completely clean ingredients
that you’ll recognize. You’re getting twenty grams of plant protein as well as two servings
of greens from broccoli, kale and alfalfa and spinach. Which is a really great blend.
This product is soy free, dairy free, gluten free, all things I look for in a plant based
nutritional blend. This is also Non-GMO, no sugar added, it’s sweetened with stevia but
it doesn’t have an over powering stevia flavor. So that’s why I love it, give it a try, if
you love it too, tell your friends, tell your family and spread the wellness.

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